• world fest 2011: it was a vegan happening, man.

    May 26th, 2011quarrygirlvegan events

    good god, people! if you’ve never been to worldfest, i don’t even know how to describe it to you. the best i can do is to say that it’s like a super hippie, eco-friendly, and all vegan coachella with an emphasis on educational speaking rather than music. it took place last sunday in los angeles, in the valley, in a huge dusty field, just like it does every spring. the deal was: $5 for parking, $7 for admission, plus any food and beer you wanted buy inside. what did you get for your ticket price? several bands and “celebs” (i use that term quite loosely!) playing or speaking on the main stage, plus lectures and seminars in the various stages and “huts” scattered around the fest. not to mention animal adoptions, clothing vendors, and access to more vegan food than you could ever hope to try.

    we attend worldfest every year, but not for the education or music…as you can probably guess, our interest lies solely in the sheer abundance and variety of food we can eat. EVERYTHING AT THE FEST IS VEGAN (supposedly), which means it’s just too much of an opportunity to pass up. PLUS, they have a beer garden sponsored by lagunitas: the perfect place for us to get sloppy on IPA with our friends and laugh at all the other nerds attending the fest that we’re having such a great time at. that’s exactly what happened this year.

    lagunitas in the beer garden!

    you must forgive me, after the previous night’s feast that would feed a small country, we didn’t eat much food at worldfest this year. we did—however—get pix of most of the vendors, as well as our friends’ food. so hopefully you can live vicariously through their meals, just like we did on the day of the ‘fest!

    haha, it looks like her cup says slag! this is especially funny when drunk!

    click here for more info on the word “slag”!


    i’d checked out worldfest’s list of vendors on their site before sunday, and it didn’t prepare me for the awesomeness that was really in store. so many places weren’t on the list. there was WAY too much food to even dream of eating. if you are a vegan foodie (and i’m assuming you are if you read this blog!), the meal options are worth the price of admission. i’ll shut up now and just show them to you:

    cobblermania and vegan joint

    our friend jason went with some pad thai and spring rolls from the vegan joint, one of LA’s vegan thai style restaurants…

    pad thai from vegan joint

    spring rolls from vegan joint

    and lex from the healthy vegans proved that worldfest wasn’t all junk food with his healthy custom plate (so awesome that vegan joint caters to dietary preferences!)…

    eating healthy vegan style

    our favorite vegetarian curry house was servin’ it up…

    samosa house!

    and so was irene’s (the fries pictured at the top of the post were from this stand)…

    irene's food service

    luscious organic desserts is where i went a little nuts…

    the luscious organic desserts stand

    we got a huge haul for us and our friends that consisted of vegan ding dongs, cookie dough balls, tea cookies, peanut butter sticks, cake pops, and even sugar-free candy.

    our luscious haul!

    here’s what we managed to get photos of from the luscious folks (all INSANELY good!)…

    vegan chocolate and peanut butter ding dong!

    vegan white chocolate ding dong!

    vegan french tea cookies

    you can order the french tea cookies online!

    vegan cake pops!

    vegan white chocolate cake pops

    and then there were even more vegan booths. several were familiar, several were new to us…

    amma's kitchen was serving up curry

    vegan grub from bodhi tree cafe

    gettin' the fried food on at southern fried vegan

    our friends and fellow bloggers indulged in the southern fried vegan. starting with little vegan planet’s plate…

    vegan fried chicken sandwich with mac n cheese

    and c’est la v’s plate…

    vegan fried chicken and fries

    chocolates by theo

    the red leopard tea company

    sunflour cafe was selling treats

    jam vegan bakery had loads of baked goods! (not sure if they were selling gobs or not)

    suncafe (formerly sunpower natural) from studio city

    strictly vegan jamaican! dang, this looks good.

    treats by fabe's!

    funnel cakes and drinks

    our blogging buddy veggywood grabbed a funnel cake…

    oh the deep fried funnel cake

    she has a mad sweet tooth, and this was so rich that she could only eat about 1/4 of it. that’s a good sign!

    the one world booth! i still need to try this restaurant. i hear it's epic.

    puro e semplice: italian vegan catering

    eats by rawsheed. i think they're all raw?

    follow your heart's booth

    and lastly, our very own QG correspondent brittany got the tempeh tacos from follow your heart.

    tempeh tacos!

    (i thought it was kinda funny/sad when i saw the amount of green on her plate. ya see, brittany hates lettuce so much, she used to run a blog called sickoflettuce.com.) sorry about that, britt!

    other than a quick tour of eating and snapping photos, all of our time was spent in the beer garden. the suds were awesome, but the music was waaaaaaaaaaaay too loud. and this dude was kinda creeping us out!

    why? why? why?

    looking forward to worldfest 2012! see you kids there.

    for more info, check out the worldfest site.

    PS: parking is free before 10:30am!
    PPS: no matter what the “official” worldfest people tell you, the beer garden doesn’t open until 11. so if you come early for the free parking, you are gonna have some time to chew up.


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  • did anyone find that small brown dog?

  • yeah, that green dude was most distracting. felt more like burning man than a festival of ecology and food.

    also, the hypocrisy is amazing: some booths are boasting about how eco-friendly they were, lots of urges to save water and recycle… however…

    the only way to get there is to drive, though, so the carbon footprint of the event is similar to a ball game. or perhaps worse. lots of SUVs were in that parking lot when I left.

  • You don’t need to drive. The metro Orange line stops less than a 100 yards away from the entrance. If you are coming from the Westside you may need to drive but anyone from Hollywood East can take the redline to NOHO and the Orange Line to world fest.



  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Those vegan desserts look terrific. So does the funnel cake, macaroni and cheese, and the fries.

  • The music there is ALWAYS too loud.

  • My plate is what everyone should eat for a few weeks after worldfest 🙂

  • OMG what is the Ding Dong!! … I would have totally snuck a bite when no one was looking:D 😀

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    ^ That should say “do” (plural) instead of “does” up there, as in “So DO the funnel funnel, macaroni and cheese, and the fries.” [Stupid pointless grammar correction from #1 vegan nerd here LOL]

  • who was the vendor with the ice cream and brownies???

  • I’m surprised the Funnel Cake guys were there this year, after LYING two years in a row about their ingredients. Last year I discovered they were using NON-VEGAN (casein) whipped cream, and they looked at me and said “eey, it’s non-dairy, what do you want from us, c’mon?.” Apparently they did this the year before, too, and got chewed out for it.

    Fuck them. I don’t trust them, and didn’t buy anything from them. I hope they were in fact ‘behaving’ this year…but their history speaks for itself.

  • i was really excited to see vegan jamaican food and then a little sad to see they only operate as a “mobile kitchen” but it looks like they’ll be at reggae fest this weekend. imagine how much food i could eat at the pot..errrr, reggae fest!

  • Tofurky Lurky

    Every time Gauri makes a new comment to correct something in a previous comment, an animal dies.

  • Those WorldFest/Lagunitas pint glasses are rad! I got a pair of them too.

    Those taco plates from FYH were selling for $2 near the end of the festival along with their other meals. Deal of the day!

  • Quarrygirl,

    If you ever try One World, I highly recommend the One World Star burger with an added side of fries. So good! It’s hands down my favorite veggie burger. I’m also a fan of their everlasting chow mein. Their carrot cake is pretty awesome too.

    That southern fried vegan food looks AMAZING. I want!

  • I’m an idiot. HOW did I miss the beer garden?!?!

  • Ms Rhada

    You excel at stating the obvious over and over again

  • Greg, Re: the funnel cake place – I saw them using Soy Whip this year.

    The BBQ place had amazing vegan crabcakes with tartar sauce – yum! So good!

  • Tofurky Lurky

    You spelled Radha incorrectly! Silly!

  • You guys are a class act. QG commenters are getting more and more unpleasant to each other by the day.

  • Hi, it’s Shae, the founder of Cobblermania. The small brown dog belongs to me. His name is Toby. He was there with my other dog, Lucy. They were behind our tent and Toby managed to loosen his collar. Toby was returned to us when Rasta, who works for me, went to get him with a leash that matched his collar. The remainder of the the fest, Toby and Lucy gobbled vegan treats and played with each other, nearby vendors, and (after we sold out) me, their momma! Thanks for your concern. Know that Toby, Lucy, and the Cobblermania Crew will be returning to Worldfest in 2012 and beyond.

  • I believe you are talking about Sunflower Baking Company. They had their brownies and So Delicious Coconut Milk ice cream. Yum! (but I still missed having my annual Maggie Mudd sundae! – sadly, it looks like they just closed their SF shop)

  • Oops!- Sun Flour Baking Company

  • Hey Everybody, Its Luscious Organic Desserts here.Thanks for checking out our booth this year, sorry we sold out of the ding dongs so fast. We will make more next time. It was great to see everyone. they should really do this twice a year, worldfest is awesome.

  • That’s me in the pic at the JAM vegan bakery booth holding one of their Chocolate Cake and Raspberry Frosting cupcakes. It was really good.


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