• veganizing the sriracha cookbook: sweet buffalo tenders

    February 27th, 2011quarrygirlother, products, recipes, vegan stuff

    we bought the sriracha cookbook the day it came out, with hopes of working our way through it and veganizing the recipes. it looks like ryann from my whole deal has beat us to it and already gotten started with sweet-sriracha glazed buffalo tenders.

    vegan sweet-sriracha glazed buffalo tenders by mywholedeal.com

    check out her blog post to see how she did it, using agave, gardein, and of course…SRIRACHA. have you veganized any recipes from the sriracha cookbook? if so, send me pix and i will post them. i am sriracha obsessed.


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  • Does Sriracha have MSG in it over in the US? I think it does in the UK when I’ve seen it in Chinatown.

  • that looks amazing!

  • Thanks for posting this! I’m doing an experiment in strictly local eating for the month of March, but will get back to veganizing The Sriracha Book in April. Oh, how I’ll miss our spicy, spicy friend!

    @Jake No msg in the Sriracha here in Canada. Just garlicky, hot pepper goodness.

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