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    the title of that book is right, vegan cupcakes really are taking over the world. vegan bakers all over the place are trying their hand at the classic dessert and some of the results are better than others. one line of vegan cupcakes i can definitely vouch for is luscious organic desserts. the orange county based company was recently selling their goods at coachella and i got to try 3 different flavors, all of which were superb.

    luscious organic desserts oreo cupcake

    luscious organic desserts oreo cupcake

    of the 3 i tried, the oreo cupcake was probably my favorite. slathered in creamy cookie-flavored frosting, the chocolate cake was incredibly moist. i’ve decided luscious is the perfect name for this company, because their desserts definitely are.

    luscious organic desserts espresso cupcake

    luscious organic desserts espresso cupcake

    i also tried the espresso cupcake and the chocolate cupcake. both types of frosting were extremely rich and packed with flavor. i don’t know how they got the coffee taste down so perfectly in the espresso frosting, but it was unbelievable. these cupcakes were decadent in every sense of the word. they didn’t taste dry, bland, or have any kind of weird vegan-y texture…instead they were creamy frosting and juicy cake goodness.

    luscious organic desserts chocolate cupcake

    luscious organic desserts chocolate cupcake

    since i don’t find myself in orange county very often, i am super glad i got to try luscious cupcakes at coachella. currently you can find luscious cupcakes at native foods in costa mesa, mothers market in santa ana, and vegi wokery in cerritos. they also make tons of other mouth-watering desserts that you can order through their website. these are definitely vegan desserts i could get used to.

    luscious organic desserts

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  • hey quarry, we are so glad you liked them 🙂
    just a quick note, they arent available at native foods anymore, but they are now available at lavender lounge tea shop in south orange county, and very soon we will be coming up to stores in LA. Let us know if any of you guys have suggestions for places you want to see them.

    luscious organic desserts

  • Those cupcakes are just beautimous! I really want to make a return visit to Cali now! And this post makes me oh so glad that my friend is bringing me a cupcake at dinner tonight so I don’t have to eat my computer screen.

  • Hi. I’m wondering if the cupcakes are now available in Los Angeles? Can you please post if they are. Thanks!

  • Wow! Looks super moist and delicious. I tried their espresso cupcake at WorldFest, truly luscious cake! 🙂

  • MMmm these are amazing… as of right now (5-1-10) they have Pina Colada ones at the Lavender Lounge in San Clemente (on top of Baskin Robins) and Dana Point… they also have a Newman O one (uh-mazing…like an oreo frosting cupcake…but organic and non-hydrogenated).

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