• tony’s darts away: it just keeps getting better

    May 22nd, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, tony's darts away

    tony’s darts away in burbank has only been open for 5 weeks, and it’s already one of our favorite haunts. we’ve raved about the extremely vegan-friendly beer bar twice before, and i’m happy to report that with time it keeps getting better and better.

    first off, they’ve added 2 cask pumps to their something like 38 beers on tap. when we were there last, they were pouring craftsman (not pictured), and it was really damn good. i think it was poppyfields.

    vegan beer brat with sauerkraut, grilled onions, brown mustard, and garlic paste. $6

    they are still offering up a huge selection of vegan sausages (with both tofuky and field roast selections), and they seemed to have switched to buns that are much smaller and more manageable. the old buns were huge and bready, and a bit difficult to eat. we noticed, and so did some other qg commenters. i’m happy to say though, that now the buns are awesome. they are thin and bendable with a tasty dusting of cornmeal.

    being a bottle-free zone, tony’s still doesn’t have any hot sauce options…so as you can see, we came prepared. if you are a capsicum addict like me, you may wanna bring along your own bottles or packets. tony did leave a comment once stating they are working on some homemade hot sauce for the bar…so i’m really hoping that pans out. 🙂

    lastly tony’s now has doggie beds outside for the pooches to rest on, and water for them to drink. how sweet!

    it’s a VEGAN-FRIENDLY BAR with CASK BEER and DOGGIE BEDS! what the fuck is there not to like?

    tony’s darts away
    1710 W. Magnolia Blvd.
    Burbank, CA 91506
    Tel (818) 253-1710

    Hours: 11AM-2AM M-SAT & SUN 11AM-1AM

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  • miss anthrope

    dear vegan police, i’d just like to add that the cask was unfiltered.

  • Sweet! Now they just have to add a childcare area and the hubby and I will be there!

  • Mmmmm poppyfields and brats. Tonys is a great Friday afternoon lunch stop.

  • polenta_eater

    I’m going there today for the first time with my dad. Been reading these posts for weeks and glad that I finally get the chance to go today. So happy!!

  • I had no problem with the old buns, but I do have a big mouth

  • If you haven’t checked out Tony’s and want a good time to roll solo to the Bar, come for Vegan Drinks w/Compassion Over Killing next Saturday the 29th for lunch or dinner. Read more about it here: http://www.meetup.com/vegandrinks/calendar/13361890/

  • it looks quiet when you were there in that photo. what time did you get there?

    is dog-friendly the latest thing? a place out here in the SCV promotes itself as being dog friendly with lots of taps. it’s an interesting trend.

  • I called them the other day and asked about take-out lunch orders, and the fellow on the phone (who was very nice) said they are not set up for take-out yet.

    He did say that for a quick lunch, coming by right after they open would be a good idea, as not too many people are usually in there at that time.

    I must try one of their vegan hot dog things. They look so good!

  • Is this an actual bar, as in 21+?

  • Those doggie beds and water dish are too cute.

  • it’s not 21+ i’ve seen tweens and babies in there.

  • The wife and I will be there next Saturday.

    Look for the 6’5″ skinhead…..and say hey!

  • I love love love this place. Not only is the Italian vegan sausage amazing and the beer selection awesome but there is also so much to do. There are board games like Connect 4, Boggle as well as pool and darts. We meant to pop in for a bite to eat and stayed all night!

  • LCmom – Funny you mention childcare… We didnt want to inappropriately bring our kids to a full on bar, so the first time we went there we got a sitter…when we met Tony he said he has a little girl who frequents the bar and kids are welcome but they just would prefer them to not sit at the BAR…duh! We’ve brought our boys there several times now without incident…the first visit we brought them, they actually made friends with Tony’s daughter and played board games and we joked saying that in addition to amazing beers, great vegan food, the bar also comes with kids for your kids to play with!

    We aren’t about to bring the kids to a crowded bar on a Friday or Saturday night, so we are mindful when we bring the kids – but they are definitely welcome. Tony even mentioned they have coloring books now too!

  • I work a few minutes away from Tony’s and never knew they existed. Thanks for the post. I’ll be heading over for lunch.

  • love love tonys to bits. glad to hear about the new buns, now i just wish they would add a basic vegan hot dog. im not so crazy about those tofurky sausages. i find them a little dry.

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