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  • Sounds good, and I’m glad to see it’s gluten-free. Haven’t seen it at Trader Joe’s or Ralphs, though.

  • sriracha isn’t vegan????


  • i eat sriracha. we just don’t know what kind of sugar it contains.

  • I use the “Thai and True” brand of Sriracha which I get from Food Fight!, the vegan store in Portland. Also I hear it’s available in the Seattle area.

  • I recently saw lots of new “Organic Ville” products sprouting up and was psyched because I don’t eat cane sugar. However, yesterday I saw Organic Ville ice cream at my local WholeFoods and was soooooo bummed out to read “Skim Milk” in the ingredients list. I thought that all their products were vegan, but I guess not. 🙁

  • I think they are coming out with a vegan and organic sriracha type sauce. this is more like a mildly spiced katsup.

  • Coming to a Whole Foods very soon! I tried it and it’s JUST AS GOOD as the Huy Fong. Not kidding. I don’t kid about sriracha.

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