• more off menu items at doomie’s: buffalo chicken sandwich

    November 9th, 2011quarrygirldoomie's, LA restaurants

    for more info on the secret menu, please see the bottom of this post.***

    ever since i ate that life-altering vegan big mac and discovered doomie’s has a secret menu, i have made it my mission to try everything on it. since it’s pretty giant and not actually written down anywhere, it will be tough to track my progress on the secret menu, but i’ll try! i started on sunday with the “buffalo chicken sandwich”.

    buffalo chicken sandwich: breaded buffalo chicken nuggets, hot sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, and ranch dressing. served with fries. $8.95

    oh jeez. i have tried almost every sandwich that doomie’s has to offer on the normal menu, and as far i’m concerned, this beats them all. SO GOOD…

    i am huge fan of vegan buffalo wings in general, and this dish took my favorite appetizer and put it nicely in an easy to eat bun. on top of it being a genius idea, the sandwich was well executed: the buffalo chicken was some of the best i’ve ever had, the hot sauce was delish, and the homemade ranch was rich and creamy. a++++++. seriously, the awesomeness of this sandwich and the vegan big mac are gonna make it really hard for me to get through the entire secret menu. how am i gonna not order this every time?! oh well, i must soldier on.

    1253 N Vine St Suite #9
    Los Angeles, Ca 90038
    tues – sun
    12PM – 10PM
    closed mondays

    ***so what the hell is the secret menu?! basically on top of all the crazy shit doomie’s serves daily on the “normal” menu, there are always new creations and experiments going down in the kitchen. nothing on the secret menu is ever guaranteed to be there more than once, but often it is. oh also, if doomie’s is slammed with customers, they may not have time to make you something from the secret menu. you have to go into the situation with high hopes, but no set expectations. trust me, if you’re open to trying new stuff, the secret menu is where it’s at. previous creations i know of have include french toast, chimichangas, various deep fried things, quesadillas, and something called a dino egg that i imagine is deadly. let’s hope they keep this vegan big mac around, ’cause it’s the best damn burger in los angeles.

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  • That looks delicious!

  • i’ve been waittttinnnng for a sandwich like youuuu

  • man, I think i’m going to doomies tonight!

  • Do they make there own buffalo wings? If not, I’m guessing they don’t does anybody know what kind they use?

  • Ok, I’m into that too. Maybe I should hit Doomies before the M83 show tonight.

  • I’m buying a ticket to fly down there just for that sandwich! Ok, not really, but I was seriously considering it.

  • hi qg!

    the last time i was at doomie’s, the wonderful waitress HANDED ME a secret menu to peruse! it’s simply a list of menu items printed on regular white paper, but it absolutely is written down somewhere! and there is so much amazing stuff!


  • ^ Oh cool, had no idea it was written down anyplace 🙂

  • The dino egg is definitely something to behold. It’s a hollowed-out roll, filled with mashed potatoes, wrapped in bacon… then the whole thing is deep-fried and covered in gravy. We got it as an appetizer and the four of us could barely finish it, but oh my was it good.

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