• worldfest 2009 vegan food recap


    it was a super eco-friendly day in los angeles as hippies, vegans and all around earth lovers gathered to partake in worldfest, “a solar-powered celebration of music, the environment, animals and humanity.” basically a big grassy field in the valley was fenced off and people were charged 7 bucks (+ $5 for parking) to hear to jam bands, listen to animal activist speakers, and have the opportunity to purchase a wide variety of all vegan food and alcohol. i went for a couple hours today and didn’t spend much time with the speakers or the music…i did get my fill of food though, and that’s what i’m here to tell ya about.

    wordfest vegan corn dog. $3.50

    wordfest vegan corn dog. $3.50

    between the two of us, my husband and i murdered a lot of vegan goodies. one of my favorites was a corn dog offered up by a stand selling field roast sausages, tofurky links, curly fries and vegan burgers. the corn dog was a standard veggie dog turned spectacular with corn batter and a deep fryer. this was nothing like your out-of-the-freezer family meal corn dogs…this thing was just like the old school hot dog on a stick meals i used to get at my local mall. the batter formed a crispy and almost burnt layer on the outside which surrounded fluffy moist corn bread and finally a plump and juicy soy dog. this totally brought back childhood memories.


    we also tried the vegan chicken curry from the bodhi tree stand, which was excellent. the bodhi tree is a vegetarian restaurant located in huntington beach, and after eating their curry, i know i will be making a trip there very soon. the sauce was sweet with a perfectly subtle spiciness, and the soy meat was thick and juicy. all the vegetables were fresh and well-prepared as well, and they had so many other appetizing dishes i didn’t even get to try.

    bodhi tree vegan curry chicken. $7

    bodhi tree vegan curry chicken. $7

    the chicken sandwich from follow your heart was another high point of the festival—at only 5 bucks it was a total steal, considering it was huge and came with a side of greens and potato salad. we interrogated the booth about the ingredients in the bun (normal follow your heart buns contain honey), and they ensured us that not only were these special vegan buns ordered just for worldfest, but that their restaurant buns may soon no longer contain honey either! (we will try to keep you posted on that.) aside from the bun, the sandwich was awesome and extremely well priced. the bbq sauce was mild and tangy, not overwhelmingly sweet, and the slices of soy meat were thick and hearty. the potato salad was on point as well: soft and creamy yet not too full of vegenaise. total perfection.

    follow your heart vegan chicken bbq sandwich with potato salad. $5

    follow your heart vegan chicken bbq sandwich with potato salad. $5

    for dessert, we rounded off the feasting with some maggie mudd ice cream all the way from san francisco. they offered a whopping bowl filled up with ice cream, chocolate sauce, nuts, sprinkles and whipped cream (ALL VEGAN) for just $7. it came with the choice of three flavors, but i stuck to two: memphis mudd pie (coffee flavor with chocolate cookies, fudge swirl and whiskey) and tarmack (chocolate peanut butter flavor with chocolate cookies and peanut butter swirl). the ice cream itself was extremely decadent, and it came with the most amazing toppings….this has to be the best old-fashioned dessert i’ve had since i was a child. no vegan ice cream has anything on maggie mudd; this stuff was so good, i’m considering a move to SF.

    big bowl: tarmack and memphis mudd ice cream topped with whipped cream, nuts, chocolate sauce and sprinkles

    big bowl: tarmack and memphis mudd ice cream topped with whipped cream, nuts, chocolate sauce and sprinkles

    to top it all off, worldfest had a bad ass beer garden serving up $5 pints of lagunitas ipa and $10 bottles of double ipa. that made coachella’s beer garden look like a total shithole. i’m telling you, this beer was off the chain. not only was it well priced, this stuff was hoppy and flavorful as hell…i’d be stoked to get brew this good in a bar, so imagine how thrilled i was to drink it at a sweaty festival in the valley.

    lagunitas double ipa

    lagunitas double ipa

    although i did try a lot of great stuff at worldfest this year, i can only eat so much…so naturally i missed out on tons of vendors. i wanna give some shout outs to places that looked delicious, yet i was way too stuffed to try. to name a few: luscious organic desserts, c’est la v bakeshop, friedel caribbean cuisine and sunpower cafe. the frankenstand was also supposed to make an appearance, but to everyone’s dismay, ended up cancelling. basically what i am trying to say is, even with all the ridiculously tasty vegan food i got to eat today, it was still just the tip of the iceberg. worldfest is apparently THE PLACE to get your vegan eats on—i’m talking several entirely animal-free stands with stuff ranging from salads, to burgers, to fried foods, to desserts including ice cream, cookies, funnel cakes, and cobbler.

    word to the wise: save up for worldfest 2010. the amazing food will make all the bitchy fees and unhealthy calories worth it. i’ve never seen so much food i can eat in one place, it made me feel like an omnivore…in a good way!

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  • That is the one drawback, there is SO much amazing food, it’s just not physically possible to try even a fraction of it in one day without literally killing yourself. It’s seriously like vegan Disneyland for your mouth.

  • i had that bodhi tree curry too and it was the shiiiiiiiiit! i don’t know what it was, but some spice they put in there made it to die for. and i concur, way to much amazing stuff jam packed into one place. did you have the same feeling i did walking in and seeing the endless line of vegan places and saying to yourself “how the fuck am i supposed to chose just one (or 2 or 3)?”

  • I had the jackfruit salad at Bodhi Tree and it was AMAZING!!! The sundae at Maggie Mudd was to die for (totally worth the line). Way too many food choices! Next year I’m going to show up pregnant just so I can eat for two! 😉

  • aaaww man, I so missed out! That corn dog looks to die for. yumm

  • WorldFest was awesome! I totally agree that it’s vegan Disneyland with all that great food. Nice pic of the Bodhi Tree plate! That was the one plate I forgot to take a pic of. Will post some of our pics on the QG forums. 😀

  • One sick child and that’s all it took to not go. Hopefully next year (if they have it).


  • I wish I could have been there, the food looks amazing!

  • that was sooooo amazing there!!! vegan funnel cakes, WHAAAAT? being able to walk around to any booth and order what ever you want without worrying about it being vegan was truly amazing.


  • Ooh, I didn’t try any of that stuff except Maggie Mudd and a little piece of the FYH BBQ=coated wheat meat (very tasty; they really know how to do sandwich-style seitan and their BBQ sauce rocks!). It’s too bad I missed you two at the festival, but I’m glad you had such a great time!

  • I don’t know if you were there last year, but there was twice as many food options (after going 3 times, this year was kind of boring, food was awesome though). I LUV the Bodhi Tree! That curry was amazing and I had the jackfruit salad which was SO good. I wish it wasn’t so far away! Let’s make a trip there sometime.

    Christy (from seed)(add me on Twitter VivalaGreens)

  • Ohhh that sundae looks like it’s missing me!

  • I wish I could have gone but I was working all day Saturday. 🙁

    I heard Obi Best played at 4 and they are cool.

  • Can’t believe I just heard about this! Two days late. Till next year!

  • how in hell did i miss the corndogs!?!?!?!? 🙁
    i did manage to find organic/vegan funnel cake though. it was sooooo delicious! and there were soooo many free samples of yummy vegan cheeses, chutney, soyrizo tacos, etc. i’m definately going back next year!

  • 1. Ryan would likely murder someone (NOT VEGAN!!!) for a good vegan corn dog.
    2. You should move here. Really. Maggie Mudd has way more options in the store & $1 scoops on Wednesdays.

  • Where can I find that corn dog, outside of the fest?


  • Oh my gosh I must have that ice-cream thing in the second to last photo!! That looks PHENOMENAL 😀

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