• hummus king drastically cuts hours: EAT THERE WHILE YOU CAN.

    February 3rd, 2011quarrygirlhummus king, LA restaurants

    UPDATE: hummus king in thee valley has closed down, but they are offering catering and free delivery until they hopefully re-open in silverlake!

    you people better get over there and eat at hummus king, because this is NEVER a good sign. the entirely vegetarian restaurant in valley village has slashed its hours, and is now only open sunday through friday until 4pm. they used to be open until 10…so that means they’ve chopped their hours IN HALF, and will no longer be serving dinner.

    Vegan Shwarama Sandwich at Hummus King

    hummus king is one of our favorite restaurants in los angeles, so this news is pretty worrying to us…

    i don’t wanna be a negative nelly, but this is usually the pattern a restaurant takes on when they are starting to go out of business. if hummus king closes down, it will be our loss.

    i seriously don’t want to live in a world without their fluffy falafel balls, meaty vegan shwarama, and creamy jalapeno hummus.

    GO EAT THERE WHILE YOU STILL CAN! to check out our past (glowing) reviews of hummus king, click here and here. 🙁

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  • I wonder why they aren’t doing well? By all accounts the food is fab and the location isn’t too bad. Mystery, huh?!?!

  • Get yer vegan (or otherwise) asses there and support them! Pretty please. I wanna try these in the summer when I come to LA!!

  • see, this proves my point. both of you above commentors are brits. septics don’t care about falafel. 🙁

  • i don’t know how i ever skipped over posts about hummus king, but i was thinking about falafel a couple of days ago (maoz actually, which i finally tried last month) and wished there was something similar in l.a. going to get my ass to hummus king asap!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Wish I was closer, I’m working pretty far from their location these days, not enough time to sail over for lunch and still be back in time.


    It is by far the best falafel place in the area. And believe me, there are a lot in that neighborhood. Quite a bit of competition, and the competition also has chicken and beef. It’s hard to compete with that. Not enough hipsters in NoHo to support a vegan ‘straunt.

  • If I still lived down the block from there I would probably be single-handedly keeping them in business. Sadly since I’m in SM I’ve only been once a couple months ago. They said they were planning to expand to the west side at some point. I wonder what happened between then and now.

  • The one time I finagled getting Hummus King on my lunch break (from Burbank), the person that went to order/pick up the food ended up having to wait for a crazy long time (50 minutes or so) while one poor guy worked the counter. I was pretty happy with what I had ordered, but his fries were raw, and he thought the shwarama was bland.

    I maintain that he was just being cranky about having to wait, because he’s fussy. I hearted the falafel I got, and was sad over the change in menu that got rid of the onion rings before I could try them.

    Looks like Sunday will now be Hummusday, until further notice.

  • Ate there today. The falafel platter is one of the best deals in the valley. 5 falafel balls, side of hummus, plus two other sides of your choosing (I get veggie shwarama and Israeli salad) a drink, and little sides of their incredible mango sauce and tahini. This is enough food to feed 3 people and its only $11!

  • Ok people….calm down 🙂

    I talked to the owner months ago about the hours. They are in the middle of an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood and because of Shabbat they have to close at Sunset Friday and cannot open till Sunset on Saturday. Trust me….I live a few blocks from there and all Jewish owned businesses are closed the same hours.

  • Oh yeah and as for the not Shabbat days….his night time business has never been that good. He even told me he might open a second location.

  • I’m going this weekend with my boyfriend. He needs to know how yummy veganism is! <3

  • Oh no!!! When my bf lived 2 blocks away we would go there alllll the time—soooo freakin good. As for the location…it’s not the best. If they opened up somewhere trendier, I could see it totally blowing up.

  • I liked stopping there on the way home to grab dinner….now, I guess the only day I’d likely be able to eat there is on Sunday.

    Best falafels I’ve ever had…just perfect!

  • This is very sad news…while falafel is one of my favorite foods, I’m really discerning when it comes to good falafel and this place has it down pat, plus out of this world hummus, and a really nice owner/staff.

    I REALLY hope they aren’t closing down. Need to make a trip there soon.

  • I’ve been there about a half-dozen times, and I agree that their food is absolutely amazing. But their service REALLY SUCKS. They’re slower than molasses on a cold day! The fastest I’ve ever gotten my food is 35 minutes. And they’re always insisting that everyone try samples–even if you already know what you want and there’s a line to the door! And if they have friends in the room? Forget about it. They’re so busy having their conversations on the side that they can’t be bothered to even look at you.

  • This is not an entirely vegean place. He rents the kitchen out and to people who cook meats in it!!!

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