• our favorite pizza place is…a drug front?!?!

    June 17th, 2010quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), santa barbara

    UPDATE 6/19/20: pizza guru has re-opened as of today!

    we just received a dose of WTF news from a santa barbara tipster, alerting us to the fact that our favorite pizzeria ever, pizza guru, has been raided and shut down by the police. whaaaaaat?!

    scandal after the jump…

    according to the email, “Pizza Guru was exposed as being a ‘front’ for an illegal weed dispensary a few businesses away. Pizza Guru’s owner and some workers are in jail on a million dollar bond. They haven’t been open in days, and it dosen’t look like they will be open ever again!”

    the tipster also included a link with a news article and a video explaining pizza guru’s alleged money laundering. OMG…..REALLY?!?!?!

    this is fucking awful. when real life suddenly turns into an episode of “weeds,” i’d prefer it didn’t include the closing of my favorite pizza joint on earth.

    here’s to hoping pizza guru and the SBPD sort this shit out ASAP. we have been known to drive all the way from LA just to spend hours at pizza guru and munch on their daiya cheese-covered pies.

    as of now, during normal business hours, pizza guru’s phone rings straight to the answering machine and the voicemail box is full….

    pizza guru
    3534 State St
    Santa Barbara, CA 93105
    (805) 563-3250

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  • OMG! Looks like the napkins were not the only things they were laundering in that place…. and talk about a special veggie topping… hummmmmm

  • yeah, if these allegations are true the owners will have plenty of time, maybe 15-20 years to think up new toppings. imagine, though, the state of the art of vegan cheeses and fake meats when they get our of jail in 2030? imagine what iPhone 32 will look like? and Toy Story 16….

  • its vegan. its fine with me. shut down places that murder and sell, cooked dead flesh and throw them in jail…they are the ones killing people bc they eat themselves to death. no harm here. just a misunderstanding, a sad one. most likely republicans tipped off this bust. republicanXXXedge

  • yeah… i was going to send you the news the other day when it happened, but i didn’t want to break your hearts 🙁 i heard a rumor that they are expected to reopen sometime soon, though, and my two friends who work there aren’t considered fully out of a job, as far as i know. so… maybe that’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon? i shall stay tuned.

  • Man, another place I didn’t get to try before they shut down.*sigh* I should have got some when I had the chance! I mean the pizza.

  • Holy Crap. I’ve been there a few times. They had good pizza. Shocking, well I guess it does explain why they were always so laid back & mellow…:)

  • Stupid and pointless. If they wanted to get into the dispensary business, they should’ve, oh I don’t know… opened a dispensary? Maybe no one told them that it’s legal in California. Look on Melrose, every fifth storefront is one.

  • I’m getting high just thinking about this….

  • Holy crap! I was just there less then 2 weeks ago and filmed for my Healthy Voyager Santa Barbara episode! That place was great ; ( And it was family owned,Dang! I have to re-edit. Blurg!!!

  • I actually think that is quite funny…. There was a pizza place in Upland that did the same thing!!! It was called “Barbees Pizza” (not vegan) and the owner spent around 3 years in prison for selling marijuana. The sentence seemed a bit harsh for selling an innocuous “herb”…

    I love your artwork QG and thanks for the news!!

  • Another place with vegan offerings in the proximity of Los Angeles that I hadn’t been to yet. Too bad!!

  • I just ate there less than a week ago! This is crazy! I guess something that good has to be illegal!

  • Da Data Monkey

    An’ todays toppin is… extra ‘erb… 😉

  • Legalize pot….tax it like alcohol and tobacco. It would solve many problems.

    On that note, I think I need to pick up an 1/8th of some dank indica on the way home. Oh and my dispensary shares a wall with my favorite pizza place….go figure.

  • WTF?!?! I was sooooo looking forward to eating there for the first time tonight! Damn!

  • Who want’s to make FREE PIZZA GURU t-shirts?

  • i was in santa barbara yesterday and actually tried going there on the basis of your recommendation. after driving all the way up state we found a sad sign on the window stating they were closed for the day. it was disappointing, but at least i now know what happened.

  • Pizza Guru was over priced and their pizzas were not that good anyways. Lazy Acres vegan pizzas are way better by far.

  • this is terrible and sad, but almost worth it for your priceless picture of that pizza with pot leaves dancing around it. ydfb

  • I want a FREE GURU PIZZA t-shirt! 😉

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