• CONTEST! create and win YOUR OWN ice cream flavor by mooi!

    May 8th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, mooi

    UPDATE 05/15/2010: WE HAVE A WINNER!!! hey everyone, the winner of the vegan ice cream contest is “ttt” with a creation called “cracker jack”: salted caramel ice cream with peanuts and/or peanut butter swirl!

    mooi is gonna crank out this ice cream in the near future, and it will be on the cafe’s menu when they open. ttt, congratulations! email me for your prize!

    runners up included chick-o and the man(go) by LCMom, cop’s breakfast by Liz, standing avoation by Emily, and birthday cake ice cream by Veggywood.

    FREE VEGAN ICE CREAM BY MOOI! enter to win! i’ve had a lot of great contests on this blog, but this has got to be my favorite! instead of just winning a 32 oz container of ice cream, you have the chance to create your very own flavor that will appear on the mooi restaurant menu!

    orange cream with peppermint fudge ice cream

    in case you haven’t heard of mooi, it’s this amazing raw/vegan restaurant that’s about to open up in echo park. their ice cream is already available at naturemart in silverlake, and it’s seriously some of tastiest, most inventive dessert food i’ve ever eaten.

    here’s what you need to do to win:

    1.) you must come up with what you think would be the perfect ice cream flavor. get creative, and don’t hold back! this can either represent your dream flavor that doesn’t exist, or it can be based on a dairy ice cream that you’d really love to see veganized. check the list of complete mooi flavors below to make sure you haven’t created a duplicate.

    2.) you must name your flavor. again, get creative. come up with something a little more fun than just a list of the ingredients.

    3.) you must leave your real, valid email address when you submit your comment. (the public won’t see this, just me…so i can contact you if you win!)

    4.) you must live somewhere near LA, so you can collect your prize.

    that’s it! a winner will be chosen based on the name and flavor and announced on the morning of saturday may, 15th. he or she will win a 32oz container of their very own ice cream, and also have it featured on the mooi restaurant menu!

    below are pictures of the brand new flavors mooi has been working on lately. they are all delicious, so check them out for some inspiration! scroll to the very bottom of the post for a full of list of mooi flavors. oh, and if you can think of any good names for the flavors that already exist, feel free to leave those in the comment section as well! you may just find your suggestion on the menu.

    I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT YOU PEOPLE COME UP WITH! this is gonna be so awesome! have fun!

    aztec chili cinnamon coffee ice cream

    vegan black pepper and mustard popcorn ice cream

    turkish apricot fig and walnut ice cream

    curry carrot ice cream

    panaji pistachio with saffron and cardamom ice cream

    buttescotch flan ice cream

    caramel apple pie ice cream

    full list of mooi flavors:

    chocolate peanut butter swirl
    praline pecan caramel fudge ripple
    strawberry banana shake
    chocolate chunks n’ peanut butter
    white chocolate macadamia nut
    monkey butter chunk (banana ice cream with peanut butter swirls, chocolate chunks, and walnut pieces)
    blueberry cheesecake
    gingersnap cinnamon cookie dough
    maple cornbread
    peppermint chip
    aztec chili cinnamon coffee
    black pepper & mustard popcorn
    turkish apricot fig & walnut
    curry carrot
    panaji pistachio with saffron & cardamom
    butterscotch flan
    orange cream with peppermint chocolate fudge
    caramel apple pie

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  • Oh my god. Those look amazing! I would love a veganized version of the Indian Kulfi ice cream, probably with pistachios. Here’s info on Kulfi: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kulfi

    I’d call it Kreative Kulfi or something like that, and I think it would be hugely popular. I hope I win, QG!!!

  • jalapeno ice cream. i call it spicy mami.

  • Toasted marshmellow ice cream with chocolate fudge swrill and ghram cracker crumbs!

    I call it S’more Love!

  • Rocky Road Less Traveled

    Chocolate ice cream, vegan marshmallows, chopped walnuts (the old school recipe)

  • Spiced Cream:
    coffee, cardamon, ricotta cheese

    Sour cream, Pistachio

    Dark Energy
    Dark chocolate/ acaii berry flavored ice cream with dried acaii berries and dark chocolate chunks

  • Mr. E. Vegan

    Coconut and coriander, with a hint of hibiscus. Call it Coco & Co (after the song of the same name by Serge Gainsbourg).

  • :: Cop’s Breakfast ::

    Coffee ice cream w/pieces of glazed donuts mixed in

  • Salted Deep Cocoa Caramel: salted caramel w/ dark chocolate ice cream !!!

  • I’m not even going to try to make a flavor, I’m terrible at stuff like this.
    But just wanted to post and say those vegan ice-cream pictures look amazingly delicious and tempting!!

  • “Yogi bare”

    tangy plain yogurt like pinkberry. I know pinkberry is the devil but I miss the flavor of plain frozen yogurt. Yum!

  • Mine is called “happy hour”.

    It’s based on the raw mooi jalapeño poppers you posted on before. Cheese-flavored ice cream with bits of jalapeno and fake bacon. 🙂

  • Tiramisu!

    Soft spongy cake, soft ice cream, coffee flavored with chocolate sprinkles on top.

    I’d call it Terrormisu, as it would be scarily good!

  • “Cracker Jack”
    Salted caramel ice cream with peanuts and/or peanut butter swirl

  • Fakin’ Bakin’

    Bacon flavored ice cream with bacon bits. These days bacon had a certain cachet with omnivores so let’s one up them with an awesome vegan alternative?

  • carob apple swirl.

    cacao flavored based with carob and apple chunks!

  • open sesame: toasted sesame ice cream with little chunks of sesame candy or halvah…

  • espresso ice cream base with banana swirlies with maybe some sort of marshmellowy swirl as well, to create the illusion of the foam in a latte (?), coffee+banana is super yummy. I’d call it, A Latt-a-Banana. This was a great contest idea!

  • my mouth is watering!

    how about new orleans nectar creme? i would love to have a healthier, veganized version of a childhood favorite – a snowball drenched in nectar syrup (tastes like cherry-almond-creme soda) with condensed milk topping!

  • Spiraling Green Goddess

    spirulina ice cream with spirals of dark cacao winding thru…

  • Duke of Earl

    Earl grey tea ice cream with cacao nibs suspended throughout…

  • rawstaforia

    maca, mesquite, cacao, hazelnut butter, cacao nibs and rawnola, coconut pieces, raw vanilla bean powder, spirulina, walnut chunks, toffee
    -keep it really chunky

    standing avoation

    smooth avocado ice cream with light cinnamon and chunks of corn chips for crunch

    ferment me

    (like a bellini sorbet)
    coconut water, peach, kombucha, chunks of cherry

  • Nekko chan

    black sesame ice cream w/ red bean swirl and black sesame chunks

  • Bourbon Bonanza. Vanilla ice cream with real bourbon and caramel swirl. Pure. Simple. Delicious!

  • “almonds ahoy”

    almond coconut flavored ice cream with swirls of chocolate and coconut flakes and salty almond pieces

    like an almond joy but better!!

  • Birthday Cake Ice Cream

    Vanilla ice cream + Vanilla Frosted (colored-obvi) Birthday Cake pieces. Because the best party of birthday cake is being able to mash it together with ice cream.

    And all the birthday parties I go to now are in bars and there is no cake. There is no ice cream. And no bouncy tent. I hate being a grown up.

  • Might I also add, there is nothing better than left over birthday cake that has been in the fridge for a day or so. Yeah, I’m weird.

  • shortyjessie

    “bluezy spring”

    hazelnut, vanilla, green tea, chocolate swirls, hint of blueberry bits!!

  • sesame & banana & agave

    call it “brittany is a genius”

  • Soy latte – deep, rich, espresso flavored ice cream

    Hazelnut latte – espresso ice cream with chocolate dipped hazelnuts or swirls of chocolate hazelnut butter

    Rum raisin – a vegan version of the classic flavor

    Rich vanilla bean – strong vanilla flavor with vanilla bean

    Pistachio bark – vanilla ice cream with pieces of dark chocolate, salted pistachio bark

  • Veggywood Person, I am completely with you on the birthday cake + ice-cream awesomeness. Birthday cake alone, or ice-cream alone, is pretty good already. However when you combine them you have arrived at extreme stellar dessert heaven.

    Everyones’ flavors sound pretty good. I will be happy no matter who wins!!

  • Trifle!!
    Sponge cake/ladyfinger chucks, custard swirl, whipped cream, raspberry jam swirl, amaretto, cherries
    best. desert. ever. needed in vegan ice cream form!

  • Life is a Cabernet:
    Dark chocolate + Cabernet Sauvignon base with cherry chunks

  • I don’t live in LA, so this is probably moot, but here’s my 2 cents:

    1) Red Lentil-Orange-Licorice

    2) Banana-Rhubarb-Cinnamon

  • 1)Strawberry shortcake
    2)Green Tea Mochi ice cream
    3)Tiramisu ice cream
    4) Avocado with walnuts

  • “strawberry fields for never!”

    Ice cream that tastes like strawbery, but with no chunks.

  • I hope something s’mores themed wins. I’d love a chocolate ice cream, with pieces of graham cracker and marshmallow swirl. Maybe bits of dark chocolate too.

  • or strawberry-rhubarb!

  • Billy Goat – Goat Cheese Caramel Ice Cream !

  • How about “Chick-O and the Man(go)”

    Vanilla ice cream with chunks of Chick-O-Sticks and mango.

  • PB & J

    peanut butter ice cream with peanut chunks and raspberry bits!

  • Goldendoodle

    Sweet Golden Flax flavored Ice cream with ground flax (Omega 3’s!) and real vegan Snickerdoodle chunks mixed in!

    My favorite cookie and my favorite dog breed! Animal love and sweet tooth satisfier rolled into one.

  • Ashley Spedding

    Belgium Waffle- with cinnamon
    Apple Pie- cinnamon and apples!
    Cobb Salad- with avocado and carrots!
    Sesame Seed
    Passion Fruit

  • Crazy in the Coconut

    Peanut Butter & Coconut ice cream with coconut shavings mixed in.

  • crazy cornbread:

    corn bread chunks in thick cashew ice cream with candied jalapeno and a dash of maple syrup

  • Carrot Cake Ice Cream!!!
    – carrot ice cream with swirls of “cream cheese” and cinnamon

  • Mooi-tella ice cream!

    A vegan version of Nutella swirled into vegan hazelnut ice cream, cinnamon and hazelnuts.

  • This isn’t original, but there desperately needs to be an ice cream flavor as delicious as the frosting on Native Food’s rose cardamom cupcake. Cardamom ice cream base with rosewater frosting swirls. I’d call it Everything’s Cardamom Roses.

    OR Valentine’s Day: Rosewater ice cream base with date bits and date syrup swirls.

    OR All That Jazz: Jasmine green tea ice cream base, plain and simple.

  • Loads of cherries with chunks of blondies (vanilla brownies) and chocolate shavings in vanilla ice cream…

    Black and white and red all over

  • we need a flavor like a lemon bar: a tart lemon base with crumbles of shortbread like cookie. call it “eureka.”

  • Chocolate Stout

    (mildly chocolate) stout beer ice cream with cacao fudge swirls winding thru…

  • I call this ice cream flavor Fluffer Nutter Crunch

    It’s a peanut butter ice cream base with fluffy vegan marshallows and bits of dark chocolate almond bark and praline.

  • I used to love World Class Chocolate at Baskin Robbins: 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 white chocolate

    S’mores sounds good too, though: marshmallow ice cream with fudge swirl and graham cracker chunks

  • Or
    Vanilla ice cream, peanut butter and grape jelly

    “sack lunch staple”

  • cheesin’ abrownd

    cheesecake-flavored ice-cream with raw brownie bites


    cheezy toes

    cream cheese-flavored ice-cream with bits of spicy “cheetos” bits

  • Jerusal’Yum

    Marbled chocolate Halva ice cream

    (Halvah is a traditional dessert in Israel made from sesame seeds.)

    It can be in straight Halva mixed smooth, chunky or a halha cookie dough ice cream.

  • “cool as a cucumber” cucumber ice cream with a just a hint of spearmint

  • Peach cobbler ice cream

  • If we can only submit one suggestion, just look at my #1, but the ideas are endless!

    1. Blue-Tongue Skink: Blue bubblegum
    2. Pucker Up: Sour apple
    3. PCP: Peanut butter with chocolate chunk and pumpkin spice
    4. Hot Mess: Red velvet with marshmallow or mochi and walnuts
    5. D’oh!: Chocolate chip cookie dough in vanilla ice cream

  • Maple flavored ice cream with pieces of pumpkin pancakes strewn throughout. I’d call it Sweet Harvest.

  • coconut and mint. preferably with chunks of coconut in it.

    I’d call it “Cocofresh”

  • Man, everyday there are new ideas!


    chocolate and vanilla swirl with chunks of pickles!

    “Perfectly Preggo”

  • Fun contest! OK, my dream ice cream flavor is:

    Sweet potato, maple, chipotle with almonds.

    I love sweet & spicy flavors paired together. Oh, and I’d call it
    “Desert Monsoon”


  • Dragons’ Blood: Pomegranate/blood orange with pieces of blood orange
    Purple Reign: Lavender/mint/cocoa nibs
    Tea Time: Jasmine Tea/agave/lemon
    Midnight Delight: Dark chocolate/raspberry/cocoa nibs
    State Fair: Cinnamon/walnut/graham cracker/vanilla

  • maureen cassidy

    My ice cream is called “Honeymoon Night”

    It is champagne ice cream filled with delicious bits of dark chocolate covered strawberries.

  • “Petal-Nuts” – rose, lychee and pine nuts!

  • Close ur eyes and Imagine…

    Vanilla Peanut-brittle:
    vanilla ice cream with real vanilla bean and peanut brittle

    From Russia with Buzz:
    dark coffee ice cream with espresso-fudge chips.

    One sweet swirled:
    a mix of caramel and coffee ice creams with coffee-fudge chips, caramel sauce, and marshmallows.

    The cinnamon-and–brown sugar ice cream swirled with gingerbread cookie crumbles and ginger-caramel sauce

  • “Oh My Darlin!”

    Clementine ice cream with bits o’ crystalized ginger. Maybe add a bit o’ spice with some Asian sweet chili sauce or some other heat of your choice, you mad geniuses…

  • Oatmeal choco chip
    Vanialla ice cream with swirls of oatmeal flavored icecream and chocolate chips.
    Oatmeal flavored ice cream with chocolate chips

    Been waiting for someone to do an oatmeal type of vegan ice cream for years!

  • James and the Giant Peach – peach ice cream (coconut milk base would be delicious) including fresh peach pieces, with essence of lavender and fresh mint. Infusing the sugar with the lavender and mint would be a yummy way to add the flavors without there being big leaves/flowers in the ice cream. Macadamia nuts would be a good addition, too.

  • Carrot & Oatmeal creme pie:
    carrot cake ice cream, with oatmeal, raisins and swirls of vegan creme cheese frosting throughout.

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