• OMG! new quarrygirl burger at chili addicition!

    November 23rd, 2010quarrygirlchili addiction, LA restaurants

    i couldn’t even believe it when i went to chili addiction recently and saw they had a new menu item named after ME. the quarrygirl burger combines two of my favorite dishes—the hearty match-based burger and johnny’s insane homemade sauerkraut. of course, i had to order it!

    quarrygirl: our fantastic vegan burger topped with homemade sauerkraut. $10

    wow! i’m not just saying this because the burger had my name on it, but the quarrygirl was epic!…

    it’s no secret that i’m kind of obsessed with chili addiction’s sauerkraut. i have no idea what’s in it or how they make it, but it’s just the best damn sauerkraut i’ve ever tried. i always order it NO MATTER WHAT when i visit, even if it doesn’t go at all with the food i’m eating. now when i’m craving a burger, i won’t have to get my sauerkraut on the side, because it comes right on top of the patty. genius! i am such a fan of this combo. be sure to load up on the homemade sauces and condiments as well; they make it even better.

    i’ve said this before and i’ll say it again: as far as i’m concerned, the vegan burgers at chili addicition are the most-convincing in town. not only are they huge and substantial, but they are really delicately seasoned and the flavor and texture to win over any omnivore. if you are a vegan, but still like meaty things, you are seriously gonna love these burgers.

    so head on over to chili addiction and try out the quarrygirl burger! i’m still just so excited that it exists. it was on the “specials” menu when i was there, but they told me it would be added to the regular menu soon.

    thanks for naming a burger after me, chili addiction! <3! xo

    chili addiction
    408 N La Cienega Blvd
    Hours of Operation
    Sat-Sun Noon – 9PM
    Tue through Fri Noon-2:30 5:30-9PM
    parking in rear!

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