• best burger ever: vegan big mac on doomie’s secret menu

    October 18th, 2011quarrygirldoomie's, LA restaurants

    *for an explanation on the secret menu, scroll to the bottom of the post.

    oh god doomie’s, are you trying to kill me? i stopped in the other day and inquired about their current “secret menu*” (something ALWAYS worth doing when dining there), and they pointed me towards a brand new vegan big mac. i can say without hesitation that this was the most gigantic, delicious, ridiculous burger i’ve ever eaten. nothing else comes close. if you’re feeling like having a healthy, light-eating day, stay away from this thing. if you want the a vegan burger that you’ll remember for years to come, proceed.

    vegan big mac with fries. $10.95

    this thing was what a real big mac should look like (massive, not smashed the way fast food always is), except it was 100% vegan. two huge beefy patties, tons of melty vegan cheese (look at it in the bottom left of the picture!), creamy special sauce, lettuce, onion, (i got mine w/o pickles), double bread, and a sesame seed bun. we all know how much i love doomie’s, but they’ve really outdone themselves this time. get over there and beg them to let you try it.

    but wait, there’s more…

    super fries! they're like nachos but with homemade fries instead of chips.

    i was dining with my friend brittany, and we also decided to split an order of “super fries” from the secret menu*. a cross between french fries and nachos, these were hand cut potatoes loaded up with beans, fake meat, jalapenos, avocados, tomatoes, and creamy vegan cheese. a+.

    this meal just goes to reinforce my belief that doomie’s has the best fast food style vegan cuisine around. if you wanna treat yourself to a crazy meal, the kind you remember eating in your pre-gan days, go to doomie’s!

    doomie’s home cookin’
    1253 N Vine St Suite #9
    Los Angeles, Ca 90038
    tues – sun
    12PM – 10PM
    closed mondays

    ***so what the hell is the secret menu?! basically on top of all the crazy shit doomie’s serves daily on the “normal” menu, there are always new creations and experiments going down in the kitchen. nothing on the secret menu is ever guaranteed to be there more than once, but often it is. oh also, if doomie’s is slammed with customers, they may not have time to make you something from the secret menu. you have to go into the situation with high hopes, but no set expectations. trust me, if you’re open to trying new stuff, the secret menu is where it’s at. previous creations i know of have include french toast, chimichangas, various deep fried things, quesadillas, and something called a dino egg that i imagine is deadly. let’s hope they keep this vegan big mac around, ’cause it’s the best damn burger in los angeles.

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    Need to go to domies like now…. do you think they are open for fries at 7:57 am?

    Thank QG.

  • OH MY GOD i neeeed to try that burger! It looks amazing.

  • *sigh* looking longingly at this food porn since I am so many miles away from doomie’s

  • I STILL haven’t made it to Doomie’s, even though I live a mile away and have two Living Social coupons. (I know, I’m crazy, right?!) This burger guarantees my attendance this week. Back when I ate meat (before the age of 10) I once bet my father I could eat TWO Big Macs and I DID IT. This time I’ll only eat one, lol, but I suspect it will be way more satisfying 😉

  • I was just there on Sunday. Man, I need to remember the secret menu next time I go!

  • The super fries are also referred to, at least in the beautiful metro Boston area as, “Irish Nachos.”

  • I’m not even a vegan, but that burger looks amazing!!! I’m very intrigued….

  • They also have ‘secret’ HOT FRIES …fries slathered in buffalo sauce and topped with garlic aoli.

    Man…I’m on a new healthy eating weight loss kick, and I’m down 5 1/2 lbs so far….so, no Doomie’s for me. 🙁 …maybe when I’m down another 10 I’ll treat myself to a “cheat meal”.

  • That is a freaking big vegan burger. A burger that should be in my future.

  • Ummm yes please.

    And thanks for the heads-up on secret menu! (Love Doomies, but was not aware of that!)

  • I need to do that. But alas, I haven’t started yet and I’m going to check out those fries!!

  • Love this blog — it’s actually kind of similar to something I started up recently on the other side of the country: http://withoutbacon.wordpress.com . The premise of the blog is that it’s really hard to find nice restaurants (currently focusing on New York, but with a few other cities sprinkled in from time to time) with good vegetarian options (and by “good”, I mean “not just mixed vegetable pasta”). Check it out and let me know if you have any feedback — much appreciated — and would love if you saw fit to mention it on your blog. Thanks!

  • Three best words in the English language
    “vegan secret menu”

  • Thanks for posting this! I rushed over there after work tonight and took two big macs home for my husband and I. BEST EVER!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks again Doomie for creating this mutherf***in amazing burger!! Already had one and I’m ready for round mutherf***in two!!

  • I’m so glad I initially asked him to fabricate this for me, and that it’s gained such great reception to be a “secret menu” item! Just goes to show the many possibilities for new dishes at Doomie’s.

  • Had the Big Mac today.. OMG sooo freaking good!!! This was my first try at Doomies and it did not dissapoint me!!

  • It took 2 of us to eat one big mac! It was amazing. I feel incredibly content now.

  • I had this today. it was INSANELY DELICIOUS.

  • Just took a bite of this insane burger. Its unreal how good it is! If I wasn’t trying to eat healthier, I would have ordered one for myself, or anything from Doomies for that matter. Vegan comfort food at it’s best.

  • Those fries are great. I’m from Buffalo, and their wing sauce tastes authentic to me!

  • Nom Nom Nom

  • I want to go eat here so badly, but I’m worried that I will actually burst into tears on having to choose just one thing to eat!

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