• freebies! october 12th and 13th at native foods!

    October 12th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, native foods

    they are always thinking of great new offers over at native foods, and now they are introducing “native days”: a monthly celebration of the environment, animals, and good food.

    on october 12th and 13th (that’s today and tomorrow, people!) they will be giving away tons of freebies including FREE DESSERT and an exclusive DVD to customers. details after the jump!!


    first off, EVERY customer can get a free dessert. all you gotta do is order any entree, side and drink, and dessert be on the house. i can’t think of a better excuse to get over there and try out some of the mouth-watering new menu items.

    also, 1 out of 3 customers will win a DVD copy of the US debut of the dark side of chocolate, a documentary film by miki mistrati and u. roberto romano. it traces to the cocoa bean to the ivory coast in africa, where close to half of the world’s cocoa supply comes from, and uncovers some shady practices on the cocoa bean plantations. native foods really wants you to know where your food comes from, and you can rest assured that their chocolate love pie (pictured above) contains fair trade cocoa from sunspire and frontier natural products.

    in addition to the DVD, people will have the chance to win loads of other cool stuff including vegnews subscriptions, front row seats to cooking demos, and tickets to charity events.

    sounds awesome, right?! i think i am gonna head over for a vegan reuben and some free pie, and see what kind of cool stuff i can win!

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  • Nooooooo don’t be ruining chocolate for me, too!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    That dessert photo on the top looks amazing!!

  • Man, I wish I lived near by so I could go!!! I think it’s good that they’re bringing that chocolate news up. It’s a sad story! Fair trade chocolate is the way to go!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Lately, instead of vegan chocolate, I have been having vegan carob bars from Whole Foods. I hope they’re fair trade!! Must check the label next time. I don’t even know where on earth carob is from.

  • I don’t know where carob tends to come from, but it’s one of the plants that’s pollinated by BATS.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Gosh, learn something new every day, I didn’t even know bats pollinated anything!!

    (That must be a strike against it for you Gregalor? I remember from the chocolate thread that you hate carob. Hehe.)

  • Some plants only blossom at night, and so wouldn’t exist if not for bats.

    * Bananas
    * Peaches
    * Dates
    * Carob
    * Avocados
    * Jack fruit
    * Plantains
    * Mango
    * Guava
    * Cashews
    * Figs
    * Durian

    Probably more.

  • I guess this would make since, because I make sure I may fair trade shea butter. I should pay closer attention to where my chocolate comes from

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