• May 2nd, 2009quarrygirlLA restaurants, vegan world

    it is with great excitement that i inform you…los angeles has a brand new vegan restaurant called vegan world, located at ventura and vineland in studio city. this weekend marked their grand opening, and naturally we were there to suss it out. in true unmatched valley class, the restaurant was sandwiched between a beauty shop and a fast food place, all within a very respectable strip mall.


    naturally, we arrived at the restaurant starving…and craving a unique meal that would send us into blogger-eater-paradise. however, one look at vegan world’s menu and it’s limited options of tahini wraps, salty noodles and cowboy burgers told us that this restaurant just wasn’t our style….vegan world turned out to be just another vegan thai place. zzz.

    i’m kinda tired of vegan thai at the moment, so we ended up going elsewhere for lunch. in its defense, vegan world is brand new…plus, it’s the ONLY VEGAN THAI PLACE between tujunga and vineland in studio city (the other vegan thai joints are at least 2 blocks east). plus, it advertises “casein-free” cheese, and it’s fairly priced. i wouldn’t rush to eat here, but it would definitely do in a bind. Read the rest of this entry »

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  • January 29th, 2009mr meanerLA restaurants, vegan plate

    I’ll admit it. I have something of a reputation in SoCal for consuming beer and vegan food. Other than geeky Internet stuff, that’s pretty much all I do. I like to drink before I eat, because I have to consume less alcohol to get a buzz, and can sober up before driving home (I never break my “one beer per hour before I drive rule” that’s served me well since the early 80s).

    As there are so few bars that serve good vegan food, I usually lean toward good bars within a very short walk of decent vegan restaurants – an intersection of possibilities that’s remote to say the least.

    Last summer, this blog reported on Vegan Plate, an above average Thai-style vegan restaurant in Studio City. Now, “above average” for the aforementioned stereotype is hardly an accolade of note, but – in a push – vegan Pad Thai with Seitan is nicer than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, and a good deal better than just about any vegan offering in a bar (contaminated French fries included). So, we have the restaurant part down but what about the bar? Well, in October 2008 the Laurel Tavern opened its doors which are, quite literally, across the street from Vegan Plate:


    Any bar with the word “Tavern” in its name usually implies sticky carpets and flat Bud Lite on tap, but fortunately (as you can see from the exterior photo above) not in this case. In fact, the Laurel Tavern is a polar opposite of what you’d expect from both its name and location right on Ventura close to the intersection with Laurel Canyon. The inside is hip and cool without making an old man like me feel uncomfortable, and the bar staff are absolutely delightful – polite, efficient and very friendly.


    Also, the beer selection is a superb offering of local and national microbrews including the venerable Craftsman ales from Pasadena (including 1903) which are also served cross-town at Pure Luck and have passed the vegan test time and again. Also, at $6 for 16 Oz, they’re a little on the high side for 818-land, but about the same price that us westsiders are used to paying for a brew.

    craftsman 1903: $6 per 16 oz. pint.

    craftsman 1903: $6 per 16 oz. pint.

    So, after a few beers one is likely to be hungry. I won’t even mention the food at Laurel Tavern as it’s gratuitously meaty and there’s nothing remotely vegan on the menu (including the Steak Fries, which are (and I quote) “drizzled with pork fat”). But, to us vegans, a 25 second walk from the Laurel Tavern puts us inside Vegan Plate.

    I find that the strip mall ambience of Vegan Plate is a little much after such a nice drinking experience so I usually call and order when I’m half way through my last drink then walk over, grab the food and high tail it away from the fluorescent lighting to home, where I gleefully throw a bunch of stuff into a bowl, and wolf it down.

    chinese broccoli: stir-fried chinese broccoli with garlic sauce. $8.95

    chinese broccoli: stir-fried chinese broccoli with garlic sauce. $8.95

    As you can see from the picture, the dish is relatively uninspiring visually but actually tastes better than it looks because everything is cooked to order and very, very fresh.

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