• vegan field report: karyn’s cooked in chicago

    February 22nd, 2010chicago, more restaurants (not LA)

    if you read this blog a lot, you probably know that we have a bad-ass field operative who travels around and sends us pictures of his various vegan exploits. so far he has conquered seattle, vegas, san diego and huntington beach…but tonight’s episode comes to you all the way from the windy city. that’s right, we bring you an undercover report of karyn’s cooked, a gourmet vegan restaurant located in chicago. i will let our very terse and no bullshit informant take it away (his words are in quotes):

    sloppy jo: slow cooked soy protein on a toasted whole wheat bun with special sauce. includes potato wedges and coleslaw. $8.95

    “sloppy jos were off the charts. perfect potato wedges and slaw as your sides.” ’nuff said!

    green enchiladas: Corn tortillas stuffed with garlic mashed potatoes, smothered in a green tomatillo sauce and drizzled with soy cheese. Served with a side of spanish brown rice and refried black beans. $10.95

    “the enchiladas were something i would never have imagined….

    “garlic mashed potato as filling. epic.” —what?!?!? mashed potato filling? fuck yeah!

    southern greens as a side. $4

    “southern greens i could eat every day and not get sick of.” (i think we can all agree w/ that!)

    mac and cheese as a side. $4

    mac and cheese, well duh. its like cold pizza. even when its bad–it’s good. and this was delicious. the waitress said that she had ‘checked with the mac and cheese’ when she got in and it was ‘having a good day’ -she was right.”

    and of course, there were drinks with lunch…

    “champagne with our campaign, doin the damn thang.”

    dunno about you, but this sounds like a pretty stellar meal to me! i can personally vouch for this karyn’s cooked, as the one time i ate there many years ago it was tip top. so definitely check this place out when in chicago. i have a feeling our informant is onto something.

    he closes his document with even more praise:

    “always the best service, food and atmosphere…”

    “i’m more of a karyn’s snob vs. the chicago diner hipster… “


    “the perfect sunday lunch and my favorite place to eat when i visit back home to chicago. i think r. kelly was sitting next to us…”

    karyn’s cooked
    738 N. Wells St.
    Chicago, IL 312-587-1050
    (312) 587-1050

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