• vegan field report: plum in seattle

    January 13th, 2010more restaurants (not LA), seattle

    as you know, this blog is mainly based in LA, except for when we travel…or when we get field reports from agents in other cities. lucky for y’all, tonight’s field report comes from our pacific northwest operative, who gives us a very brief yet drool-worthy review of seattle’s newish vegan and organic restaurant plum bistro.

    plum apparently offers an AMAZING menu and is located conveniently on capitol hill, so you really have no excuse not to visit. let’s take a look at the food and read the one line reports of each item.

    spicy mac n yease

    “hands down ive had prob 10 diff vegan kinds and this was a bachelorette party in my mouth. ”

    chili crusted seitan

    “all as i can say as it was so good i finished this plate, even though it wasn’t mine because i couldn’t let the food go to waste.”

    squash soup, the perfect starter

    “perfect for the weather, perfect for the starter.”


    “it was perfect but i liked the chili seitan more because of the spice.”


    vegan tacos

    traditional puerto rican mofongo

    “fresh, delightful, flavor galore.”

    from what i hear, everything was PERFECT…even better than it looks. so be sure to hit up plum vegan bistro in seattle when you have a chance.

    from the report:

    “all in all this was the best experience of seattle vegan food i have had on any of my visits…this was something different and so mind blowing to me, i was floored.

    great service.
    great atmosphere.
    great food.”

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  • I was just reading about this place, owned by the family behind HillSide Quickie. Love the field reports!

  • One word: Sutra. Why doesn’t anyone know about this restaurant!?!?! Sutra in Seattle is the epitome of fine vegan dining. I know I sound like an advertisement/infomercial for this place, but it is my favorite restaurant and I just want to get the word out!! Haha 🙂
    http://www.sutraseattle.com YUUUUUUUM. Super Yum. RAAAD! Super rad.

  • Where is the picture of the agent this time? 🙁

  • everything looks soooooooooooooooooooooooooo delicious!!!! i wanna go to seattle right NOW!!! 🙂 i love the field agent’s reports!!

  • What is YEASE? Whatever it is, I will take it.

  • This place (as noted above) has Hillside Quickie BUT ALSO Quickie’s too in TACOMA!!! yes a vegan place in tacoma and it is excellent (also has Mac and yease- all of these restos are kinda the same). And can I give a virtual high-five to the Sutra lover because Sutra in Wallingford is beyond amazing. They source everything locally, they limit seatings so control waste, have their own garden, compost, $33 for a four course vegan prix fixe- no soy, will accomodate any limitations (they left onions out for me) and are so seasonal. There is no better vegan dining experience I have had.

    Also Tilth next door has a whole vegan menu which is sustainable, local and not Sutra, but pretty rockin

  • the fried green tomatoes there are also out of this world…and the gravy…oh the gravy!!!!

  • hell yeah!!! Sutra is THE BEST! hands down!! better than all the fancy schmancy new york restaurants and maybe even the not-so-fancy schmancy cali restaurants!! oh and portland too. hahaha. can you tell i love this place???

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