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    October 25th, 2011quarrygirldoomie's, LA restaurants

    the other day i hit up doomie’s with my better half to prove to him that i wasn’t lying about the insane vegan big mac on the secret menu. thankfully the restaurant is still serving up the double decker sandwiches to customers in the know, and we were able to score one…

    vegan big mac with fries. $10.95

    my second vegan big mac experience was just as good as the first, and i feel the need to re-iterate that i think this is the best fast food style burger by far in LA, and maybe even the whole world. i’ve never had anything like it. the combination of the fat soy beefy patties and doomie’s homemade cheddar-style cheese is a beautiful one. plus they have all the big mac details down, from the shredded lettuce to the diced onions to the sesame seed bun and the flavors in the sauce.

    we also grabbed a philly cheesesteak sandwich (without bell peppers)…

    vegan philly cheesesteak: strips of beef smothered in homemade vegan cheese with grilled onions, peppers, and mushrooms. $8.95

    this thing was awesome, albeit pretty messy. i couldn’t resist paying an extra dollar to get onion rings instead of fries as a side dish. so good!

    on our way out, we noticed doomie’s had a new croissant on offer (spinach, cheese and onion), so we grabbed one of those…

    spinach, cheese, and onion croissant $4

    as well as some regular croissants for the road…

    regular croissants from doomie's. $3 each

    all fantastic. buttery and crispy after a few minutes in the oven, just like the real thing!

    if you guys haven’t tried the secret big mac at doomie’s yet, get over there! who knows how long it’ll be around, and it’s pretty life-altering.

    1253 N Vine St Suite #9
    Los Angeles, Ca 90038
    TUES – SUN
    12PM – 10PM

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  • The vegan Big Mac changed my life. It’s seriously one of the best vegan foods I’ve ever had. Thanks SO MUCH for the recommendation QG! I’ve only been to Doomie’s twice, but each time the meal has been amazing and unforgettable. A girl at the table beside us ordered the big mac too, and I heard her say “This is what a McDonald’s Big Mac SHOULD taste like.” It’s so true! Doomie’s, you win. Compliments to the chef, I don’t know how you do it.

  • Holy crap. I need to try this. Now.

  • QG- Order a “Dinosaur Egg” and report on it! I’ve heard of this crazy secret menu item, but haven’t been brave enough to order it. 🙂

  • Oh, I am so SAD that this place was closed (due to fire, I think) while I was in LA…I really feel like I missed out!

  • Does Doomie’s have a new chef, or just a better grasp of their menu now? I went back when they were in Chinatown (over a year ago, I think) and the food was a bummer – just fat and bland. It was too bad because the location was awesome and the people were so chill. If the food is much better these days I’d love to go back; can anyone who tried the old and the new report on this?

  • i tried the big mac. pretty good though the patties tasted too much like boca burgers for my taste. i prefer their fried checken. that stuff is amazing.

  • I had the big mac on Sunday and it was pretty amazing. I can’t believe I ate the whole thing with fries. And two pieces of buffalo legs (and celery). And a couple bites of my friend’s pot roast. GLUTTONY TO THE MAX and it was all totally worth it.

  • Doomie is a fucking God. His interpretations of non-vegan home cooked and fast food are amazing. I’d eat there every day if my waistline could stand it…!

  • Shit, I get fatter just READING about Doomies!!!

  • I had the Big Mac and liked it but also thought it tasted too much like a Boca Burger. But I did enjoy the sauce with the cheese, onions, etc. It was nice and juicy.

    The secret menu was printed on a piece of paper and we had to wait for someone else to finish looking at it. It seemed like there were more items on it than on the regular menu. It’s so secret that there’s no desription of the food or prices. There are still several things I’d like to try including the dino egg.

    We did notice something odd. One guy was eating at the same time he was preparing the food. We laughed because he was wearing gloves, so that must have made it ok! The most disgusting part was listening to him talk about making chili out of calves’ feet. Blech!

    We like Doomie’s but don’t go often. Lunch ends up taking at least 90 minutes and I don’t have that kind of time during the work day. We have a few favorite things we like to order but they are out of them most of the time. When they do have them, we really enjoy eating there. The jalapeno poppers are delicious!

  • You can read all of quarrygirl’s reviews of doomie’s by clicking on “doomie’s” on the right side of the screen among all the listed restaurants.

  • What secret menu?

  • I wish the patties were thinner or the whole thing was smaller like a regular Big Mac. Sometimes when eating one of their single layer burgers, I feel it’s almost TOO meaty. Maybe it’s made for sharing!

    Don’t get me wrong, I do love me some Doomie’s though. Big fan of the Western burger, and tried the Chili-Cheeseburger recently which was excellent.

  • Yeah, I’ve used the internet before, I know how tags work.

    QG liked Doomie’s back when I didn’t like it, so I figured I’d see if there were other opinions. I understand that she has to be positive about most places — she’s kinda the vegan den mom of Los Angeles restaurants — so I figured I’d see if there were any foodcentric, diplomacy-be-damned types like me out there who had a second opinion.

    Will go check it out myself, though, and report.

  • Had this burger on friday, which was also my first visit to doomies. It was amazing. Excellent restaurant.

  • i just ate the big mac at doomie’s today and also thought the same thing while i was eating it. the patties should be smaller, i think.

  • Looks very cool

  • Am I the only vegan who thinks it’s kinda sad that people want a vegan big mac? I’ve never had a real big mac, so why would I want to eat a faux version? This sounds like something a recent vegan convert or possibly a teenager would be attracted towards.

    Is “comfort food” code for totally unhealthy?

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