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  • I was interested in purchasing a bistro box. I’ve been wanting to try it and thought getting a discount was just the push I needed. But unfortunately they don’t want customers that are not on Facebook. I think it’s ridiculous that you are forced to join a social network in order to even look at the menu.

  • Yep, you can’t even SEE the menu on their ‘website,’ much less the PRICES….

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Their Easter menu sounds great.
    [And after being a commenter on this blog for so long, I can honestly say that one of my main motivations for improving my financial condition is to be able to support all the amazing vegan restaurants in town here in Los Angeles–we are so lucky to have them!]

  • They maintain an email list as well. Just write madeleinecuisine@sbcglobal.net. It’s worth it! I’d much rather that they spend their time on making incredible food than maintaining a web site.

    bistro box menu april 25, 2011

    – Eggplant parmesan, summer squash saute, five-bean salad
    – Tofu scramble with “ham” and asparagus, home fries
    – Seitan with white wine and garlic, millet-quinoa pilaf, shiitake-green bean ragout
    – Grilled vegetable paella, tofu scallops, black kale
    – sandwich: Seitan reuben, pressed salad
    – salad: Nicoise salad with basil vinaigrette
    – soup: Broccoli “cheddar”
    – additional sides: Braised tempeh, Orange-glazed carrots, Black-eyed peas with garlic and “bacon”
    – sweet: Blueberry muffins


    4 weeks for $475 — save $25
    6 weeks for $675 — save $75
    8 weeks for $900 — save $100
    10 weeks for $1250 — save $125 — 1 WEEK FREE!
    12 weeks for $1500 — save $ 300 — 2 WEEKS FREE!!

    4 weeks for $575 — save $25
    6 weeks for $825 — save $75
    8 weeks for $1100 — save $100
    10 weeks for $1350 — save $150 — 1 WEEK FREE!
    12 weeks for $1500 — save $ 300 — 2 WEEKS FREE!!

  • Just checked their Facebook page: no prices listed there, either, for their Easter specials….

  • Debbie — please email us at madeleinecuisine@sbcglobal.net — you needn’t be on facebook! We will add you to our b-box email list asap & you can try it anytime you’re ready. Sorry for the mix-up!


    Fritz — sorry for that oversight! all the kids are home from school right now so it’s kinda chaos here. will take care of the price-listing asap & so you know we try to keep them as reasonable as possible… & maintain a range of items that work with our customers varying budgets, however some of the ingredients and preparations are quite labor intensive.

    Thanks to all of you for your support!!!

  • Whenever there are no prices listed it normally means its too expensive for me..which is unfortunate because there literally within walking distance.

  • the prices are very reasonable for the quality of the food (best ever!). check out their website madeleinebistro.com, because i think it has sample menus with prices.

    if you are within walking distance, you MUST GO. best restaurant in LA.

  • Thank you!

    Any chance you’d be willing to post the Easter menu?

  • Easter menu…

    Easter Specials
    Sunday, April 24, 2011
    In addition to many of our most popular menu items, we will be offering the following specials for Brunch and DInner this Sunday — Hope to see you there!
    Brunch Specials
    available from 10 am – 3 pm
    reservations strongly recommended
    Breakfast Pastries, including:
    Assorted donuts
    Almond & dried cherry scones
    Blueberry muffins
    Green “Eggs and Ham”
    Home fries, toast, portobella bacon, hollandaise sauce
    Ham and cheese omelet
    Grilled asparagus, home fries
    Southwestern quiche
    Baby lettuces with chipotle dressing
    Strawberry-rhubarb crepes
    Toasted almonds, whipped creme
    Chef’s Tasting Menu
    available at dinner only — 5pm – 9pm
    reservations strongly recommended
    Spring artichoke soup
    Tomato tartare, polenta croutons, spring garlic foam
    Warm grilled asparagus salad
    Wild mushroom puree, pickled cippolini onions, arugula, orange vinaigrette
    Hickory-smoked country “ham”
    “Ham and cheese” ravioli, vadouvan-scented carrots, snap pea puree
    Strawberry-rhubarb linzertorte
    Sabayon, toasted almonds, strawberry-balsamic sorbet

  • the owner of madeline’s bistro is a rude dismissive jerk to customers who only want to support. in the past I’d tried to call and ask questions, make reservations for my birthday party last year because i wanted to have it there – and got no calls back. then I WAS THE ONE who called again to follow up and STILL got the totally unresponsive treatment. NEVER heard from them AT ALL. This is not the only rude treatment. They are NOT that busy to disregard folks who are trying to support. So i no longer want to support such snobby jerks. They can cater to all rich snobs who are willing to pay and jump through hoops to be their customers and screw anyone else. Well screw MB! That’s my experience of the place Sure the food is good, but the treatment is UNACCEPTABLE. That place is so offensive to me i haven’t even unleashed all my complaints here…the service, the menu, the simple return of a phone call someone makes to support them and find out simple information and I’m supposed to give them my hard earned money? NO WAY!!! HELLO?! U R NOT THE ONLY PLACE IN TOWN. F-THEM!!!

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