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    April 19th, 2009quarrygirlcoachella, venues

    hey everyone, just another quick vegan update from coachella. if you are an adult (or a cool kid with a fake ID) attending the festival today, be sure to get over to the beer garden across from the sahara tent and try some of the vegan pizza from slices…it’s amazing. that’s right, VEGAN NY-STYLE PIZZA at coachella.

    vegan pesto pizza at coachella. $6/slice

    vegan pesto pizza at coachella. $6/slice

    i would have never thought to go to the sahara beer garden in search of vegan food, but luckily a quarrygirl.com reader named nick read my last post about coachella and told me i needed to try this place. i guess slices has been selling vegan pizza in the beer garden for years…i don’t know how i missed this place. seriously, the pizza was incredible. enormous thin slices you can fold in half with a light and crispy crust, all topped with a flavorful pesto sauce and huge chunks of vegetables.


    slices even advertises one of their pizzas as vegan (you don’t have to modify it or anything)…and the vegan stuff goes really fast. when we got our pizza, they were just taking a new pie out of the oven and it was all sold within about 5 minutes.


    there are tons of places to get pizza at coachella, but so far this is the only vegan-friendly place i’ve seen. it kind of sucks that it’s in the beer garden, so it’s off limits to people under 21. and the only other decent vegan food at coachella is in the VIP section. what fucking gives? i guess you have to be either old or rich to eat amimal-free at this festival.

    sunday coachella goers, have a great time out there today. hope you check out tons of awesome bands and get some vegan pizza. thanks to reader nick for finding this place.

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  • sometimes we vegans focus a little too much on the cheese – this pizza had no cheese on it at all and was absolutely delicious. I’m going to try making one with Trader Joe’s dough and vegan pesto from Wholefoods. Should taste good if I do it properly!

  • Make your own pesto – basil, olive oil, Garlic (two cloves), salt and pepper – buy some vegan parm if you wish. Blend, enjoy.


  • I don’t know how long Slices has been at Coachella. I think we were just hanging out in that beer garden (I don’t even drink) during Roger Waters last year and my friend mentioned they had vegan pizza in there and I was like, “What? Dude! No way!”

    That pizza is easily as good as what you can get in a restaurant with a real pizza oven I thought. It all tastes fresh and hand made. I’m sure that you could have a friend get some for you if you’re not 21+.

    Pesto is pretty easy to make at home if you have a food processor. Since it has oil in it, it gives you some of the “mouth feel” of cheese grease.

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