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    April 9th, 2010quarrygirlcoachella, other, venues

    hey everyone! with coachella just one week away, it’s time to do a post about some of the great vegan food you can find inside and around the festival. here is a look at some vendors we know are gonna be there for sure.

    vegan tofu naanwich from cowboys and turbans. $7

    quarrygirl favorite cowboys and turbans will have a booth on coachella grounds, and they will be serving up their delicious indian/mexican fusion with a plethora of vegan offerings. we’ve had their food before at the festival, and it was excellent. according to their head chef, they’ll be serving up food between the outdoor stage and the gobi tent. be sure to check this place out, it’s our #1 pick.

    cowboys and turbans

    our first sweet-tooth choice at coachella would of course be luscious organic desserts

    luscious organic desserts espresso cupcake

    the company wowed us last year with their high quality vegan cupcakes, and we are happy to report that they’ll be back in 2010 in both the main section AND the VIP area.

    luscious organic desserts

    even if you are doing the raw thing, there will be food for you at coachella. check out the booth by 118 degrees

    raw pizza and pasta salad from jenny's raw and organic

    last year we had their raw pizza, pasta salad, and tacos. i’m pretty sure they will be in the main section and VIP area this year, and they will be either under the name “118 degrees” or “jenny’s raw & organic.”

    jenny's raw organic

    here are some more places that have been inside the festival in the past, and i’m hoping they’ll be back this year….

    vegan pesto pizza at coachella. $6/slice

    pie for the people has been at coachella for several years, and if you see this place, you MUST TRY THEIR VEGAN PIZZA. it is sooooo good! you can probably find them inside the sahara beer garden (sorry, kids!) sporting a huge banner that says “NY-STYLE SLICES.” their pie is honestly better than most pizzeria pizza in LA, so don’t miss it.

    there’s also a stand called sweet leaf organics with tons of vegan options such as tempeh burgers and tofu wraps…

    marinated tempeh burger. $9

    just be careful if you decide to hit up sweet leaf. last year ALL of their dressings contained honey, so vegans would have to order their food extra dry. 🙁

    sweet leaf organics at coachella

    and lastly, there is usually a sushi vendor in the VIP area…i forget their name, but they do a wicked vegan sushi plate…

    vegan sushi with a side of inari. $12

    those are my top food picks for coachella, but please lemme know if you find any other great places to eat on festival grounds. if you are looking for restaurants to eat in the palm springs area, you’d be crazy not to check out native foods and nature’s cafe.

    sadly i can’t make it this year, but if you send me pictures of your coachella vegan food, i will most likely post them on the blog (even if they were taken with a cell phone!). have fun! and please report back! 🙂

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