• vegan fast food at the wynn in las vegas: quick bites!

    September 9th, 2011quarrygirllas vegas, more restaurants (not LA)

    it looks like the wynn is really upping its game when it comes to vegan offerings. several of the hotel’s restaurants now offer gardein, and terrace pointe cafe has even introduced a vegan fast food menu! WTF?! i was at terrace pointe less than a year ago and was stoked to see tofu pockets, hummus and soy milk on the menu.

    above is a pic of the burger, shake, and fries i got from a reader named anita. here’s what she wrote…

    I went to Terrace Pointe Cafe at Wynn. This was the Vegan Burger (mcdonalds style – pickles, minced onion, gardein patty, faux cheese, tomato, mustard, fries and a chocolate shake with almond milk). Came in a box. Didn’t taste great but it was a cool idea!

    didn’t taste great?! i still wanna try it!

    if this burger and all the vegan food at the wynn isn’t enough to make you wanna visit vegas, morrissey is also playing a show there on november 25th. i’m sure there will be even more awesome vegan menu items at the wynn by then!

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  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    How cool is that!!
    Eventually, if this type of thing would be available everywhere, in every city, I’d be soooo happy:D

  • Thanks for the post, I’m going to Vegas this weekend!

  • They have vegan options at every restaurant in the wynn and encore! At the switch steak, they have some really good stuff.

  • My husband and I stayed at the Encore recently and had this a couple times. It was awesome. It tasted like we remember McDonald’s burgers tasted. The shake was nummy too. It wasn’t a “This tastes amazing!” meal, but it was pretty good and fun.

  • I don’t know what your reader was talking about, because the whole meal was awesome! My husband and I had the Wynn Burger three times in the span of two days (once for “brunch”).It tasted just like a McDonald’s burger, only better. The shake was great. My husband even got his shake “super sized”! I was very pleasantly surprised by all of the great vegan options at the Wynn and Encore. I would highly recommend any of them, especially the Wynn Burger.

  • I use to go to Vegas all the time and now that they have stuff I can eat I haven’t been able to go. What’s with that!

  • How much was it?
    I want to eat that!
    This and the donut place in vegas makes Vegas the happiest place on drunk earth.

  • Bonus, the whole thing is only $9

  • We had this meal a couple months ago on a trip to Vegas- The bun on the burger was a little… blah, however the patty/condiments and fries were great. The shake was AMAZING!!! I have never had such a delicious shake in my life!

  • Will definitely try this my next visit!

  • Omg yum. Going to vegas asap.

  • Holy shit. In VEGAS? You can’t even get a deal like that at Veggie Grill.

  • I stayed at the Mirage for a week and I went to the Wynn and Encore every day to eat. The burger is ok but the choc milkshake was delicious. And Red 8 do an awesome Gardien meal. And we had some delicious meals at the Society Cafe (Encore)

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Now I really want that vegan chocolate milkshake!!

  • FYI, the fries at the pizza place are cooked in same fryer as the calamari.

  • My friend got this meal at Society Cafe this weekend (I had already eaten at Botero, which had some really great, but fancier and much more expensive dishes) and I tried a little of each item. All were good, with the coconut-chocolate shake being the standout. It tasted exactly what I can recall a McD’s burger tasting (take that w/ a grain of salt, it’s been 20 yrs since I’ve had one). Not haute cuisine by any means, but totally awesome vegan fast food.

  • we went to the wynn a few weeks ago and were blown away.

    we didn’t eat here, but went to the buffet, where the chef came out and told us everything that was safe. the buffet even had a pasta station that was all vegan! including a “meat” sauce, an alfredo sauce, and vegan ravioli! we also tried the pizza place that offered pizza with follow your heart cheese. $25 for a 14″ pizza, a side, and a salad…not bad for vegas.

    i will have to try this burger next time though!

  • Man, I’ll go anywhere that’ll serve me vegan ravioli or tortellini.

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