• red velvet cafe in las vegas: field report

    September 14th, 2009quarrygirllas vegas, more restaurants (not LA)

    today, we bring you a special report on red velvet cafe in las vegas, a casual restaurant with a very vegan-friendly menu. you may remember that recently one of our secret quarrygirl.com operatives relocated to sin city, and sent us an in-depth undercover report on the breaking news that whole foods in las vegas was offering vegan pizza with daiya cheese. well now, our secret operative is back with another vegan vegas discovery…proving once again that there is much more than just ronald’s donuts to eat in the desert. over the weekend, our operative teamed up with another agent and ate the hell out of red velvet cafe, and they sent us a write-up and pictures to prove it.

    here is some of the vital information we gathered from their report:

    -the server was super nice, helpful and answered or found the answer to our million questions. seeing that it was his 3rd day, i would have told myself to fuck off. he said everything was able to be made vegan besides the caprese salad, but that it could be made vegetarian.

    -appetizer: avocado strips. they were pressed in a panini press, crispy shell and such gooey cheese, i was convinced it was daiya.


    -at this point i was asking so many questions that the owner came over and said their vegan cheese was made from scratch. he did note that they used the same ingredients as daiya, but the texture, taste and feel was identical…it was too on point.


    -lunch item #1: the buffalo chicken wrap. this was 100% hands down the best wrap i have ever had anywhere, PERIOD!


    -the sauce was ranch and buffalo mixed, tangy and spicy at the same time. the chicken chunks where huge and the sandwich left my mustache and hands so messy, i needed a wet wipe. LMFL


    -lunch item #2: tuna salad. so good as well. it was made with faux meat and not tofu so it had texture and it wasn’t overpowered with too much mayo, it was perfect.


    dessert: face off between red velvet cupcake and chocolate chip cupcake. both operatives agreed, the red velvet won the challenge. super creamy sweet frosting and moist cake. a staple.


    other fun things:
    -there were 2 big flat screen tv’s, unfortunately they were playing sports.
    -magazines everywhere (as can see pictured below, secret operative #2 is reading the fall fashion issue of vogue).
    -as we were leaving someone was picking up a huge vegan cake… bday possibly.
    -if red velvet served beer or were BYOB it would be heaven.
    —–over and out—-


    a very special thanks to our secret operatives who took the time to eat and document all this food.


    so there you have it. a very glowing report of red velvet cafe from our field agents in las vegas. in fact, i even got a phone call from our operative immediately after he ate there, and he said red velvet was the best food he’d had during his entire stay in vegas, AND was better than most of the vegan food available in los angeles. that’s a bold statement, and a strong endorsement if i ever heard one.


    i can’t wait to get to vegas and check this place out.

    red velvet cafe
    7875 W. Sahara Ave.
    Suite 103 / 104
    Las Vegas, NV 89117
    (702) 360-1972

    Mon-Sat. 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

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  • OMG – your secret operative is so hot. can i have his email address?

  • woah I’m so stoked to know there’s a new vegan place is Vegas. I have family in vegas and usually just live off chips and guac and donuts for a few days when I visit. Everything looks really great. Can’t wait to try it.

    Hey secret operative, go check out veggie delight over by Ronald’s, it’s a totally bizarre vegetarian place worth trying at least once while you’re there.

  • We <3 Red Velvet Cafe! All of the employees are super nice and helpful. The owner will clearly explain any items/ingredients to you based on your particular dietary concerns whether they be vegan, vegetarian, or otherwise. The red velvet cake is amazing! Last trip I opted for a batch of chocolate chip cookies for dessert- blew my mind! Had an awesome tofu curry there once. Can't wait to go back to LV for some more red velvet cake. Wish they'd open a branch in LA. 😉

  • i totally have to go to this place next time jonathan needs to feed his gambling addiction. those avocado strips are calling for me!

  • yay! we will be checking this out this weekend. that avocado situation looks so good!
    fyi, on our last trip we found this place simply called
    “himalayan cuisine” (on flamingo near maryland pkwy). lots of delicious vegan options and tons of good beer. we went there 2 nights in a row!

  • The mustache is a dead giveaway 😉

  • OMG, that avocado thing looks SO good. If only someone would carry vegan blue cheeze dressing, the Buffalo wrap would look so much better. Perhaps someday…

    I checked out their online menu and it’s CRAZY huge. It’s an omni restaurant but they have like 6 different kinds of vegan meat AND vegan cheese you can use to substitute for whatever you want.

  • I had zero desire of visiting Las Vegas, but this post has changed everything.

  • I found this place when I went to Vegas in February and have been craving since then. Super nice staff, owner is very helpful, and the food is superb. My omni husband also loved what he got, so it’s good for everyone 🙂

  • We were in Vegas last week and went to Red Velvet twice..amazing food!

  • Wow….I’ve been going to Vegas regularly for over 2 years and haven’t discovered this place yet(too obsessed with Go Raw, Paymon’s, and Whole Foods)! Guess I’m missing out!

  • I live in Vegas, LOVE the RVC, and agree that the buffalo chikin wrap is the best wrap ever made. I have to go eat it at least once a month. I haven’t tried much of their menu because I am so in love with it!

  • That buffalo wrap looks INTENSE! I may need to move back to the states, specifically right next to wherever this awesome restaurant is located.

  • Went here last weekend. The Buffalo “chicken” wrap and the salad (don’t remember the name) with “turkey”, “ham” and cheese were both phenomenal and the staff was helpful and super friendly. A breath of fresh air in Vegas. One can’t live off of Ronald’s donuts forever (although I would try).

  • I’m eat here 2-3x /week.

    The “chix” salad is to die for. So is the ravioli, tortallini AND aforementioned buffalo chix wrap. Cheddar bacon fries appetizer is also good. The cheese is also amazing! I can eat about 18,465 bags of the chocolate chip cookies (there’s 6 cookies/bag).

    It’s a miracle… If the chef can do these incredible things, why cant other restaurants???

    I now measure other cities’ vegan restaurants by RVC.

  • I love the cupcakes at Red Velvet Cafe as well but find it impossible that they could be only 175 calories?? Not even the diet cupcakes in Whole Foods have so few calories. I feel like that episode of Seinfeld where Elaine gets fat from eating the supposedly “nonfat” frozen yogurt!! Any way to verify the calorie claim?

  • LMAO!!! You have said EXACTLY what I’ve been ranting about, Smiles! We will go to RVC specifically for the goodies, and when I found out what the calorie/fat content is, in the cakes, well I almost bought 1 of every kind:) After about the 3rd visit, I asked them what the secret was, b/c I knew nothing could taste so decadent, be vegan, AND virtually FF! I figured the ‘secret ingredient’ would probably be what caused my early death….still, being a little pessimistic, I recently asked my BF how we could prove that this stuff is low fat, low calorie? I mean c’mon, anyone could say it….the icing on the RVC is just so sweet, it’s crazy to think it’s not horrible for you in the long run….I need to get a job there and find out their secrets:)

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