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    i am jealous of people who live in orange county. not just because they are all rich and shit, but because they have some great vegan dining options that i covet. in addition to that’s amore (awesome vegan pizza/italian food), they also have a swanky all-raw/vegan bar and lounge called 118 degrees.

    i have never been to the actual restaurant, but i am dying to hit it up after trying their food at coachella. they were at the festival selling their packaged foods under the name jenny’s raw and organic. we ordered the raw taco and pizza with a pasta side salad, both of which were refreshingly delicious.

    raw taco from jenny's raw and organic

    raw taco from jenny's raw and organic

    while the taco was tasty, it was more like a salad than a taco…you know, the kind where they use lettuce instead of a tortilla. i preferred the pizza and pasta, which tasted extremely light and were covered in fresh vegetables.

    raw pizza and pasta salad from jenny's raw and organic

    raw pizza and pasta salad from jenny's raw and organic

    after checking out 118’s menu online, i am anxious to get over there asap. they have stuff like raw tamales, enchiladas and nachos, not to mention an array of high quality beers and mixed drinks. maybe they could open up a los angeles location soon…that would be rad.

    118 degrees
    2981 Bristol
    Suite B5
    Costa Mesa, CA 92626
    Monday through Saturday
    9am to 10pm (last seating at 9pm)
    10am to 9pm (last seating at 8pm)
    Sunday Brunch 10am to 3pm

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  • even though oc has 4 or 5 all vegan restaurants (most in costa mesa b/c its the rich part) in the entire county isn’t anything to be jealous for! When it comes down to living there the places are actually too spread out to really drive to on an everyday basis so LA still wins all the way!!

  • oh man! i waz just in the OC yesterday! damnit! this coulda been lunch!

  • What a timely post! I didn’t realize 118 degrees was located @ The Camp along w/Native Foods until last night. Due to quarrygirl’s awesome review & pics I headed out to Costa Mesa for the macro bowl (which was awesome btw!) and spotted 118 degrees. If I hadn’t had such a hankering for tempeh I would’ve dropped in. Definately hitting this place up soon. Those pics look yummy…and booze to boot…bonus points!

  • rich? really? somebody forgot to give me my share of the money then… 🙂

  • OC full of rich people? They like to think so behind the “Orange Curtain” but that’s not really true =P..housing is less expensive and so is tax out there. As I was born and raised in the OC I glad to see more of these diverse food places opening up I will have to check this one out when I visit my mother.

  • not saying rich like its a bad thing and i spend a lot of time in garden grove/anaheim (the bf was born and raised there) and there is only one vegan only place all the others are a drive to costa mesa or cerritos (not a fancy town btw) i was just pointing out that the vegan restaurants are located there for a reason.

  • Yelp has mixed reviews of 118 and I here it’s $$$. I like to refer to OC as soul sucking… Yeah, I said it. =)

  • 118 degrees is definitely tasty, and I 100% encourage you to check it out.

    A word of caution:
    I got food poisoning the last time I went, so make sure they are using fresh ingredients. They were out of a lot of things on that particular evening, so I think much of the menu items they did have on hand had been sitting around a little too long.

    Also, be prepared for a hefty check. For my birthday last year, I was surprised with a $60 check just for myself, and that was simply for the sampler plate and a raw chocolate smoothie (boy was I naive).

    Their raw smoothies are awesome, and it does have a great atmosphere. And of course, the food is great as well, but VERY filling.

    (yes i’m from orange county, no i’m not rich) 😛

  • LOVE 118 degrees. I highly recommend it. I’ve had both breakfast and lunch there, and they were both awesome. Dinner seems to be more pricey, but breakfast and lunch are about 10 or so per person. If you go for breakfast get the smothered banana!! OMG amazing.

  • Douglas Novack

    I used to dine at 118 Degrees regularly. I also contracted food poisoning as many people have stated both on this site and Yelp. I told the owner about it and I thought she remedied the problem by making her servers wash their hands and she placed hand sanitizer around the restaurant. But I got food poisoning again and so did my friends. I think the problem is that the prep station is not refrigerated and food is left out all day. Also, the prep station is unusually located by the bathroom. I know I have spoken to 118’s past employees and they all said that many customers complained about getting sick. I would stay away from this place like the plague. it is not healthy and unsafe.

  • Douglas Novack

    BTW….The owner broke the rules at HappyCow and posted a raving review of her restaurant, advertised and gave herself a 5 Star rating. She broke all the rules at happyCow and compromised the integrity of a great site. I hope she doesnt try and do it on this site.

  • I puked as well after eating their food at Coachella… hmmm…

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