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    July 15th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, tony's darts away

    i just can’t get enough of tony’s darts away!

    it’s the only real bar in los angeles with a vegan-friendly menu, the food is excellent, and they’ve got over 30 beers on tap. seriously, tony’s is amazing. i hit up the burbank boozer recently with a couple friends, and as to be expected, we had an excellent time.

    homemade russet potato chips. $4

    cuisine-wise, tony’s specializes in sausages and fried things, so of course we had to get a bit of both. we started with a basket of homemade russet potato chips to share. i’m pretty sure the flavor we got was new, because i don’t see it on the online menu. to my recollection, it was chipotle limon or something like that…nice and spicy with a zesty twist. whatever the flavor, these things were amazing. you can always tell the difference when potato chips are homemade, and these were no exception. thinly sliced, perfectly crisp, and very well-seasoned. phenomenal.

    i was more in the mood to drink than i was to eat last time i was at tony’s, so i stuck with beer and chips. my friends though decided to go all out, vegan sausage style. one friend got the kielbasa with roasted garlic paste, creole mustard, grilled onions, and dill relish…

    vegan kielbasa with roasted garic paste, creole mustard, grilled onions, and dill relish. $6

    and the other got the beer brat with creole mustard, garlic paste, grilled peppers, and onions…

    beer brat with creole mustard, garlic paste, grilled peppers and onions. $6

    i didn’t try either of these vegan dogs, but they both looked incredible, and my friends gave them rave reviews. i have had the sausages at tony’s before though, and they have never let me down. we also got a few sides of the amazing vegan chili, which comes topped with diced onions and shredded cheddar daiya. just a note to you daiya-hatin’ freaks out there, the chili comes with it automatically, even though it’s not listed on the menu. so if you don’t like daiya, be sure to let your server know.

    quinoa with daiya cheese, onions, peppers, fresh herbs, house fried tofu and some some finely chopped carrots.

    during our visit, tony himself was present at the pub, and he gave us a sneak peek of an upcoming vegan menu item. it was a quinoa, tofu, and vegetable mixture that is soon going to be part of the new ‘vegan caloise’ salad. he explained that it will basically be a traditional salade nicoise with beans, olives, lettuce and potatoes..but all sourced in california. and instead of tuna and hard boiled egg, they’ll use quinoa pilaf and basil marinated chick peas. i am not a bell pepper fan at all, so i only tried a tiny taste of the mixture…and it was really good. i would have inhaled it had it not been for the peppers.

    lastly, there is one more super cool thing about tony’s darts away: the wide selection of condoms for sale in the bathroom. i didn’t even know osama bin laden condoms existed, but i guess they do!

    if you haven’t been to tony’s darts away yet for some good beer and grub, head over there NOW. this place is a goldmine…it’s the best place to get vegan food in burbank, and one of the best in all of LA. don’t miss it.

    tony’s darts away
    1710 W. Magnolia Blvd
    Burbank, CA 91506
    (818) 253-1710

    PS: i just heard that tony’s has a new weekday lunch special! any sausage with any toppings (except chili) with a half order of house-made potato chips and a small romaine, tomato, and cucumber salad for $8.75 M-F 11:30 AM – 3PM. do it.

    PPS: full disclosure. this is where i saw that awesome dude with the gallon of vegenaise.

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  • HA! Word to the wise: Bin Laden condoms are NOVELTIES ONLY and have a huge hole cut in the tip.

  • I would lose my woddie a second after sliding a Bin Laden condom onto my John Thomas!.

    Tony’s rules.

  • Tony’s is so great it makes me want to move to Burbank. This post also makes me want to stop working and go get the lunch special right this minute.

    One could tell the veganaise story was from Tony’s from the wooden menu holder 🙂

  • i keep wanting to go there for lunch but a pint of beer and a giant brat requires nap time afterward.

  • First, to Quarry Girl, thanks for another nice piece about our pub.
    Second, about those condoms….
    When we took over the old bar we kept those old condom machines never thinking for a minute that they were still in use. We just thought they were funny so we left them on the wall. The fact that they have condoms in them at all is surprising to me. The fact that they have bin laden’s face on them means they are less than 10 years old, which is even more surprising. If you are interested, get em while you can as I have no clue about restocking these machines.

  • I was at Tonys last night. Allow me to recommend the Mongo double IPA from Port. The Alesmith double IPA is incredible too.

    I usually order a vegan beer brat with raw diced onions, sharp chedder, roasted garlic paste and creole mustard. That makes for an excellent lunch. I tried the chili last night. Though very tastey, I found it a little to tomato heavy for a chili.

    Tony’s is easily the best beer pub in Los Angeles.

  • Jealous that you guys get fresh Port Mongo IPA out there. I imagine by the time it reaches me on the least coast it loses a bit of aroma/flavor hop.

  • I hate to rain on all this vegan dick sucking (after all, I’m a vegan myself). I don’t suck dicks, but that’s not important right now.

    Tony’s has some REALLY RUDE staff: I think a bit of arrogance is setting in. There’s one dude who never gives eye contact, has argued with me over whether my cheese was vegan (it wasn’t) and has presented me with the wrong check, arguing about that as well.

    Tony: some of your staff are intensely disliked by your regulars, but you are so nice and accommodating that they don’t want to tell you to your face.

    Keep an eye on that bar and the service. Spend less time with your gal web surfing at a table and watch your place carefully. You can get out of fashion real fast (even to us fickle vegans) as most people are more interested in the staff that serve us than all the California beer and vegan dogs in the world.

    You know me. I know you. This is straight from the heart.

  • It sucks that you were hassled, skeeboo. My experience with the staff (in the like 12 times my wife and I have been there so far) has always been the polar opposite of that. Way above average. Everyone remembers your face, your tab, and usually your name. They’re quick and attentive. More than once I’ve seen them deal with very difficult customers gracefully and accommodatingly.

  • My partner and I heart Tony’s. Russell always remembers us and our names. Actually he apologized to my partner for not knowing her name, explaining he knew mine because I always pick up the tab and he recalled it from my card. (My partner is a lucky lucky girl, IMHO). Since she introduced herself, he hasn’t forgotten. We have never had an experience with rude staff, just the opposite.

    It’s been awhile since we’ve been, however. But we have guests in town for the next two weeks, so you know where we’ll be bringing them! We usually spend all day there…just to be able to drink more AWESOME beer and eat two meals! We love you Tony’s!

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