• vegan at verdugo bar featuring seabirds and mooi! sunday august 7th!

    July 25th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, mooi, seabirds

    it’s almost time for another summer vegan patio session at verdugo bar! sunday august 7th, seabirds is trucking it up all the way from orange county with guest chef stephen hauptfuhr to serve up a full menu of cooked and raw goodness, paired with craft beers by the verdugo.

    Beer Battered Avocado Taco - Topped w/shredded cabbage, red onion and creamy tequila-jalapeno sauce. $2

    the menu is gonna be pretty epic. so far it will include jackfruit tacos, beer-battered avocado tacos, mac and “cheese” with roasted figs and mushrooms, alfredo zucchini pasta, greek hummus wrap with sweet potato fries, and a walnut fudge brownie with ice cream. proceeds will benefit benji the dog, so don’t miss it!!

    facebook invite and full info after the jump…

    if you are a facebook user, RSVP here. if not, here are the vital details

    vegan at verdugo
    food by seabirds and mooi
    3408 Verdugo Rd
    Los Angeles, CA 90065
    sunday august 7th
    3pm – 8pm
    admission is free, food and beer sold separately

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  • Seabirds truck? Yes please.

  • I will be there! It’ll be like a mini vegan beer fest, but with no cover.

  • I am soooo there. The Seabirds burrito I had at the beer fest was game changing.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    I’m not very good with large social situations and parties etc but I may have to get over my shyness for that walnut fudge brownie with ice cream. That sounds amazing. Hmm…could I lose ten pounds by Aug 7th so I don’t have to be fat AND bashful if I attend [hahaha:p]

  • I’ll wait for you.

  • Yes! I LOVE it when Seabirds comes up to LA. And this time they land within walking distance for me. Calendar is marked. Stomach is growling in anticipation.

  • well if it’s for a good cause…I suppose I can be convinced to go. but only because it’s for a good cause, good food and good beer alone would never entice me.

  • @Gauri Radha!

    Let’s just stuff our faces! No one cares about your appearance. We are all fat vegans on the inside! I’m bashful too sometimes. Let’s be friends! 🙂

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    ^ Cool!!:-)

  • I can’t wait. I’m salivating…

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