• DEAL ALERT: discount on locali’s new special when you mention quarrygirl

    January 3rd, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, locali

    oh gee, i’m just so chuffed about this! the 2010 discount on the best vegan reuben in town was so popular, that locali has decided to offer another deal to quarrygirl readers throughout this week (or until supplies run out)! this time it’s on their brand new mouthwatering vegan sausage special!

    discount vegan sausage special at locali when you mention quarrygirl! (beret-wearing hotdog cartoon taken from the amazing nataliedee.com)

    here’s the info…

    the new special at locali this week is “Grilled Field Roast vegan sausage with organic peppers, onions, ketchup and mustard on toasted whole wheat bun” for just $7.95! head over there THIS WEEK ONLY (or until they run out) and mention “quarrygirl” for 10% off your order!

    the food at locali is always amazing (they do offer the best sandwich available in LA, after all), and field roast is THE BEST VEGAN MEAT available as far as i’m concerned. i know this special is gonna rock. even though i strongly dislike bell peppers, i will be sure to go order this sausage with no pepps and extra onions.

    get over there and take advantage of the quarrygirl discount! if these things are popular, hopefully locali will keep showing you readers the love.

    5825 Franklin Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90028-5609
    (323) 466-1360

    PS: as i mentioned earlier, the sweet-ass parisian hot dog graphic is by natalie dee. you should check out her website, because it’s all kinds of awesome. she also drew the best cartoon of morrissey i’ve ever seen.

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  • Are you sure that’s a beret-wearing hot dog? I could’ve sworn it was a beret-wearing breadstick.

    Thanks for the heads up QG!

  • 4 pack of Field Roast sausage from Whole Foods: $4.95
    Pack of buns: <$5
    (Organic) bell pepper: $1.29 or bell pepper from Jons, Vallarta, etc.: $1.29 a pound
    1 onion: <$.50

    I mean…$7.95 is cool for a $2 sandwich…I guess.

    I'm a party pooper. Sorry. Just wanted to let those recessionisto/as to know they can get the same thing for a far more reasonable (albeit DIY) price.

  • I think when you break down ANY FOOD available at a restaurant, you can make it cheaper at home. duh. that’s not the point. who wants to buy an entire package of buns and cook up a bunch of toppings when you can go to locali and get food better than anything you could cook?

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Good to know, and nice cartoons!!

  • I agree with QG.

    It’s kind of ridiculous to go around thinking how much it would cost to make at home. If you do that, you may as well not eat out. I love Veggie Grill, and they charge around $10 for a sandwich made with Gardein strips. You aren’t paying for the ingredients. You are paying for convenience and taste.

  • I understand that and normally I am with you. However, I would hardly call this particular sandwich a “special.” I love Locali, but $8 for this? Ehhhhh…

    Now if they would only spill the beans on how the get their tempeh bacon so crispy….

  • $10% off? You call that a DEAL? You have to be kidding me. Under a dollar discount for mentioning quarrygirl? Either you’re a sucker for a lame discount, getting something under the table or just not negotiating properly for your readers.

    As one of LA’s main avenues into the vegan food options, I’d expect that you’d do a better job getting a decent deal. too much to ask for a dollar off, I suppose?

  • let me get this straight: you are attacking me and calling me a sucker because you aren’t happy with the discount locali is offering?

    that’s fine if you think 10% is a bad discount, but why do you have to get hostile towards ME and act like i owe you something better? i don’t owe you anything.

    it’s super easy to come into the comments section and be an anonymous asshole, i guess.

  • If you look at the economics of this, I think you’re being manipulated here, QG. At a 10% discount (80 cents), the sandwich is still firmly profitable for Locali. Let’s say they sell 20 as a result of this post… that’s $16 of lost revenue. To get the kind of free publicity that QG is giving Locali would cost hundreds of dollars by any other medium (try buying a few hundred impressions on Yelp or Google).

    Quarrygirl.com gets thousands of loyal vegan good eaters from all over LA and beyond and I think you should make businesses like Locali work much harder to get their eyeballs.

    I bet if you pushed back and said “how about buy one get one free”‘ or a more generous discount like $3 off they’d still have wanted to do it, and everybody would win.

    In any case, Locali isn’t a vegan business, and sells all sorts of gross meat products. I think Sandra82 is right to attack you, as YOU decided to post on this and give a ton of free publicity to a business that’s neither vegan nor even trying that hard to give a respectable discount.

    Please negotiate better next time, or refuse to run the promotion. I’d rather read a post about a shitty Japanese restaurant in San Francisco than be insulted with what’s basically a fake discount.

    Having said all that, we do love you QG!

  • Wow! People attacking a vegan blog for writing a short post about a local discount? You guys sound like a bunch of assholes. This is seriously the kind of behavior that makes vegans look like lunatics.

    You should be thankful vegan websites and resources even exist, and that Locali is offering a discount.

    What a bunch of complainers.

  • Occasionally, we introduce limited-time, non-menu items as ‘specials’ here at the store. Due to support from loyal QG fans, we have made a consistent effort to keep them 100% vegan. QG has been phenomenal in promoting our latest dishes, both in standard and limited offerings. The discounts we extend to you, her readers, are in no way a negotiated rate. It is simply our way of showing appreciation for your support and feedback on an introducing a new item to our repertoire. We realize that there are increasingly more vegan options here in LA, and appreciate the fact that you are willing to give us a try. With more specials in the works, we expect to bring you some very tasty dishes in 2011, and we will continue to offer them at a discounted rate for QG subscribers. We always welcome your feedback and opinions at info@localiyours.com. Thanks for shopping Locali!

  • Damn straight⸮ We demand at least a 30% discount or we boycott quarrygirl!!!11 At this rate we would be better off reading groupon⸮ 😛

  • If you don’t like it, don’t go there. If you don’t like qg, don’t read it.

    Simple. Next!

  • well i, for one, appreciate the effort of locali to support vegans with so much deliciousness!!! most people will admit that the prices are slightly higher but imho it’s well worth it. they are educated about veganism, give portions of profits back to the community, and have THE NICEST STAFF on that side of town.
    i once screwed up my own order by not reading the menu correctly and ended up w real cheese. after calling them when i got home with my sandwich they offered to replace it for free…because of MY mistake.
    locali, i heart you!

  • locali sandwich = 7.95
    cost of making at home = $2
    reading a bunch of moronic comments = priceless

  • Classic stuff. A restaurant goes way out of it’s way to offer what I understand to be great, proper vegan food, with a discount (any discount is good no?) and yada yada yada. Yes it’s free publicity, but so what? Cook at home, on yer own if ya want. Or go out and support a place trying to support you and your diet and meet a bunch of great people? Hmmm. Know which I would do…

  • QG is not for poor vegans…basically…in case ya’ll hadn’t noticed.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    I’m happy to have any vegan discount!!

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