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    February 24th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, tony's darts away

    tony’s darts away is one of my favorite places to grab a weekday lunch. not only do they have a massive selection of craft beer on tap, but they’ve got great vegan sausages and a monday through friday lunch deal that comes with chips and salad. what more do i require?

    lunch special: vegan sausage with 2 small toppings, 2 large toppings, homemade chips and a salad. $8.75

    since we last blogged about tony’s, they’ve been tweaking their menu and have added even more vegan toppings including jalapenos, fresh salsa, and avocado lime puree (pictured above)…

    they even had crumbled tempeh bacon at one point, but i haven’t seen it on the menu lately.

    in addition to the new toppings, tony’s has been experimenting with lots of specials lately. even if you have a go-to dish that you always order, be sure to eye up the menu carefully and look out for new stuff. there’s usually a page in between the beer list and the sausage list with some vegan craziness on it. often times it’s the wheatloaf sliders, and i’ve heard that sometimes they even do VEGAN DISCO FRIES. if you haven’t heard of disco fries, they are epic…french fries covered in cheese and creamy gravy. i am dying to give tony’s version a try.

    anyways, tony’s is definitely keeping it interesting in the kitchen, so be sure to try out the new stuff when you see it. it never seems to stick around for long, which is part of the fun. oh, and the new sausage toppings rock!

    tony’s darts away
    1710 W. Magnolia Blvd
    Burbank, CA 91506
    (818) 253-1710
    opens daily at noon

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  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    That avocado lime sauce looks interesting!!

  • I had lunch there a week ago.
    Tony’s is always GREAT!

  • Does anyone know if he still plans on opening in echo park? I heard that it might be at the old movie theatre on sunset, but haven’t heard anything of late..

  • weekday lunches…sigh, you sure know how to make a girl jealous.

  • i had an insane french dip made with seitan and a vegetable jous that was a special there the other day- you MUST try it. ask tony to alert you when he’s serving it b/c it’s the only vegan french dip i’ve ever seen and is one of the best sandwiches in la!!

  • You can keep up with the new restaurant here. http://www.facebook.com/mohawkla

    Give it another 2 months

  • I’ve had the sliders and they’re really good. The only disappointment was that the buns were obviously hoagie roll sliced into thirds. Trader Joe’s has for-real vegan slider buns, it would be great to see them use those. At the end of the day, it’s just an aesthetic thing, though.

  • I had the opportunity to have both the sliders and disco fries yesterday and both were amazing! the sliders are seriously delicious beyond amazing- in fact i lost one of them to my companions for taste testing but it was ok b/c they sell out of them so fast you need to share the love. the disco fries were regular fries w/gravy cheese and i think onions- i didn’t even know tony’s had non sweet potato fries

  • Finally got a chance to try this place. Awesome!! Would have never known about it if not for you so thanks for the recommendation 🙂 Besides how awesome it is for a restaurant to have such an amazing selection of vegan food, and how great the food is… just a really cool, chill place. Love it!

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