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    November 4th, 2009quarrygirlLA restaurants, samosa house

    it’s no secret that we have a checkered past with the samosa house in culver city. we’ve written two posts about them, both complaining that the food was bland and uninspired. well, i’m here to set the record straight because over the weekend we gave the restaurant another try, and walked out with a feast that was plentiful, inexpensive, and absolutely awesome tasting.

    vegetarian combination: 3 dishes, rice and 2 rotis. $7.99

    vegetarian combination: 3 dishes, rice and 2 rotis. $7.99

    as you can see from the picture above, samosa house serves one hell of a lot of food for under 8 bucks. they have a large selection of 100% vegetarian dishes, most of which are vegan…and a combo consists of 3 dishes of your choice, plus a portion of rice and 2 pieces of roti bread. on a previous visit, we complained that our meal consisted of mainly rice and not enough curry, but this time that was clearly not the case. pictured above is our first combo, overflowing with curry dishes including lotus root, soy tikka masala, and a potato & pea dish.

    lotus root curry

    all of these selections were delicious, but the stand out for me was definitely the lotus root. this stuff was cool, crisp and crunchy and coated in a perfectly-oily sauce…i can’t even tell you how much i loved it. if i could, i would get a whole tray of this stuff and eat it all. the soy tikka masala was also damn good as well, even if the lotus root did upstage it a bit in my mind. the soy clumps were moist and slightly chewy, and the sauce was rich and flavorful.

    soy tikka masala

    in our second combo, we got a spinach dish, some lentils, and my personal favorite, the JACKFRUIT. i’m just gonna say it (and this may shock you), but i think samosa house’s jackfruit is even better than the stuff at pure luck. it’s hearty, yet soft…and sooooo delicious mixed with the indian seasoning. if you go to samosa house, this is the one dish you must get no matter what!

    jackfruit curry from samosa house

    while i loved the food from the samosa house on this visit, there was a secret ingredient that was needed to make it 1,000x better. you see, the place isn’t just a restaurant, but an indian market as well…so we picked up some fresh hot chillies to add to our meal at home in order to combat thee inherent mildness of the dishes. these things added loads of spice, and improved our meal greatly. if you like any kind of heat in your indian food, adding chillies is a must.

    chillies yummers

    after this great experience at samosa house, i know i will be back soon. we had more food than we could eat for just $16…and i don’t think i can go very long without some more curry-flavored jackfruit.

    the samosa house
    11510 w. washington blvd.
    culver city, ca 90066

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  • Glad you two have finally come around! Samosa House 4 eva!!!

  • i pick up grub from here quite often (it’s in my hood) and always have lunch for the next day! i love jackfruit!!! thanks for the post! 🙂

  • Lotus root? I’ve never even had that! Adventerous LA vegans!

  • I’ve eaten in the restaurant/market once and had their food from a vendor at an event once, too. I really liked it and am happy you had a good experience this time!

  • I noticed a few weeks ago that they appear to be opening another location at Washington and Overland. The location was under construction and there was a sign out that said “Samosa House East”…

  • @whatmoonsongs: i have seen that too!

    there is also a brand new vegetarian place just like samosa house called bawarchi. it’s on venice in culver city. we tried to go there first, but they were a mess and couldn’t serve us. they had only been open a few days and had a lot of kinks to work out.

  • I love Samosa House, but it all depends on who you get serving you. Sometimes they are less generous with the main dishes and too generous with the rice.

  • I was not aware of your previous reviews, but I have also had less-than-great experiences here.

    Knowing that, it’s nice to hear there is hope. I’ll give it another try this weekend.

  • Wow! These look so good!!

  • It looks… kinda not colorful. They must use a lot of spices to kick up the flavor.

  • Samosa house is the most flavorful indian food ever! i eat a lot of indian food and nothing can compare!

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