• new menu coming to mandoline grill!

    August 5th, 2010brittanyLA restaurants, mandoline grill

    ok listen up people ’cause i have some BREAKING VEGAN NEWS. starting next week, the much beloved mandoline grill will be switching up their menu. first, their cha gio will be going away. this makes me incredibly sad because those delicious deep-fried rolls are a staple in addition to my mando sando every time i visit… but, they are being replaced by two awesome options! i’ve already told you about the secret tacos that are available on the truck, and well, they’re no longer going to be secret. the second item is brand-spanking new, and it is REALLY FUCKING GOOD: lemongrass tofu NACHOS!

    vegan lemongrass tofu nachos

    freshly fried tortilla chips, sriracha/vegenaise aioli, yummy lemongrass tofu, green onions, and fresh mint. i’m not a huge fan of mint leaves but these were so damn good, i didn’t even think twice about it. the tortilla chips… wow… i don’t know what made them so good but they were really some of the best i’ve had. i split these babies with some of my friends and everyone thought they were delish. i’m more than happy to switch out the cha gio with these!

    so be on the look out for the new menu items on your next trip to mandy grill… and if you haven’t been yet, wtf are you waiting for???

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  • Bastards!!!! 🙂

    I freakin love those spring rolls….I was bummed two weeks ago when I hit them up in NoHo and they were out of stock.

    Sorry, but the nachos don’t do it for me…..

  • I could live on vegan nachos. (With occasional breaks for vegan ice-cream.)
    Vegan Lemongrass Tofu Nachos sound and look delicious!! 😀

  • i seriously CANNOT WAIT to try these. the way mandoline makes their sauce and tofu, i wouldn’t even miss the fake cheese.

  • Holy fuck I want those nachos. Screw the spring rolls.

  • Those nachos make me want to grab some maracas and head over there. and yes, wtf have I been waiting for?!

  • Mandoline Grill is the best food truck in LA. So glad they are adding even more great stuff.

  • Hey Brittany, how do you always know about the secret MG items? I want in.

  • Cool! I’ve still never caught them, though, they’ve never been anywhere near me. No trucks go to Burbank for lunch (and they would have to be CLOSE since I only get 30 minutes, very strictly), and for dinner the trucks seem to flock to places like downtown and Venice. It’s like I’m in the complete Twilight Zone for food trucks: Burbank for lunch, and WeHo for dinner.

  • Gregalor

    Their at Lankersheim & Weddington near the Metro most Wednesdays…..shoot down Chandler….10 minutes there….10 back.

  • There’s no way I would make that. I work near the airport and it takes a full 30 minutes just to go to Chipotle at the Media Center and back, or the Ralph’s at Buena Vista & Victory.

  • Postpunk Justin

    That looks DISGUSTINGly good. I can’t even stand it.

  • Gregalor, hit them up on a weekend!

  • I second the 30 minute lunch in Burbank sadness, and even worse is that I live only a few blocks from where Mandoline parks in NoHo. This looks so good, though…

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