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    January 1st, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, vegan factory

    hey everyone! time for a reader review from right here in los angeles. this one comes to us from VeganHeartDoc as she gives us the rundown on vegan factory in tarzana. while i’m not the biggest fan of LA vegan thai myself, it’s nice to know what our options are, and which places stand out above the rest. here ya go:

    While some may suggest that vegan Thai food is overdone in Los Angeles, Vegan Factory does it incredibly well.

    Located in a strip mall on Ventura Boulevard west of Vanalden in Tarzana, Vegan Factory features soups, salads, curries, and noodle dishes.

    The dishes range from relatively healthy to downright decadent. Since I’m a cardiologist, I usually roll with at least a few healthful offerings, but my family, who I was bringing takeout dinner to, like some of the more sinful options.

    Slim Gym (Salad Kak): Soy chicken, romaine lettuces, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and alfalfa sprouts. Served with peanut dressing. $7.50

    Slim Gym Salad. No dehydrated pork products here! Soy chicken on a bed of romaine lettuce with tomato and cucumber slices, sprouts, and peanut dressing. The dressing has amazing flavor, and just a little bit is enough to make the salad delicious.

    Broccoli sauteed with vegan squid. $7.95

    Broccoli with Vegan Squid with carrot, in brown sauce.

    Pad Thai with tofu. $6.95

    Pad Thai with Tofu.

    Orange Chicken: Deep fried Crispy soy chicken sautéed with sweet orange sauce. $8.95

    Orange Chicken. Deep fried yumminess – one of my family’s favorites.

    My favorite is the Chicken Wrap sandwich, which I order without the Vegenaise and with a side of Italian dressing. It’s a very filling sandwich, and my only complaint is that when it’s made often the paper used to wrap it is tucked into the ends of the sandwich, which either leads to me removing the paper and the sandwich falling apart, or I end up biting into a mouthful of paper at the end of my sandwich. Once they fix this little glitch, the sandwich will be absolutely perfect.

    For an amazing deal during the week, you can get a lunch special for $6.95-$8.95, which includes a curry, soup, salad, summer roll, and steamed brown rice.

    Vegan Factory
    19014 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana, CA 91356
    Mon-Fri 11:00am-10:00pm ☼ Sat-Sun 12:00 noon -10:00pm

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  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Thanks for the review. I wonder if their green curry is good. I am a huge vegan-green-curry fan, maybe I will try ordering it if I stop in.

    And Happy New Year To Everyone!!

  • I’ve eaten there many times and their food is great. They deliver locally, too. I’ve since moved from the area and really miss the Vegan Factory.

  • That Pad Thai with tofu looks scrumptious!

  • brave soul ordering that Squid. Dont think i could go down that road.

    Gauri- i can attest their yellow curry with tofu is really good. havent tried green yet as yellow is my “go to”.

  • Well I used to eat there but have not since I found Quarry Girl and the Operation Pancake story. I will say that the food at Vegan Factory is the best of the Thai vegan joints I have been too….I am just so turned off from Operation Pancake that I have been avoiding all vegan Thai places. I only get my Asian fix now at Vinh Loi Tofu and Mandoline Grill.

    And yeah I know I suck since I have yet to try Shojin….one of these days….I promise.

  • I’ve little doubt we’d be calling Vegan Factory for delivery if we lived in Tarzana. But since we live in Hollywood, we call the fabulous Thai vegetarian restaurants located in this area: Green Leaves, Truly, and Bulan. Thank GOODNESS for these, and for the fact that they DELIVER!

  • WTF, The Pad Thai my cousin got did not look like that! LOL. It had thinner noodles. I kind of questioned it, but it was good anyways. Whatever, but I just found that odd haha

  • their green curry is amazing

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