• UPDATED: please help benji for a FREE ALL YOU CAN EAT VEGAN BUFFET from the frankenstand!

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    UPDATED 7/22: the person who makes the top donation to benji the dog will receive FREE FOOD FROM THE FRANKENSTAND FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR. seriously! to donate, hit up the frankenstand site and scroll to the bottom.

    free all you can eat buffet from the frankenstand! do i have your attention? sounds like a dream come true, right? well first we need to deal with the sobering reality that there’s a poor little dog named benji who needs help. he’s a member of the frankenstand family, and he needs surgery ASAP! just look at that face:

    the frankenstand is the only all vegan mobile food vendor in los angeles, and they’ve been serving up insanely tasty sausages and homemade toppings around town for years…even before the food truck explosion! they set up at various charity events and work long hours. i feel like it’s our duty to help out benji. and not just that, everyone who makes a donation to benji’s surgery fund will be invited to a FREE ALL YOU CAN EAT VEGAN BUFFET. it’s time to get generous. here’s the official word on benji’s condition…

    from the frankenstand website:

    Benji is part of my family, He is a five year old chihuahua mix. He is suffering from hardended discs in his back & neck, leaving him immobile. Benji needs immediate surgery to remove the discs or he is at risk for paralysis. He is also in severe pain & cannot walk, sit or even rest! No medication is helping him, so his pain is constant. We are asking if you can find it in your heart to make a kind donation to his surgery, every little bit helps! We will have a (free) ALL YOU CAN EAT buffet for all contributers! Franken’s thanks you all so much!!

    to help out benji, click here or visit the frankenstand site and scroll down.

    please, please, please donate to benji’s surgery fund. not only will you get an insane all you can eat buffet from one of our favorite food vendors, but you’ll save a sweet little doggie and help out the frankenstand, a los angeles vegan pioneer.

    what are you waiting for. DO IT.


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  • I <3 Franken's and now I'm in love with Benji too! Hoping the little guy has a speedy recovery.

  • Look at that precious face! I am happily donating and wishing this gorgeous guy the speediest of recoveries:)

  • Benji is adorable and I’ve already donated. (I wish I had more to contribute.)I hope he’s running around pain free very soon.

  • Just donated, even though I won’t be able to claim the free reward, he’s too adorable to not be helped!

  • Silverlakerunner

    I’ve contributed. I hate to know this cute thing is suffering. I hope he gets his surgery.

  • Hope Benji gets his surgery ASAP! 🙂

  • Donated! Good Luck Benji!!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Will try and send a bit in to help (times like these I really wish I wasn’t such a broke pathetic idiot.)
    Best wishes for this little dog to get well soon.

  • Hmm…anyone know when donators will get their invite to the buffet? I made a donation last month, but haven’t heard anything…I did see on their website that Benji got his surgery, so that’s great news!

  • Donators = Donors, same diff.

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