• dear pizza fusion hollywood, i want DAIYA CHEESE!


    dear pizza fusion I WANT DAIYA

    the last time i wrote about pizza fusion was when i got some pix from our quarrygirl field reporter stationed in san diego featuring a mouthwatering pie covered in daiya cheese. someone who works at pizza fusion SD commented on the post letting everyone know that they carry both follow your heart and daiya…and this sparked quite the debate about which was better. of course, i think daiya is waaaaaay better than follow your heart, but whatever, if people wanna eat FYH who am i to stop them?

    the thing that bugs me is, whenever i call pizza fusion hollywood (which is super close to my house), they always tell me they have never heard of daiya. maybe if i keep calling them they will carry it…who knows. but why does san diego have it and we don’t?!

    to make me even more jealous, our san diego field agent recently sent me these pictures of his latest pizza fusion meal.

    vegan daiya pizza at pizza fusion san diego

    wheat crust, red onions, fresh garlic, jalapenos, mushrooms, red sauce and daiya. i think that says it all.

    vegan daiya pizza

    after getting these pictures, i was outraged. i called my local pizza fusion tonight and they STILL don’t have daiya. WTF. in los angeles’ defense, the santa monica pizza fusion does offer daiya and follow your heart….but i shouldn’t have to drive all the way to the west side when i have a location just a few minutes away.

    dear pizza fusion hollywood, please stock daiya ASAP. then you will have the distinction of being the only place close enough to my house that can deliver me a pizza i actually wanna eat. kthxbye. xo quarrygirl

    “mo betta wish it was daiya chedda!” and a special thanks to our field reporter for sending in the pix and info.

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  • that pizza looks so good, get someone to do a field report on stephanies bakery in sd! best vegan pizza ive ever had! but im never down there 🙁

  • Fuck that follow your fart shit. Pizza fusion is a bunch of balls anyhow. All that “organic meat” on the menu makes me want to puke my guts out.

  • We need Daiya at the Orlando location as well. Daiya isn’t sold/served anywhere in Florida yet ):

  • i think your field agent need to save some of that charlie shaw for me.

    this pizza doesn’t look as good as zpizza. truth.

  • That’s odd. Pizza Fusion in Santa Monica has Daiya, and they know all about it.

    I think Pizza Fusion is ok, but pricey. I buy Daiya and make my own pizzas!

  • Mark, Is that why Daiya tastes so good? Now I want even more of it!

  • @mark- better than eating real cheese, i’ll take it!

  • Who actually drinks Two Buck Chuck? 🙂

  • Mark, are you kidding? Who cares! Get a life.

  • last time i checked my heart is fine (keeps me pumping thru the 7 miles i run daily), im not ‘fat’ from eating “50% total calories from FAT” and as a matter of fact im ordering extra daiya on my pizza this week.

    blah blah blah, go clean out the crumbs in your toaster and eat that if you’re worried about fat. your heart is ok. you have to live before you die, right?

  • Two thumbs up for fat-filled faux food!

  • They know of Daiya, they just dont it!!!!!!

  • The boyfriend and I had a bad experience at the Pizza Fusion on Sunset on Friday. After passing by the place many times between movies at the DGA on our way to Veggie Grill, we decided to give them a chance. We ordered the Very Vegan pizza, but opted to add veggie chicken. When it finally came to our table, I took one bite and realized the veggie chicken had a weird, very bland taste. Pulled it out of my mouth, looked at it carefully, then realized I had just bitten into very not-veggie chicken.

    Yes, it was every bit as disgusting as you can imagine. I hadn’t had chicken in thirteen years and my boyfriend hadn’t had it longer than that. What really surprised me was how very bland it was.

    The waiter was a sweetheart – very apologetic, trying to find ways to make things right – but we didn’t have time to wait for another pizza because we had another movie to go to and the restaurant would’ve closed before we got out of the movie. He even suggested that he deliver a new pizza to the lobby and have them hold it until we got out and would throw in a couple of brownies. He felt really bad about something that wasn’t even his fault and both the boyfriend and I really appreciated that. Mistakes happen. We realize that, but we didn’t want him to flog himself about it, especially since it wasn’t his fault.

    Then he went to talk to the owner. After waiting about five minutes, we thought it best to leave and open up a table, plus it was time we headed back the to theater. We sought them out to find out what was going to happen, i.e., were we getting a new pizza delivered, should we go ahead and pay for it, etc.

    The owner apologized for the mix up, but declared that she didn’t think the people in the DGA lobby would hold the pizza for us. That may very well be the case, especially considering how tough they are about allowing even breath mints in the theater. Fair enough.

    Then she said that, of course, we would have the sodas and bad pizza comped. Well, yeah, I don’t expect to pay for food that they messed up, and so badly at that.

    But that was it. She, the owner, didn’t offer us anything to entice us to return. No free dinner (which other restaurants in the past have offered without us asking when things were royally screwed up), no coupon, not even a damned free brownie. And she seemed annoyed about the whole deal, especially us having to leave and seeking her and the waiter out to clarify what was going to happen so that we would know what to expect.

    The place was very busy on this Friday night, so perhaps she figured that she didn’t have to deal with persnickety vegans like us, especially those who don’t fall into the “beautiful people” category, like nearly everyone else there.

    (Mind you, we’re both attractive people, but we ain’t “beautiful people” attractive. I’m cool with that. Some people aren’t.)

    Pizza Fusion will not be getting our business again. Veggie Grill, however, will. Both of us love everything we’ve tried, the staff is super-nice, the prices are reasonable and we don’t have to worry about getting real dead chicken on our sandwiches.

    Hell, it’s a shame it’s 3:30a – I could go for a Bayou Chickin’ sandwich right about now…

  • Hey Veggie Girl! I am so sorry about your bad experience at Pizza Fusion! I wanted to reach out to you to apologize personally and ask if there is anything we can do to get a second chance. Please accept my offer for any sized free pizza and desert of your choice which you can use either in-store or have it delivered to your home or office.

    We have such outstanding vegan and vegetarian food (along with all the other food), and no other restaurant chain is greener than us… all the way down to our hybrid delivery car. So we try to be a restaurant that not only offers truly delicious foods, but also is gentle on our planet.

    You, and all of our amazing guests are important to us and we want to make sure you know that. Thank you for giving us a try, and I hope you will let us serve you again.

    Wishing you all the best,


  • Hi Tia!

    Thank you so much for your kind offer. I was coming over here anyway to let Quarrygirl’s readers know that my boyfriend and I had received a similar offer from Michele at Pizza Fusion Hollywood – the owner I mentioned above. I apparently misread her distress, for which I apologize. Unfortunately it was a confluence of events that caused our original bad experience, but Michele and Tia have shown that customer service is very important to the folks at Pizza Fusion. I am very appreciative of that.

    We have not yet had a chance to take Michele or Tia up on their kind offer, but the next time we are in the area we will definitely do so.

    Again, thank you, Tia, and thank you to Michele!

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