• madeleine bistro box: the best vegan food, delivered to your door

    March 24th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, madeleine bistro

    it’s no secret that our favorite restaurant in los angeles is madeleine bistro. chef dave anderson continually creates what i consider to be the best cuisine known to man—from his signature gourmet tasting menus, to the deep fried comfort foods, to the epic and unbeatable sunday brunch. it’s all out of this world.

    about ten months ago we blogged about the introduction of the bistro box, a service that brings a week’s worth of world famous vegan food to your door for a fixed price. i’m happy to report that almost a year later, the bistro box is still going strong and is even better than ever. we picked up a single (the smaller size) order on monday and have been absolutely thrilled with the quality and quantity of the selections. in fact, i’d highly recommend you get your order in for next week ASAP.

    we didn’t meticulously plate and photograph everything as it should be served (like we did in our last post), but here’s a photo of the spread before we tore into it to give you an idea of the size:

    one week's worth of single-serving bistro box: vegetable pot pie, biscuits, pene with tempeh bolognaise, italian-style veggies, pan-roasted caulifower, corn and leek tamales, black beans, spanish rice, grilled citrus seitan, celery root puree, black kale with garlic, grilled eggplant with caramelized onions and roasted garlic aioli, potato leek soup, bbq ranch chop salad, pickled vegetable salad, millet and quinoa pilaf, coleslaw, and chocolate mousse. $125

    i can say without a doubt that the value of this box is incredible. the food is of the high quality you’d expect from a great restaurant like madeleine bistro, and it holds up in all kinds of re-heating situations. plus, the portions really are generous. even with two of us living in the QG household, i don’t know how we’ll possibly get through a single order in one week…

    our favorite item in the box (and one of our favorite madeleine bistro items ever) is the vegetable pot pie with biscuits (pictured at the top of the post). the pot pie was creamy and chunkilicious and came with two portions of soft biscuits for the dipping.

    grilled citrus seitan, pickled vegetable salad, black kale with garlic, pan-roasted cauliflower

    the grilled citrus seitan was fantastic as well. the menu suggested serving it with the celery root puree and black kale with garlic, but we broke the rules and ate it with the pickled vegetable salad, the pan-roasted cauliflower, and the black kale as well. everything tasted beautiful.

    corn and leek tamales, black beans, spanish rice

    madeleine bistro kept it interesting with this box menu, and included a mexican-inspired entree as well. the corn and leek tamales were perfect—soft fluffy masa encasing lots of little vegetables. the spanish rice so good: flavorful and chunky without being overly greasy.

    grilled eggplant with caramelized onions and roasted garlic aioli

    the box now comes with a sandwich as well! this week it was awesome: grilled eggplant with caramelized onions and roasted garlic aioli. i just looked at next week’s selection, and it’s a freaking meatloaf sandwich with macaroni salad! i want.

    and now for the rest of the food i didn’t plate and photograph in the sunlight. it’s thursday now and a lot of this stuff is still left, or was eaten at random times, packed in lunches for work, etc…

    bbq ranch chop salad

    millet and quinoa pilaf

    penne with tempeh bolognese


    potato-leek soup

    the best chocolate mousse EVER

    whew, that was a lot of food, and there were multiple containers of several of these items! even after what i thought was a very successful photo shoot on my sunlit dining room table, i still somehow forgot to take pictures of the celery root puree and italian-style vegetables. damn! believe me though, they were amazing.

    a single serving of the box (which as you’ve seen, is massive) costs $125, and a “couple” serving is $150. that may seem a bit pricey, but it’s really not when you take into account the fact that this is restaurant quality madeleine bistro food. considering it lasts all week, this is a much cheaper option than dining out, and they deliver it straight to your door or let you pick it up at their tarzana location.

    if you haven’t ordered the bistro box yet, you should try it at least once. it’s perfect for those crazy weeks when you don’t have time to cook OR go out to eat. treat yourself! next week’s menu looks pretty tempting….highlights include chili, spanikopita, 2 kinds of seitan, tempeh, scalloped potatoes, and carrot cake cookie sandwiches. oh my! view the whole thing on the mb facebook page.

    welp, that’s all for now. i gotta go eat some pot pie and biscuits for breakfast.

    madeleine bistro box
    (delivered to your door or for pick up in tarzana)


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  • i can eat that amount of food in one day 🙂

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    I need that vegan chocolate mousse in my life.

  • thanks for the reminder! i need to order some of this!!!

  • Any more word on their rumored relocation to Eagle Rock? Since it’s been almost eight months since that rumor surfaced, shall we assume it didn’t work out?

  • i’m not sure about that. i sure wish it would happen!

  • Eeek, I didn’t enjoy the box quite as much. I’ve ordered it twice, and ended up throwing away a lot, either because it’s gone bad or didn’t taste well. This is picky, but I wish they would label the servings and include directions on cooking. I absolutely love the restaurant, but the box is way too pricey to take a chance. Maybe I will give it a third try sometime.

  • I love Madeleine Bistro! After reading about how much you liked it I had to go in for brunch and you were SO right- delicious!! I will def. have to try the bistro boxes: I keep seeing the advertisement for them on FB and this looks incredible:):)

  • We have gotten the Bistro box about a handful of times and loved it. I noticed that the food does tend to go bad rather quickly though. I would suggest eating the food in the white containers first, then the clear ones (they seem to keep longer and are a chore to open lol). Oh and eat the veggies first lol They tend to get slimy if you save them for last. I hate throwing food out because it spoils. I used this method for our last box and we ate every last crumb of food and it lasted exactly one week 🙂

  • We love the bistro box. I usually pick a few entrees and sides to put in the freezer as soon as they arrive, that way they’re good at the end of the week. Some things freeze better than others, so we eat the things that don’t freeze well, like the sandwiches, first.

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