• watch this video if you’ve ever shopped at trader joe’s!

    February 24th, 2009quarrygirlother

    i had to throw this into the mix. i know the content isn’t 100% vegan, but anybody who consumes a plant-based diet in los angeles should be familiar with trader joe’s. what is trader joe’s, you may ask? this video sums it up perfectly…


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  • I still love Trader’s, though, we are doing more of the Hollywood Farmer’s market and less produce in plastic from there. I don’t mind that they have products that come and go. I like the variety. I like the uniqueness. I also like that even with variety, there are fewer choices. Trader Joe’s is like the store for those who like being minimalist with options (or something like that). I grew up near one of the first stores and grew up on TJs. I think I’ll always be a fan. 🙂

  • I am proud to say this was filmed in the TJ 3 blocks from my house. That line to get in the parking lot? Totally consistent & annoying. (I walk there.)

  • is that the trader joe’s in silverlake? i feel like i’ve seen that line many times, although they are probably all like that. yes yes yes farmers markets! no no no TJ’s. their produce SUCKS. although i do love mochi ice-cream balls wrapped in flour 🙂

  • That was HILARIOUS! “The 10 kinds of soymilk that all taste the same” The Pico TJ’s in SM is EXACTLY like that video, but thankfully no one has found out about the new Westwood TJ’s that kicks butt.

  • Nice video. Sadly they have stopped carrying a lot of good things over the years. But I really like their edamame hummus and soy creamy chocolate ice cream. Two of my addictions right now.

  • they have edamame hummus?!?!! i need to try that!

  • This is great! Like most other people I LOVE TJ’s.

  • I love that video it’s well done! Trader Joes has come a long way in offering better quality foods for a fraction of the price you would get them at else where, so even though items come and go they manage to keep upgrading what they have. I love the Soy Creamy ice cream and ice cream sandwiches as well. They are actually the turtle mountain organic so delicious brand! But much less expensive at TJs then whole foods!

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