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  • i ate mandoline grill 3 times last week. I WANT MORE!

  • Thanks for posting this a couple days after the truck was by my office…..pffft.

    I’ll try then the next time there back this way…

  • I want that in Burbank and in my mouth.

  • Great field report! I lovs Mandoline Grill so much and can’t wait to try these!

  • This looks pheNOMenal! This may be a dumb question, but would someone explain why they’d keep it as a “secret” menu item? Seriously, I don’t understand!

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  • Ok, I have the day off today so I drove to North Hollywood to give this truck a try.

    OMFG the lemongrass tofu banh mi was *insane*. crispy baguette stuffed with fresh, crispy veggies and some of the best tofu i’ve ever had.

    i could eat this sandwich every damn day! WOWOWOWOW!

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