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    April 24th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, mooi, naturewell

    as we get closer and closer to the opening of mooi, a raw vegan restaurant in echo park, i am growing more and more excited. not only have i recently discovered the joys of raw food—but i have had the pleasure of trying several mooi desserts and appetizers, each one being utterly fantastic.

    here are a few of the things i got to sample (let’s just say, you have a lot to look forward to!)…

    coconut mango crepes filled with rosemary cashew cheese and anise spiced walnut meet

    first off, i tried the coconut mango crepe stuffed with cashew cheese and walnut “meet”. i am usually not a mango fan at all, but i really loved this thing. the cheese and nutmeat were deliciously seasoned, and all the flavors came together just perfectly. i know you can’t see the innards in the photo, but i promise there was a lot of tasty stuff up in there!

    potato chips: chili lime and garlic black onion

    next up were mooi’s raw potato chips—and these were OFF THE CHAIN. so fucking incredible, and guilt-free in comparison to their deep-fried counterparts. they came in two flavors, chili lime (my favorite), and garlic black onion. these yummy little chips were extremely addictive, and the whole bag was gone in a matter of minutes. they were light, slightly chewy, and paper-thin…so it was easy to eat a million of them in one sitting. while the chips were excellent on their own, i also enjoyed them with some of mooi’s homemade cheese (argentinian chimichurri, and north african harissa flavored), which was devoured before i could photograph it.

    jalapeno poppers with chipotle cheese and eggplant bacon

    one of the things i will be looking forward to most when mooi opens up, is eating the raw jalapeno poppers again. i am a huge jalapeno lover, and this appetizer did not disappoint. the spicy peppers were stuffed with chipotle nut cheese and finished off with a layer of crispy eggplant bacon. who knew a raw popper could be so awesome?!

    monkey butter chunk: banana ice cream with peanut butter swirls, chocolate chunks and walnut pieces

    in addition to great snacks, mooi also makes mouth-watering desserts that we have been fans of for a long time. the newest mooi ice cream flavor, monkey butter chunk, is wonderful and available at naturewell right now! it’s a blend of banana-flavored ice cream, peanut butter swirls, chunks of chocolate, and walnut pieces. so decadent, rich, and creamy…it is my favorite mooi flavor yet (right up there with white chocolate macadamia).

    walnut fudge brownies

    lastly, i tried mooi’s walnut fudge brownies, which were gooey, nutty, and chocolately beyond belief. i mean just check out the picture, and yes…they taste as good as they look!

    the mooi restaurant in echo park is gonna open up any day now, and as you can see there is a lot of great stuff to look forward to. until then, you can find some of their packaged meals and ice creams at naturewell in silverlake. i can’t get enough of this stuff!

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