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    February 12th, 2011quarrygirllas vegas, more restaurants (not LA)

    as you probably already know, since going vegan himself, vegas mogul steve wynn has ensured that every restaurant in his strip hotel has a vegan menu. we’ve already posted most of the menus online for you to check out, but what about the food we’ve actually eaten?aside from pizza place (which we reviewed earlier), the only other wynn establishment we’ve dined at is red 8, a fancy pants chinese bistro.

    upon arriving and asking for the vegan menu, we realized it was all pretty standard “vegan 1.0” stuff (meaning mostly vegetables with a touch of tofu), but we decided to give it a whirl anyways…

    for the real world, everything was severely overpriced—we are talking 12 bucks for a plate of steamed vegetables—but las vegas is its own universe where prices like these are totally acceptable. we got 3 dishes to share, along with plenty of rice and hot sauce, and went to town.

    steamed vegetable basket $12

    first up, the steamed vegetable basket. although this thing was uber expensive, i really can’t fault the quality. top notch mushrooms, carrots, spinach, and squash all perfectly cooked. simple, but delicious.

    chinese greens sauteed with garlic $12

    the next dish was a plate of garlicky sauteed greens—string beans, gai lan, choy sum, and baby bok choy to be exact. this dish was just exquisite with all the delicate little vegetables and flavorful sauce. again, waaaaaaaay overpriced, just like i assume the hotel rooms are at the wynn as well.

    tofu and black mushroom stir fried veggies. $18

    lastly, the best dish of all was the “tofu and black mushroom stir fried veggies”—a massive pile of broccoli and greens topped with crispy fried tofu and soft mushrooms drenched in sauce. this reminded me somewhat of the mapo tofu at pf chang’s, if you’re familiar with that, but not as sweet and with better vegetables. i’d highly recommend it.

    overall, our meal at red 8 was exceptional, albeit a bit of a ripoff. i would definitely return because even though the food may not be that inventive, it’s very good, and probably one of the best options right now at the wynn. i did hear that tal ronnen has recently joined the wynn’s culinary team with the goal of revamping their vegan menus—so i’m sure that place will be a regular gardein factory in no time. can’t wait.

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