• pizza guru: still the best vegan pizza

    May 15th, 2010quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), santa barbara

    we’ve already written about how pizza guru in santa barbara serves up the best pizza (vegan or otherwise) that we’ve ever eaten. and after a recent return visit, i can say that’s still the case!

    on top of having amazing food, pizza guru has a relaxing coffee shop/bar-type atmosphere and is the perfect place to hold fort for a few hours. a couple weekends ago, we did just that. we arrived at around 5pm, and the place was empty. we secured a huge, comfy corner table and ordered a pitcher of firestone dba to start with. (that’s right, this place is so rad, it serves good beer by the pitcher!)

    after what amounted to a pretty good drinking sesh on its own, we decided go share an appetizer. pizza guru was offering a hummus and bread plate on special, and when i inquired, they assured me it could easily be made vegan.

    OMG. the hummus and bread was insane. the bread was all fluffy, warm, and soft…and the hummus was rich and creamy. not only does pizza guru make the best pizza, they also make the best hummus plate.

    by this time, it was starting to get dark outside and the place was filling up. loads of take out orders were being phoned in, and there were customers at every single table. but our huge corner seat was still every bit as comfortable.

    we ate our appetizer pretty slowly and washed it down with the remaining beer, and were finally ready for the main course.

    …PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and wine)

    the vegan pizza at pizza guru is seriously unmatched. it’s fucking crazy good. this time we got it with daiya cheese, vegan garlic white sauce, the mushroom blend, jalapenos and tomatoes. the crust was thick and spongy, the white sauce was creamy and decadent, and the mushroom blend was hearty and flavorful. best pizza ever, as far as i’m concerned.

    we left at around 8:30pm full of good alcohol and food, with lots of ipad websurfing under our belts.

    and of course, we added some awesome art to the chalkboard wall in the bathroom.

    if you haven’t been to pizza guru yet, it’s time to take a trip to santa barbara. seriously, it’s not THAT far, and the pizza is totally worth the drive.

    santa barbara
    3534 State St
    Santa Barbara, CA 93105
    (805) 563-3250

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  • thank you so much for recommending this place. i’ve been back so many times since your first review.

  • Mmm I prefer thick pizza crust.

  • That pizza looks amazing!! The bread and hummus looks really appetizing too.

  • That all pretty much looks amazing. Mmmmmm…how have I never been to this place?!

  • I was up in Santa Barbara today and tried this out and it was HORRIBLE!! Had to be the worst pizza ever…It was comparable to card board…seriously… the crust had absolutely no taste to it…I had one slice and couldn’t eat the rest…and I am never one to waste food, even when it’s not that great…I even said something to the guy that worked there cause I thought I was being PUNKD haha (j/k)… he said “I don’t know what to tell you,” and walked away…terrible place. terrible service…Sorry quarrygirl…I can’t agree with you on this…

  • If some fucking irate customer came up to me bitching like, This food is terrible and I thought it would be better and I don’t care if you didn’t make it you’re going to listen to me whine about it because I’m crazy and entitled! I would hope to jesus I have the self control to deliver a polite, I don’t know what to tell you. Sounds to me like homey deserves a fucking customer service award and like you’re an awful person.

  • YAY! My husband and I are going to SB for our anniversary next weekend and this is definitely on our itinerary!

  • wow, kt mo, sounds like you’re off your meds…I was never irate, but sounds like your imagination made a good story out of it haha

  • sorry valerie but i agree with kt mo. if you dont like something thats fine but dont bitch about it. ever think that you just might have bad taste? in my line of work i have had to deal with so many customers like you and guess what? its not my fualt that you dont like what YOU ordered. they did not sit there and go. “you know what i want to make this person pissed off and ruin there pizza”. sorry.

    by the way pizza guru is AMAZING. they can get busy and it can take a min. to get but it is always worth it.

  • I think you just described my perfect pizza. I’m so there. How is it that I go to SB a few times a year and have NEVER heard of this place? So sad, so many wasted trips without that delish pizza.

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