• EXCLUSIVE: new native foods menu launches tomorrow!

    September 27th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, native foods

    this just in! there’s a brand new menu launching at native foods on tuesday september 28th, and i could not be more excited about it. unfortunately we are out of town at the moment, but we have obtained exclusive photos and menu descriptions of the new items, and they look FANTASTIC!

    over the past 6 months chef tanya has been developing new recipes made from scratch, including seitan and two new types of vegan cheese! as native foods put it in an email to me, their “mission to serve chef-crafted, fresh food is unwaivering.” judging by the looks of these drool-worthy new menu items, they are doing a great job. check them out:

    Nuevo Native Nachos: Homemade corn tortilla chips covered in black beans, Native Taco Meat, Native Chipotle Crema, Native Cheese, salsa fresca, and guacamole. Topped with corn, green onions, and cilantro. $7.95

    Broccoli Curry Crunch Salad: Fresh broccoli, cashews, cranberries, and chopped Native Original Seitan, all tossed in our savory curry dressing atop romaine with fresh apples and a citrus ginger vinaigrette. $8.95

    Chef Tanya's Original Wasabi Bean Burger: Black and red beans with quinoa, ground Native Original Seitan and savory spices, topped with caramelized onions, romaine, tomato and fresh juicy cucumber slices. All on a whole grain bun with our signature wasabi-spiked mayo. $8.95

    Classic Deli Reuben: Thinly-sliced, deli-style Native Reuben Seitan piled high on grilled marble rye. Topped with mom's original sauerkraut recipe, Native Horseradish Cheese and a slather of Russian dressing. $9.95 Goes great with a side of our lemon-dill potato salad!

    Chimichurri Fajita Platter: Our Native Mexican Seitan seared with roasted sweet peppers, onion, and pear tomatoes drizzled with chimichurri sauce. Served with grilled corn tortillas, brown rice, black beans, and sliced avocado. Pico de gallo, sour cream, and guacamole garnish. $9.95

    i don’t know about you, but that reuben and those nachos are calling my name! i highly suggest you get over to native foods on tuesday and try out their tempting new offerings. the restaurant already makes some of the best food in town, so i know the new stuff is gonna be AWESOME.

    native foods! check the website for hours and locations.


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  • Well, I know where I’ll be tomorrow. 🙂

  • Man, that fajita platter looks awesome! The curry salad too. I hope this will be at the Palm Desert NF too.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Oh gosh that looks so delicious!!!!!
    The vegan nachos and that vegan fajitas plate look spectacular!!

  • that looks amazing! oh yes. will go back soon!

  • OMG!!! I think I just jizzed my myself.

  • Looks good. I imagine they’re starting to feel the heat from Veggie Grill, which is expanding at a ridiculous rate and really knows how to market themselves to “normals”.

  • I want those nachos so bad!

  • looks amazing. chef tanya has clearly been paying attention to what we want to eat, while being mindful of our good health. this is why i love native.

  • Food Porn! Seriously, I’d try every new item if I could.

  • Quarrygirl, come to Westwood Native Foods and meet me for lunch! I want to inhale those fajitas.

  • @Gregalor – I think you’re right. I was feeling like Native was getting a bit complacent, and the quality and service was dropping. I still liked it, but I didn’t go as much as I used to. Since Veggie Grill blew up – I’ve noticed Native really stepping it up…everything has improved. The new menu items are great! The Oklahoma Burger is amazing…I like it better than anything at Veggie Grill. Their Mac ‘n Cheese is better than VG. The service has improved, Tanya’s been doing a lot of cool stuff like cooking demos. I feel like Native Foods has this new energy, and I’ve been going there way more often.

  • That food all looks insanely good, especially the nachos!

  • People, she is one of the originals and the best! I took her cooking classes way back in 1998 in Santa Monica and even had the Westwood branch cater a video shoot I was doing with Janet Jackson and Busta Rhymes, everyone loved her food! I even wooed my current carnivore SO with her vegan philly cheese steak – run don’t walk to this place! 🙂

  • I guess I am in the minority thinking this food doesn’t really look appetizing at all. It looks like piles of slop. Especially the reuben, that doesnt look edible. Just because something is vegan doesn’t mean it’s automatically good.

  • I’m not a fan of their cashew cheeses out of a piping bag, but saying it’s slop is a bit much.

  • We just ate here on Sunday – alas, before the new menu. However, my wife had a dish that had a vegan jalapeno popper in it – actually, it was a less spicy pepper – and said it was out of this world.

    Let the Vegan Reuben War escalate… Meanwhile, I will wait patiently for someone to make a vegan Montecristo.

  • Alrighty – I’m back from stuffing myself!!!!! Got the reuben and the new nachos. For me, Follow Your Heart’s reuben is still the best. You taste the rye, the cottage tofu is my faovrite, the sauerkraut has the right bite…..Native’s reuben is GOOD – but I dunno, it lacks a distinct “something”. I love the COLOR of the “meat” – but it didn’t seem to have much flavor. I didn’t detect too much rye taste from the bread….it seemed like it could be any bread. Still good – but not FYH good. The Oklahoma Bacon Cheeseburger is still my favorite Native sammich. The nachos were good ,but they were already good – now they’re just a bit better. More toppings than before – best to share, as all the toppings will make the chips soggy if you don’t eat ’em quick!

  • mtk: have you given this monte cristo a shot? http://www.veganhappyhour.com/?p=418

  • As someone who was ready to kidnap and spend a romantic life together with the FYH reuben, I must say this Native Foods reuben is a worthy opponent… in my opinion. I was amazed, and my two non-vegan roommates also licked their reuben plates clean (yes we all three ordered reubens). I don’t know if I’m ready to pick a clear winner between the two (that FYH cottage tofu knows how to pull at my heart strings), but the fact that Native Foods Westwood is 3 minutes from my house certainly means we’ll be spending more time together.

  • I tried the reuben last night. It looked great, but it hardly had any sauerkraut or sauce, and mostly tasted like seitan. Also, the bread was soggy before I took one bite, which is a big pet peeve of mine.

    I’m a big fan of Native Foods, but this sandwich needs work imo.

  • I just tried the Reuben, it was unbelievably good! I’ve tried Flore’s as well (I think they’re both good in their own way)though haven’t tried FYH yet. Want to try the fajitas next.

  • The Broccoli Curry Crunch Salad is not bad, but toooo much seitan and not nearly enough broccoli, which is ridiculous considering the fact that it’s called BROCCOLI Curry Crunch Salad… I might order it again, but I’d request tempeh instead of seitan (just personal preference).

  • i am dying to try this stuff!

  • I was there on Sunday and had the scorpion burger (not pictured) but almost got those nachos or the chimmichurri thing. It’s tough because it all looks so good, and everything I have had here makes me remember why I come back. I like this better than Veggie Grill and so do the people I go here with. I think I would be down for trying almost anything on the menu here, since my experience so far has been so good.

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