• New Vegan Restaurant in Las Vegas: Pura Vida Bakery & Bystro

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    hey dudes! did you know las vegas has a new all vegan restaurant?! i didn’t, until fred (@cycled) sent me this field report on pura vida. looks awesome, and i can’t wait to go! check it out…

    Due to its proximity to Los Angeles, a short journey to the desert is always on the horizon for the most trivial or celebratory events. My first stop whenever I go to Vegas is always Ronald’s Donuts so I can stock up on donuts for the duration of the trip and to take back home. After Ronald’s, we decided to make another short drive in order to try Pura Vida. After passing through an industrial sector, I managed to spot Pura Vida on the opposite side of the street, overlooking vacant lots and surrounded by empty business. This sector is certainly an unlikely place to find delicious vegan food, but after searching through their website and a handful of Yelp reviews I knew we were going to be in good hands. It appears the menu on weekends is mostly focused on “Sweet” rather than “Savory”. Seeing as how we were in the mood for “Savory” we decided to forego the waffles and ask for some recommendations. Our server was very accommodating, along with Chef Myra, who personally came out to assist us and explain what she could make for us.

    Spinach/Tofurky Sausage/Daiya Quesadilla & The Jace Wrap

    Spinach/Tofurky Sausage/Daiya Quesadilla
    One of my pet peeves when dining out is ordering an item that you could easily make at home. For this reason, I don’t think I have ever ordered a vegan quesadilla at a restaurant. However, I have to say this quesadilla was fantastic, easily better than any I have made at home. I could try to duplicate it, but I doubt it would be as delicious….

    Jace Wrap
    A delicious organic whole wheat wrap stuffed with roasted tofu,
    parsley, onion, celery, paprika & cumin.

    The Jace Wrap, named after a familiar customer, is essentially a “Chicken-less” salad stuffed in a large wrap. The real standout in this wrap is the spice combination she uses for the tofu. It was both tasty and addicting. I am sure you will not file this one under the “Bland” department.

    Vegan Chocolate Cake

    Chocolate Cake
    This was extremely moist and chocolaty. If those are two things you like, then you will love this. I loved it. Definitely not for the faint of chocolate.

    After a long drive from Los Angeles, the second we stepped into Pura Vida we were warmly welcomed and treated with great service. Luckily for us, the quality of their food matched their wonderful service. Next time we are there I’m definitely picking up some empanadas, though they are often out because of their popularity. Somehow, I found the empty lots and closed businesses a perfect backdrop to the savory meals we consumed. Then again there are plenty of tables inside if you’d rather pretend you are somewhere else, but those too were full by the time we departed.

    Pura Vida Bakery & Bystro
    1236 Western Avenue
    Las Vegas, NV 89102
    (702) 722-0108

    for more from fred, follow him on twitter @cycled! oh, and follow @PuraVidaLV on twitter as well.

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  • i go to vegas every year ill be sure to come to your place looks amazing

  • By the way, if anyone wants some vegan recommendations for Las Vegas, please check out: http://www.vegasveg.com/food.html

  • Its insane the vegan transformation in Vegas, three years ago it was practically zero and now there are four pages of happycow listings! We hit up Atomic7 a few weeks ago while there. http://www.atomicnumber7.com pretty fun, just don’t go with agave sweetener

  • wow!! Mmmmm!!!! good to know!! 😀

  • I went there on my most recent trip, though I wasn’t really impressed. I felt like it was food I could have replicated, and while the staff was nice, the service was not very good.

  • I went there when they first opened for brunch… OMFG the chocolate waffle was a thing of beauty. I highly recommend that one person at the table get that if you go with a group for brunch…. might be too sweet for your whole meal, but damn! The french toast and regular waffle were super too.

  • Thank you everyone ~~
    Thank Elaine ~

    I totally remember your Visit !~~
    WOWO ~ very cool thank you for driving to Vegas !

    Next time call or email us ~ I will be sure to save you the Empanadas~
    Also ~ we are serving the Chile Relleno Burrito ~
    With all the favorite Brunch dishes~
    That people Love ~ the PANCAKES with all the Fall trimmings ~

    During the Week we are having our Traditional Lunch Board ~
    Gluten Free Lunch Board
    Bakery goodies ~

    Samples of the past Lunch Board items:
    please visit us at https://www.facebook.com/PuraVidaBakeryBystroByChefMayra
    Pictures will speak for it self !

    The Printed Menu is only Breakfast ~ Brunch and Bakery ~
    The Boards are full of Amazing items ~ created original by your truly ~

    Thank you so much ~ for visiting …
    Please do come again ~
    and Thank you for such a nice write up !
    we are truly grateful ~
    We are proud to be the first 100% cruelty free kitchen ( cooked food)…

    More great Board items coming for the FALL ~
    THE SOUPS and Creams .. The Chilis ~ all my signature dishes and desserts for the fall ~

    LOCAL produce Local food ~ for Local people ~
    Thank you so much so very much for taking the time ~!

    Sincerely, Chef Mayra
    the Dr Of Flavor ~

  • Looks quite good

  • @Lex
    Unfortunately, Atomic #7 closed at the beginning of Oct. Very sad vegan ice cream lovers in this town. 🙁

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