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    September 23rd, 2009quarrygirlvegan stuff


    vegans, it’s time to get happy. field roast, the maker of some of the best artisan faux meats around have come out with a new product that is nothing short of amazing: the classic meatloaf…VEGANIZED.


    that’s right…the company that brought us the best vegan sausages i’ve ever tasted, lentil loafs, and celebration roasts now has its very own take on the standard american classic. this juicy loaf of luscious plant-based protein goes down well baked with ketchup and served with vegetables and gravy…the same way you would do mom’s old school meatloaf, sans the cruelty.


    the meat stands alone whether you decide to cook it up with vegetables, or throw it in a sandwich. having tried both, i can’t say i have a preference. we sauteed some slices of meatloaf, covered it with daiya cheese and shoved it between some la brea bakery bread, and it was better than almost any sandwich i’ve had in LA, even counting the stuff i’ve eaten in restaurants. field roast is really decadent, moist and tasty…unlike the boring and often chewy fake meat you can find in the deli aisle at ralphs. this stuff is really special.


    so go get this field roast meatloaf and eat the hell out of it. in los angeles, so far it’s available at erewhon…but maybe if we bug whole foods enough they will stock it as well.


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  • I saw this the other day and was tempted to get it but then I looked at the calories. Yuck it’s so high in calories but I imagine it’s tasty just like all the other products. I guess one day I might bend and buy it.

  • OMG! Up until this point, RDF’s has been the only “meatloaf” to satisfy my craving for this old school favorite. Now I can enjoy it at home!? I can’t wait to give it a try!

  • i never even cared about meatloaf but i want to eat this!!! what is it with all of these vegan companies making foods i never cared about before look so damn tasty?

  • OMFG i so wanna eat this! why don’t they have stuff like that in europe????


  • I just think it’s funny that someone commenting on this blog mentioned calories! LOL calories!!!

  • Is it wheat or soy based?

  • unfortunately more wheat and wheat gluten. ;-(

  • Wow! I’m not a huge fan of meatloaf either but my boyfriend would love this, haha.

  • That looks so good right now! *salivating*

  • I was very skeptical before I tried this yesterday, since every wheatmeat product I’ve tried was lacking in some respect (taste, texture, etc…), but this is literally the best of this class of product I’ve tasted. Although the calorie count means you might want to eat no more than half a loaf in a day–at least if you want to eat much else and keep your diet–the taste is frighteningly close to real meatloaf. If, like me, you’re a former carnivore who has trouble every now and then staying on the vegetarian wagon and you’ve got a craving for authentic meatloaf, enjoy this and feel a lot less guilty after you stuff yourself. I picked this product up at Follow Your Heart in Canoga Park, CA

  • I have started eating this raw on sandwich bread with mayo, ketchup and arugula. OMG sooooo good!!!

    i’ve only cooked it once (in the oven) and it got kinda chewy…

    raw, lightly grilled or sauteed, seems to be the best way to use this stuff.


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