• UPDATED: vegan menus at the wynn in las vegas: a public service announcement

    December 11th, 2010quarrygirllas vegas, more restaurants (not LA)

    UPDATE 9/5/11: before dining at the wynn, please check your restaurant’s dress code. i’ve heard some horror stories of nice vegans being turned away for not being fancy enough. boo! just a heads up!

    BIG UPDATE: since the writing of this post, we’ve gotten a ton of menus for more places at the wynn. huge thanks to awesome quarrygirl reader matthew who sent us a PDF with vegan menus from FOURTEEN of wynn’s restaurants!!! this should help you plan your trip. click here for the menus.

    hey readers! it’s been all up in the news lately that since mogul steve wynn went vegan, EVERY restaurant at his hotel on the las vegas strip has vegan options! awesome, right? YES.

    however, the bad news is, the menus for these places aren’t officially posted anywhere online. we went to vegas last month and decided to start collecting vegan wynn menus for your benefit. we were there for a couple hours, and hit up every place we passed that was open…but we still only scratched the surface. i urge you, readers, to take these menus as a starting point to see what’s out there. and if you ever go to the wynn and get your grubby little hands on more menus, SEND THEM TO US. we will post them. the restaurants all appear to act independently, so we’ve seen everything from innovative options to salad sans cheese. here’s what we’ve got:

    let’s start with the buffet…

    no matter what, the wynn needs to be applauded for adding several vegan items to their all you can eat buffet. the buffet is $40 per person, and includes unlimited food as well as bottomless champagne. the selections change each day, but vegan items are clearly marked and the staff will let you go have a look before deciding if you want to commit. here is what the buffet had listed specifically as “vegan” when we went.

    vegan stuffing

    vegan naan

    vegan corn and quinoa cakes

    vegan babaganoush

    strange how the babaganoush is listed as vegan, but the hummus isn’t. we found this a lot at the buffet, stuff that looked like it was vegan by default often times wasn’t marked…but other stuff was. for instance, NOTHING at the salad bar was labeled as vegan. not even the mixed greens!

    seating at the wynn buffet

    the next place we hit up was zooza crackers deli. with the exception of matzo ball soup, their vegan menu was pretty boring. they did have spaten on tap though, which is the best beer we could find at wynn.

    vegan menu at zooza crackers deli

    next up was terrace point cafe, a poolside restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch.

    vegan menu at terrace point cafe

    as you can see, they had some simple yet decent options.

    after that, we got a menu from stratta, a fancy italian restaurant.

    stratta's vegan menu at wynn

    their options were limited to mainly cheeseless salads and pizzas, but at least they had a vegan dessert!

    the cafe, right across from stratta, had the worst vegan options of anywhere we checked out.

    vegan options at cafe at wynn

    they didn’t even have a separate vegan menu. the lady working there just pointed at two salads. one could be made vegan by omitting cheese, and the other by omitting SHRIMP. ew.

    red 8 is a casual dining chinese restaurant, and their vegan menu was great. we actually ended up eating there (expect a post on that soon), and had a lovely meal.

    vegan menu at red 8

    pizza place is probably the best vegan option at the wynn. they go as far to offer teese cheese pizza and have a great selection of vegan-friendly salads and appetizers.

    vegan menu at pizza place

    to read about our great meal at pizza place, check out our previous post. i highly recommend it!

    well, that’s all the menus we have for now. as you can see, the vegan options at wynn range from boring to awesome. definitely check them out if you are in vegas, and support the hotel for catering to our type. like i said earlier, if you have photos of any other wynn menus, send them to me and i’ll post them.

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  • We stayed at the Encore for Thanksgiving. I can not RAVE ENOUGH about the vegan menu at Switch.

    Tofu Carpaccio was incredible!

    GO there…

  • QG, you are insatiable. Thanks so much for doing this.

  • How sad that the Stratta offers next to nothing! Thanks for the “heads-up” on that! Wouldn’t dream of wasting time there! But red8, on the other hand, looks great, and appears to be the BEST restaurant at the Wynn hotels! Looking forward to reading your upcoming review of it. Thanks for this very helpful information!

  • Oops, looks like it was The Cafe that had next-to-nothing, not Stratta (although Stratta appears to have very little in the way of gluten-free dishes).

  • I just booked my hotel in Vegas for a trip in January. Thanks to the Wynn’s vegan options and this post I’m staying at Encore!

  • Confession, I got married in Vegas, so it’s a town near and dear to my heart 🙂 Next time I go I’ll stay at Wynn, simply to be near vegan options and to support him! 🙂 Thanks so much for showing us the options!

  • i got married in vegas too!!!! five years ago TODAY. <3

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Oh my gosh!! In that case: Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!! 😀

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Yea, seriously!! Thanks so much for the detailed information and photos. So helpful.

  • Awesome! Tks for all the pics and info. Going to Vegas January and can’t wait to check this all out. Nice!

  • I love it!

    I’m so happy to be a WYNN stock holder too, this is great for veg, vag, and vegan types like us!

    can’t wait to go!

  • Happy Anniversary!!!! Twelve years ago for us at The Little Chapel of the Flowers 🙂

  • You rock. That is all.

  • Happy Anniversary! Ours is next month. Married at Chapel of the Bells. 🙂

  • Wow, happy anniversary Quarrygirl and Mr. Meaner!

  • My husband and I just got back from a short trip to Vegas, and made the same maddening trip through the Encore and the Wynn checking out all the secret vegan menus. I didn’t think to bring any home, but we did manage to take a look at almost every single one. We were most excited by the five course vegan tasting menu at Botero. It was totally delicious, and the restaurant was gorgeous, but it wasn’t nearly as inspired as a dinner at Millennium or Candle 79 for the same price. We also took a chance on the pizza, tofu sub and zeppoles at Pizza Place and they were decent. The matzo ball soup and veg sandwich at Zoozacrackers was bland as all get out, but I have to say I appreciate the effort.

  • Happy Anniversary!!! Red8 has always been my standby, can’t wait to try these out!

  • omg we share an anniversary. Our civil ceremony was Dec 11 a year ago.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    How cool!! Happy Anniversary to you guys too!!!

  • Happy Anniversary! I know I’m going on a surprise birthday trip this year and I think it might be Vegas…I’ve never been and my one concern would have been finding good vegan food. So glad there are plenty of places to eat! I would get married there if we could and if Tony wouldn’t kill us since he wants our wedding to be the first event at Mowhawk.

  • hope you had a great anniversary weekend!

  • omg if you had your wedding at mohawk, that would be epic!!!!

    I went to Sinatra’s at the Encore and my boyfriends and I got both the vegan version of the beet salad (ie sans cheese) and the heirloom tomato salad. Tomato salad was ok, but good lord! You MUST get the beet salad, absolutely delicious and so special!

    The bf is not vegan but said his vegetarian ravioli with asparagus creme melted in his mouth. Now I had eaten some “vegan rissotto” at Sensi at the Bellagoi just 2 days before and it was sadly one of the worst meals I have ever had. Severely undercooked and bland bland bland! The mushroom risotto at Sinatra’s however, was bursting with flavor, creamy, and chock full of exotic mushrooms in every single bite. Seriously, they do not skimp!

    They also had homemade fruit sorbets that were like a punch of tart, vibrant flavor in every bite. SOOO amazing!

    Also, the service was impeccable and so attentive. One of the best meals and best dining experiences I’ve ever had. I will definitely be back every time I’m in Vegas to explore more of Steve Wynn’s delicious vegan options!

  • Thank you for this post!!!

    I ate Thanksgiving dinner at the Wynn Buffet and it was Awesome! The vegan selections exceeded expectations in both quantity and quality. My only disappointment was the lack of vegan dessert options – only sorbet and fruit. Can a brotha get a vegan red velevt cupcake up in there?!

    Gotta try Pizza Place now!

  • I just came across this review of a 5-course vegan meal culled from 5 of the Wynn’s restaurants:

    Just ignore all the snarky shit the writer says in the beginning about vegans!

  • Thanks so much for all these great posts! They really helped me navigate my way through Vegas. Just as an update – I ate at Stratta on Saturday at lunch time and had a wonderful vegan meal! They must have made some updates, because there were several options (including a yummy salad and pizza, which I had) and some great vegan beers on tap. Our meal there was MUCH better than the meal at The Cafe, also in the Wynn.

  • Thank you so much for posting this! My dad and I are going to Vegas in a few weeks and I’ve been going on and on about Steve Wynn and how I’m way more excited about the plethora of vegan cuisine than I am about Circue du Soleil or any blackjack table.

    Thank you for putting all the menus in one place! It’s going to make our trip so much easier. He’s been vegetarian for 30+ years and I was raised veggie and am now vegan. I’m trying to get him off dairy, eggs and fish now…quite the role reversal! I got him to switch to almond milk, but it’s still an uphill battle. The good news is, he’s embarrassed to eat any animal products in front of me, so at least we’ll have a nice vegan weekend together! 🙂

  • Thanks for this information! Just got back from Vegas. Ate at La Cave at the Wynn. Asked for the vegan menu, they were friendly and obliging as you state. Will send photo of menu and food.

  • Thanks so much!!! I appreciate all of the work you are doing. =D

  • My husband and I just stayed there for the a few days. They had so many awesome options while were there!

    Check out our blog post on it: http://www.columbusvegan.com/2011/08/wynn-creates-vegan-oasis-in-desert.html

    We covered Botero and the room service, which I didn’t see on your blog post. We got a lot of great photos, too!

  • I will only ever stay at the Wynn now. Having great options for food just makes the trip way more enjoyable. The menu for Terrace Point has been updated quite a bit since your pictures/pdf… For instance, they now serve vegan chicken and waffles, and there are appetizers and desserts! I don’t have a clear picture of the updated options, or I would send it to you…

    But I did take a shot of the vegan options at Red 8 Asian Bistro while I was there in June of this year: http://twitpic.com/6sgir5

    I had the GARDEIN “Chicken” Sui Mei (liked it), vegetarian fried rice (the rice was undercooked and hard, but I’m sure it was just a fluke, and we let them know), and the Vegan Tofu Shiitake (loved it). I have photos of the food, too, but I’m not going to link to each one here.

  • Stratta’s vegan menu is much improved now. I had the best vegan pizza of my life there. The crust was super thin and crispy. I don’t know what the cheese substitue was but it was better than any I’ve had. Highly recommended.

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