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    who said ice cream couldn’t be raw, vegan, and delicious? the folks over at mooifood have created tons of amazing flavors using ingredients such as coconut meat, agave, and soaked cashews—who would have though such tasty ice cream could come from such simple foods? mooifood’s ice cream is all raw, vegan, organic, soy-free & gluten-free, and is available at naturewell in silverlake by the scoop or half pint.

    blueberry cheesecake

    blueberry cheesecake

    i was lucky enough to receive a sample of 6 of the 9 flavors, and each one was refreshingly tasty. this ice cream strikes the perfect balance between being decadent and healthy…tasting good and not making you feel like crap after eating it. the first flavor i tried was the blueberry cheesecake (pictured above). it was cool, creamy, and filled with tiny chunks of fresh blueberries. i ate it in one of mooifood’s homemade raw vegan cones, which was phenomenal—like a big, thick bendable cookie. i never realized raw food could be such a treat!

    pumpkin (seasonal)

    pumpkin (seasonal)

    the next type of ice cream i tried was the seasonal pumpkin, which was by far my favorite. this was the richest flavor of them all, and tasted like a frozen version of pumpkin pie. it even had a crunchy swirl in the middle, YUM. i don’t know how long the pumpkin ice cream will be around, so you must rush over and try it ASAP! it will totally get you in the mood for the holidays.

    chocolate peanut butter

    chocolate peanut butter

    the chocolate peanut butter swirl variety is pretty decadent as well, made with cacao and sunflower seeds. the creamy chocolate ice cream is filled with big chunks of salty, nutty patches. if you are a peanut butter fan, this really won’t disappoint. and i am definitely a peanut butter fan.

    gingersnap cinnamon cookie dough

    gingersnap cinnamon cookie dough

    again in a raw cone, i tried gingersnap cinnamon flavor, which was packed with big chunks of delicious cookie dough. epically scrumptious!

    maple cornbread

    maple cornbread

    the maple cornbread ice cream was a blend of unique tastes that worked really well together. the real maple syrup flavor was strong throughout and added a perfect sweetness to the cornbread.

    peppermint chocolate chip

    peppermint chocolate chip

    lastly, the peppermint chocolate chip was delicious—ice cream flavored with peppermint oil and littered with cacao nibs. extra minty with just enough chocolate flavor.

    you can find all these mooifood ice creams as well as strawberry banana, vanilla and chocolate at naturewell in silverake. right now they are priced out at $2.25 for one scoop, $3.75 for two scoops, or $4.99 for a half pint. i don’t know if you are used to raw ice cream prices or not, but that is CHEAP compared to other places. if you want even more, you can contact mooifood and get 16oz for $8.99 or 32oz for $14.99!

    if raw food is your thing, you will absolutely love this ice cream. and even if you aren’t much of a raw foodie, this stuff is really impressive…and fairly good for you. it sure won me over. definitely get to naturewell and try some—i suggest pumpkin flavor! 🙂

    3824 W Sunset Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90026
    (323) 664-5894

    for more info on mooifood, check out thier website or follow them on twitter!

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  • This stuff is yummy but when you pay for it at Naturewell you get the tiniest little scoop on the planet. I took my mom there and convinced her to try it, we both thought it was very tasty but I felt bad taking my mother somewhere and making her buy me something that seemed kinda like a rip off. Seriously, the scoop was about the size of a very small teaspoon and I was wondering how the staff didn’t feel embarrassed serving us something so small for that price. Considering how much you get for $2 at Scoops I’m not sure I’m ready to “go raw” just yet.

  • @foodeater: i hear you…BUT if you buy a half pint, they can’t stiff you. AND, raw stuff is alwaaaaaaaaays more pricey.

    that being said, i totally get your point.

  • @foodeater: that sucks. I’d like to see a representative picture of the size the serve. I know with dairy ice cream thenaturewell servings are generous, probably the same size as those from scoops. a small teaspoon? really? why would they serve so little?

  • Ooh, I want to sample all those flavors!

  • Quarrygirl: yeah, I guess the half pint is the way to go. I definitely thought it was delicious, just too pricey for my blood.

    Tara: yes, really. Not generous:
    (small cup, small spoon, minuscule scoop)

  • Nooooo! So tiny! It’s just teasing me with its smallness.

  • Unfortunately I have no control of how they serve ice cream in the cups/ cones etc.. Thanks for bringing to my attention, I will bring it up to them.. I suggest the half pints too.. also.. soon our own restaurant/ice cream parlor will be open in Echo Park..

  • You’re welcome Stephen, feel free to show them the photo. Not blaming you of course, your product is lovely. I think you can understand by looking at that picture though why we felt it was very overpriced for what we recieved… a normal sized serving would have been well worth it.

    Looking forward to the opening of your restaurant!

  • The chocolate flavor is amazing. I’ve had it.

  • OoOooOoo, I want to try the pumpkin ice cream!!! 😀

  • Why can’t I have your job, Quarrygirl?

  • the cookie dough one is the one i want! raw vegan cookie dough ice cream, i’m sold! i will try to get to naturewell soon. and yes, i will take your advices on the half pint.

  • whoa i had raw ice cream recently, but those flavors are amazing! pumpkin, maple cornbread!? ahh

  • OMG! I’m there! For some great raw food and deserts, also try Cru on Sunset.

  • I’m sure many of you have seen the signs already but I just went to The Echo on Friday night and saw that Mooi is opening a restaurant in the corner of the Jensen Recreation Center building, on the same block as the Time Travel Mart, Stories, and Out of the Closet. Oh, Stephen mentioned it above. Well, that’s the one.

  • Must go to this place soon and try these flavors!!
    This also reminds me I haven’t been to Scoops on Heliotrope in a while.
    Anywhere in Los Angeles where they provide vegan ice-cream, I must go there at least twice a week or what is the point of life. Hehe.

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