• incredible vegan cake pops from sweet e’s!

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    sweet e’s is becoming THE go to place in LA for haute and sassy baked goods. the specialty bakeshop caters to loads of celebrity clients, has an impressive resume of television appearances, and recently grew from a delivery-only business, to a dessert truck, and now a full on brick and mortar bakery. oh and did i mention, they are super vegan-friendly?! yes! i’m so happy to report that every step of the way, sweet e’s has kept vegan customers in mind. and their recent foray into cake pops is no exception.

    WTF is a cake pop?! i didn’t even know until recently. it’s basically a decadent cake bite covered in creamy frosting, served up on a stick so it’s easy to eat. genius. i recently got a chance to sample several different flavors from sweet e’s, and i’m happy to report that they were all outstanding.

    their vegan cake pop options are plentiful and include flavors such as vanilla white chocolate, vanilla milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate white chocolate, red velvet, lemon, and cookie dough. each pop is small, just a couple bites worth, so they make for the perfect mini indulgence. i guess it kinda defeats the purpose when you eat 6 of them like i did. whoops!

    my favorite flavor of all was the chocolate white chocolate pictured at the top of the post. the center was all moist and fudgey, and the outer frosting was super sweet. it was honestly like eating a piece of rich cake wrapped up in candy. why have i never had a cake pop until now?!

    sweet e’s always has vegan cake pops available in their shop and on their truck, but if you are after a certain flavor or want a customized combo, it’s best to call ahead. they can usually be made on the same day.

    if you haven’t joined the cult of the cake pop yet, you need to get over to sweet e’s ASAP and try these things. cupcakes are sooooo last year. it’s all about pops now.

    sweet e’s
    1417 s. robertson blvd.
    los angeles CA 90035
    mon-sat 11am -7pm
    sunday 12pm – 6pm

    to keep track of their truck, follow them on twitter!

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  • I went to Sweet E’s the other day and got a cupcake and brownie ( they were out of cake pops:(:() these look amazing though!! Not sure if you knew but “Cafe Muse” in West Hollywood now carries the mini cupcakes & mini brownies from Sweet E’s!!:):)

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Oh fabulous, delicious, splendid and marvelous, nom nom nom.

  • My first cake pop was from JAM Vegan Bakery a month ago. Looks like these babies are going to be the latest craze…and I’m cool with that.

  • I think “cake pops” as a general are the cutest..I always find myself in starbucks looking at theirs wishing they had vegan ( maybe one day) these are lovely though!

  • I went to Sweet E’s recently and was told none of the eight or so cake pops that day were vegan. I did have a good vegan cupcake though and the people there were super nice. And btw, they told me Friday is the best day to go for vegan choices.

  • yeah, the vegan cupcakes are new. check out their website, the flavors are all listed there. they do sell normal cake pops, but the vegan ones are labeled as such.

  • Stoked!

  • I had the peanut butter JAM Vegan Bakery’s cake pops at the compassion over killing event last month and it was amazing!!! It looked a little bigger than the ones in the pictures here. I also support JAM for being completely vegan! GO JAM!

  • I had a groupon for a dozen mini cupcakes and also picked up some cake pops. Was kinda surprised they were $3! That should be the price of a regular size cupcake and not a donut hole with frosting on a stick.

    So far I’ve only eaten the lemon one. It was really good but I’ll probably only go a few times a year because of the prices. This non-profit working girl is on a budget.

  • Looks yummy, but won’t spend my hard earned money there. The last time I went there, the girl at the front was very unfriendly and after driving across town, it just left a bad taste in my mouth. I’d rather drive even further for some good customer service.

  • I didn’t see any gluten-free cupcakes listed on their website. So glad QG let us all know about Brody’s Bakery! EVERYTHING they make is vegan AND gluten-free! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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