• Vegan Cobblers from Cobblermania: Reader Review!

    November 30th, 2010quarrygirlCobblermania, LA restaurants, vegan bakers

    hey everyone! time for a reader review by leigh about an awesome all vegan los angeles cobbler stand called cobblermania. i’ve never tried their food, but this place appears to be a bit of a moving target, operating everyday at the NE corner of la brea and venice…as well at various farmers markets including hollywood, mar vista, torrance, culver city, downtown LA, and san dimas. the best way to track these guys down/get their hours is to call (323) 316-4793. i called them at 8:30pm on a weeknight, and they picked up and were ready to answer any questions about their schedule. from the looks of this review, they are definitely worth checking out. i know i am gonna make it a point to visit them soon!

    Cobbler Mania is a cobbler stand on the NE side of the intersection between La Brea and Venice and it promises to be “So Good You’ll (Want To) Slap Somebody!”. They’re not out there every single day but they were today and were prominently displaying a tempting “$5.00 Cobbler Sale” sign…

    My girlfriend and I pulled off and checked out all of the cobblers that they had to offer. The sign out front also says “Vegans in Paradise” and when I asked which ones were vegan she told me that they only offer vegan cobblers!

    They had quite a big selection offering all of the classics, ranging from strawberry-rhubarb to apple.

    Still quite full from our Thanksgiving over-indulgence, my girlfriend and I decided to only get one blackberry cobbler. They were so beautifully made with little heart cut-outs, and at only $5 each, we definitely should have gotten more!

    I asked the friendly woman working there when they are generally open and she said that they were in the process of moving back indoors at their same location and were hoping to go back to 7 days a week of business. For the time being they are operating out of a tent, but seem to be open most days regardless. They’re generally open during rush hour, so it’s a good escape from the often lousy traffic on La Brea or Venice.

    We brought the cobbler home and ate a little bit as soon as I could reach for the bowl. I am extremely pleased to share that the cobbler was delicious! It was the perfect mix of sweet and tart and the crust was absolutely perfect. They apparently only sweeten with agave nectar which really works well to mellow out the tartness of the berries.

    I really recommend this place! The cobbler is perfect, the location is convenient (at least for me or someone living near Mid-Wilshire, Baldwin Hills, or the East Culver City area), and at $5 the price is right. I think that $5 was a sale price, but I can’t imagine that the general cost is much more. I bet if Whole Foods decided to start actually carrying some good vegan desserts they could sell this cobbler for at least twice as much.

    If you’re ever in the area, or even if you’re not because this place is awesome and deserves the trip (it’s right off the 10), make your way over to Cobbler Mania to get some awesome dessert!

    NE corner of venice and la brea 2-8pm (mostly)

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  • They are nearly /always/ at the Hollywood farmer’s market (Sunday 8-1)! I know you mentioned it but I’d just like to add that it’s pretty certain they’ll be there. They usually have the first stand on the right when you walk in from Vine. Good for those looking for a more northern location 🙂

  • it’s really good. they used to (not sure if they still do) have a booth by the farmers’ market at USC every tuesday so i had the chance to try these. affordable too!

    i asked why she started making vegan cobblers, and i think she said something about her or her family being allergic to dairy and eggs. hooray for us! pretty sure she uses agave nectar instead of refined sugar as well.

  • These are great!
    They’re also at the Mar Vista Market every sunday…

  • I’ve had one, it’s good stuff.

  • I’ve tried maybe 4 of their flavors and they are all great but peach has got to be my absolute favorite 😛

  • I bought a cobbler from them at world fest. Had I known it was going to be so delicious, I would have bought more!

  • I go to the Torrance Farmers market and I have chatted with the woman behind Cobblermania, Shae Seward. She’s a really nice lady and remembers her customers who buy her cobblers. I tried the peach, blackberry and some mixed fruit concoction.

    The big problem with me is that I can polish off the entire cobbler in one sitting–I have done that twice. She rarely makes one portion cobblers, so I HAD to buy the larger size. I have never seen them on sale, so they can be a little pricey at $7.00 so they’re only an occational treat.

    BTW: Torrance Farmers market is very vegan friendly. There are many food vendors who prominantly promote their products as such.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    I’d never heard of them before, I will be trying one of these!!

  • Dear Cobblermaniacs, thanks for all the love!Considering all I, the founder of Cobblermania, have gone through to stay in business on the NE corner of Venice and So. LaBrea, you made my day. Know that I needed to read these positive reviews. The city is making me modify the storefront. “Standfront” would be more accurate. Until the standfront is enclosed, I now have a permit to sell our cobblers from a 10×10 tent we use at our farmers’ market booths. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY BUSINESS AND COBBLERMANIACS! We are trying to open from 2pm to 8 pm daily. I can be reached 24/7 on my cell @ (323) 316-4793. We need and appreciate your business, so please take a stand for my little stand. Thanks, again, Sincerely, Shae!

  • Dr.Roland Holmes

    You go girl. I hope your Holiday Season is most successful. Give a yell when your time permits.

    Stay as Sweet as your Cobblers


  • I tried these before at fiesta hermosa. so good, I ate the whole thing as lunch. thanks for the info about the torrance farmer’s market. I’m gonna be going soon =)

  • OOOPS! Just noticed that the number listed for Cobblermania is wrong. The correct number is (323) 316-4793 (not 326-4793). Thanks!!!! Call us now, Shae!

  • As of late May 2011, Cobblermania has also been selling cobblers at Grand Central Market (GCM) in downtown LA on M-W-F from 10-5. GCM is a historical landmark that has been open since 1917. The parking lot is accessed on Hill street (just before 3rd Street). With validation, parking is free for one hour; however, you can just pull up and run in for what you want if it’ll take less than 5-10 minutes you should be OK (before 4 pm).

  • Great news! Cobblermania is back on the westside! Our great cobblers are being sold from 11 am to 10 pm at the Lucy Florence Coffee House, located at 5671 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90019. It’s a beautiful place with a shabby chic vibe. Cobblermania cobblers are baked and delivered to the coffee house every morning. We are soooo glad to be back. Please tell/bring lots of folks. Also, we are going to have a Cobblermania baking sale on Monday, Sept. 5, 2011. Love you and the business. Shae!

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