• vegan world! the newest los angeles vegan restaurant!

    May 2nd, 2009quarrygirlLA restaurants, vegan world

    it is with great excitement that i inform you…los angeles has a brand new vegan restaurant called vegan world, located at ventura and vineland in studio city. this weekend marked their grand opening, and naturally we were there to suss it out. in true unmatched valley class, the restaurant was sandwiched between a beauty shop and a fast food place, all within a very respectable strip mall.


    naturally, we arrived at the restaurant starving…and craving a unique meal that would send us into blogger-eater-paradise. however, one look at vegan world’s menu and it’s limited options of tahini wraps, salty noodles and cowboy burgers told us that this restaurant just wasn’t our style….vegan world turned out to be just another vegan thai place. zzz.

    i’m kinda tired of vegan thai at the moment, so we ended up going elsewhere for lunch. in its defense, vegan world is brand new…plus, it’s the ONLY VEGAN THAI PLACE between tujunga and vineland in studio city (the other vegan thai joints are at least 2 blocks east). plus, it advertises “casein-free” cheese, and it’s fairly priced. i wouldn’t rush to eat here, but it would definitely do in a bind.

    come to think of it, i am officially boycotting vegan thai at the moment. i am completely fed up with this weird phenomenon and this newly-opened restaurant has pushed me over the edge. why can’t they open some soul food restaurants instead of these boring thai places?

    anyways, if you want to see the menu for the latest thai vegan place, check it out here:
    vegan-world-menu-front-back vegan-world-menu-inside vegan-world-menu-inside2

    i just had to turn away. i can’t face vegan thai for quite a while.

    vegan world
    11044 ventura blvd
    studio city, ca 91604
    sun-thurs 11am-9pm
    fri-sat 11am-10pm

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  • hmmm, why such the hatred for the vegan thai joints? yes, yes i know i know, they’re are quite a few (ok a shitload). and yes, maybe a lot of them happen to have similar qualities, but, would you rather have seen a jack-in-the-box to into that spot? or some other meat filled venue? and you are correct, vegan “anything” would have been better than vegan “thai”, but still, a high five to them in the cruelty free dept. at least? yes, yes?

    ps, i had the vegan grilled cheese today at Cafe Muse and it was AWESOME. thanks for the tip;)

  • I like turtles!

  • i agree that vegan thai places get boring, but that’s not even all thai! their menu seems to have a decent amount of diversity with some major comfort foods! like that sweet potato “egg and cheese” burrito on whole wheat?! yumm! i think it sounds good!

  • Wow, what is the deal with all these places in LA? How do they all stay open!? Isn’t there already a Vegan Express like a block away? I am baffled! Baffled, I say!!

  • P.S. That little rhyming scheme was unplanned.

  • miss anthrope

    thomas j – i just can’t take any more vegan thai food! it’s driving me mad. dude, omnivores must think we are insane.

    nora – it does sound good, i am just over it. it’s the same menu as every other vegan thai place in town.

    allison – haha, i know…right? HOW do they stay open??

  • I think names like “vegan-anything” should be banned. Seems too common with vegan thai places. Vegan House, Vegan Factory, Vegan Express, Vegan World. ARRGGHH!! LOL

  • Soon they will be opening up right next door to each other.

  • Providence Vegan

    you don’t know how good you have it. i’ve never even been to a restaurant that was completely vegan. i’ve never heard of soy fish!

  • This used to be a Thai place called I-San. Read my not-so-flattering review of I-San on Yelp.


    If “Vegan World” is operated by the same people, do not waster your time here. Bad service. Sub-par food… more hassle than anything. Besides Vegan Plate and Vegan Express are only 1 mile away, in either direction, from this place…


  • I’m with you in that I find the plethora of vegan Thai restaurants to be boring. It’s true that they’re great when there aren’t other nearby options, but my preference is for something else. Thanks for reporting on the new place, though, and for posting the menu!

  • P.S. If we weren’t so fortunate in LA to have many more and diverse vegan restaurants, I think we’d all be entirely thrilled to have a zillion vegan Thai restaurants all “boasting” extremely similar menus.

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  • I think the reason for this being another vegan Thai food place is that the owners are, in fact, a very sweet Thai couple. Most likely they would have opened a vegan (insert nationality here) if they were (insert same nationality here).
    And I have to say, officially boycotting anything vegan is pretty stupid and completely in the wrong direction for any vegan. We should be high fiving each other (yes I still high five) just from the news that another vegan place opened up, instead of whining about lack of diversity.
    This place is pretty good, and although the core of their menu has been seen close by, they do have a few specials up their sleeves. The owners and all of the servers are extremely nice and are always down to chat and say hello and goodbye. As an added bonus, the prices just dropped so they’re even more reasonably priced than before.

    P.S. I can’t wait for Nice Cream to open up! Maybe I can talk the owners of vegan world into stocking up…

  • The more vegan restaurants the better! 🙂

    Plus, I prefer Vegan World’s Cowboy Burger over Vegan Plate’s (nothing against Vegan Plate, they are great too). And I can Walk to this Vegan World which is great.

    Service is excellent, the servers are attentive and I am always greeted by one of the owners who are both very warm and friendly.

    I agree with ‘KICKINWING’, I also can’t wait for Nice Cream to open up shop down the street. I’ve been able to sample some of their chocolate ice cream and it is sooooooooooooooo good!

  • miss anthrope

    oh hey kickinwing & yummyvegan: i notice you are posting to this blog from the same IP address, and with the same email address, and then agreeing with yourself.

    would you happen to be the same person…and be affiliated with vegan world?

    just wondering. sure looks like it.

  • I ate here. It was good. LA is in fact full of vegan Thai spots, which is cool, of course. Good service, good pricing. Unfortunately I didn’t try their Thai food, I got some burger thing cause I was vegan Thai fooded out as well. The burger was, well, ok at best. My animal consumer friends loved the Thai food though. For once, I was jealous of their food (say what?).

  • I order brunch to be delivered from Vegan World almost every Sunday now. I love the pancakes and “chicken.” I’m not even vegan! The breakfast burritos are good too. I don’t eat at other vegan places so maybe I just don’t know, but I love this place anyway. Brunch..delivered…on a Sunday, while everyone else is waiting in line at [trendy Sunday brunch restaurant]? Funny thing is, I only found this blog because I was looking for a copy of their menu online to save to my phone. Good luck with that vegan diet, sounds rough.

  • You’re an asshole. They have burritos, hasbrowns, burgers and cupcakes. You’re right: Nothing says thailand like banana bread and a fajita wrap.

    I love this place. That mushoom soup is incredible.

  • I have this delivered all the time now when I work late and it’s pretty great. good service, good food, good price. I’ll take vegan thai on every corner over Carl’s Jr any day. I guess you’ve never lived in a small town where the only choices are a Colton’s Steak House or McDonalds. It must be hard being such a spoiled brat.

  • I had a meeting near this place so I stopped by. I had a vegan carrot cupcake and chow mein. It was actually my very first time going to a vegan place in Los Angeles. (I’m a vegetarian who is trying to transition to being completely vegan, and this blog is a life-saver for new people like me.) Anyways, everything was good and I’d like to go back and try some other items from their menu. The lady behind the counter was really nice and a bunch of people came in for delivery and take-out orders while I was there.

  • Looks like the people have spoken, and you’re a bitch for slamming this place.

  • Geez, what’s with all the hostility? You realize you come here to read Quarrygirl’s opinion, right? If you disagree, you can still be civil.

    Sure, us LA folk may be spoiled with all the options, but it would be nice for a little diversity. I have California Vegan a few blocks from my work…needless to say, I pack my lunch most days.

  • Please send any surplus vegan Thai food restaurants to Houston, Texas. We won’t complain.

  • EXACT same menu as la vegan thai. snore….

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