• UPDATED 12/24: vegan xmas in los angeles 2010!

    December 16th, 2010quarrygirlvegan events

    whether or not you celebrate xmas, it sure is a good excuse to eat some tasty holiday food. the 25th is just around the corner, so we’ve started a list of xmas vegan meals in and around los angeles. please let me know if i am missing anything, and keep checking back, because this list will be updated as i get more info!

    vegan xmas from doomie's?! yes, please!

    UPDATED: doomie’s home cookin’ (dine in xmas and xmas eve)
    THIS JUST IN from doomie’s twitter/fb on 12/24:

    Come get a X-mas dinner package ala carte or as a whole package for $10! We’re open today until 8 pm and tomorrow from 2 pm – 10 pm for dine in and takeout! (Regular menu still available.)

    if you want a good ole vegan home-cooked meal on xmas or xmas eve, doomie’s has got it! they haven’t got their menu sorted out just yet, but they will be open on 12/24 from noon-8pm and 12/25 from 2pm-10pm. doomie’s food is ALWAYS AMAZING, so this is a good bet! this just in: doomie’s is gonna be doing a scoop-n-go style feast for the holiday. similar to their thanksgiving items, only in the deli case. customers can select what they want and the staff will scoop it in a box for them. mashed potatoes, yams, stuffing, etc! call ahead for deets. 714-883-7657

    JUST ADDED: madeleine bistro (open TONIGHT, xmas eve!)
    according to their facebook on 12/24 at 2pm:

    We are open for dinner tonight!! We will open at 5pm and continue seating until 9pm. We will be serving a variety of popular menu items as well as Christmas Eve specials. Hope to see you!! Happy Holidays!!!

    xmas dinner at shojin!

    shojin restaurant (dine in on xmas day on xmas eve)
    right now, shojin is looking like the best option for a vegan xmas feast. they are doing a 7 course tasting menu for just $39 that includes a homemade seitan wellington (OMG!), several appetizers, soup, salad, stew, rice, and dessert. it all sounds amazing. seating is limited, so call for a reservation asap: 213-617-0305. their holiday hours are 12/24 from 4pm – 10pm and 12/25 from 12pm – 2pm and 3pm – 10pm. for more info, check out their site.

    JUST ADDED: cobblermania (selling cobblers on xmas eve!)
    this just in folks: cobblermania, a vegan cobbler stand, on the NE corner of Venice and LaBrea (1510 So. LaBrea) will be open from noon to 7 pm on X-mas Eve. They will be selling individual cobblers ($7) in the following flavors: peach, blueberry-peach, apple, blackberry, blackberry-apple, strawberry-mango, strawberry-rhubarb, and sweet potato. They are all delicious and sweetened with agave nectar. Make sure you get the cobbler(s) you crave by calling Shae @ (323) 316-4793. Happy Holidaze, cobblermaniacs!

    JUST ADDED: bodhi tree (all you can eat xmas eve buffet! whoa!)
    bodhi tree in huntington beach is doing an ALL YOU CAN EAT xmas eve buffet on friday 12/24 from 1pm-8pm for just $19.95!

    JUST ADDED: woodlands vegetarian restaurant (open on xmas and xmas eve)
    fancy a curry for xmas? woodlands vegetarian restaurant in chatsworth is open! (call ahead do confirm hours)

    JUST ADDED: golden mean (open on xmas and xmas eve)
    west siders rejoice! according to their twitter, golden mean in santa monica will be open over the holiday!

    stuff i eat (dine-in feast on xmas eve and holiday take-out)
    stuff i eat in inglewood will be serving up a holiday feast on xmas eve from noon-8pm that includes bbq tofu, mac n cheese, salad, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, greens, yams, cornbread, and pie. it’s $35 per person, and from what i’ve heard, their holiday meals are AMAZING. if you want to order take-out, get your orders in by 12/21. more info here!

    SOLD OUT native foods (holiday party meals in native tote bags!)
    if you want to have a feast at home, but don’t feel like cooking, native foods is your spot! they are closed on xmas day, but are taking orders for holiday meals that will be available for pickup on the 23rd or 24th. here is their info:

    m cafe (holiday roast dinner to-go) MUST ORDER BY TODAY AT NOON (12/22)
    m cafe is also doing an entirely vegan take-away feast that includes a seitan roast dinner, herbed bread stuffing, pan gravy, and cranberry relish. it also comes with soup and 2 side dishes of your choice. check out their full menu and ordering info here. (all orders must be placed before noon on 12/22)

    cinnamon vegetarian (holiday dinner to-go)
    cinnamon in highland park is offering a traditional turkey dinner. it comes with faux turkey roast, gravy, cinnamon raisin stuffing, cranberry sauce, sesame green beans, mashed potatoes, and dessert. single serving is $20, and $65 will get you dinner for 4.

    follow your heart (xmas feast to-go and dine in on 12/23 and 12/24)
    follow your heart in canoga park is accepting orders now for vegan holiday to-go orders, which include vegan roasted turkey, corn tamales, mashed potatoes, maple glazed yams, creamy gravy, stuffing, mock chicken pate, lemon sauce, cranberry relish, and 2 types of pie. they will also be offering a 5 course feast at the cafe on 12/23 from noon – 9pm and 12/24 from noon – 4pm. that will include soup, salad, a sweet corn tamale, vegetarian chicken with holiday gravy and vegetables, and an artichoke xmas tree with sauce! for more info, call them at 818-348-1509

    that’s all i’ve got for now. keep checkin’ back for more, and happy holidaze.

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  • I just booked a table for Shojin!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Oh thanks so much!! Delicious ideas 😀

  • I’m going to get another Wellington from Native Foods. Fed six people last time, with tons of leftovers, and was incredibly tasty…. Highly recommended.

  • think i am ordering the tamales from Cinammon for a traditional xmas meal.

  • We almost always go to Whole Foods to pick up our Holiday dishes. Plenty of great regular AND gluten-free vegan options there!

  • Woodland’s Vegetarian Indian restaurant will also be open on Christmas Day. Best all vegetarian Indian in LA!

  • FINALLY went to Doomie’s yesterday. The food was AMAZING! BEST vegan food I’ve had. It’s in a shitty strip mall, and it’s a little bit of a dump, but seriously, the best food in town.

  • At at Native in Culver City on Thanksgiving and it was incredible! The Wellington was BOMB and the owner/chef was right there, dishing out our yummy food at the buffet. Would eat there on Christmas day in a heartbeat!

  • QG…. what about traditional Jewish xmas: Chinese food and a movie.

    Where can I find a vegan Chinese feast on xmas day?

  • oooh that is a good question. maybe kung pao bistro is open. not sure. if they are though, they have vegan options.

    i really haven’t written much about vegan chinese food…do you have any favorite places i should check out?!

  • Happy Family! 111 N Atlantic Blvd, Monterey Park, CA 91754

    They offer an all-you-can-eat with like, 100 items. But it’s not buffet; you keep ordering, they keep bringing it.

    There are things on the regular menu that aren’t on the all-you-can-eat menu, unfortunately. Crazy shit like shark fin soup and various organs.

  • this place is awesome

    Garden Wok
    6117 Reseda Blvd.
    Reseda, CA 91335
    Phone 818-881-7073

  • Good to hear that Woodland Indian restaurant will be open on Christmas. Indian restaurants tend to have plenty of gluten-free vegan options. We ate all of our Thanksgiving selections from Whole Foods at lunch that day, and needed to call out for dinner. All of our favorite restaurants that do delivery (Green Leaves, Bulan, Truly, and Sante La Brea) were closed except Gate of India, so we were able to order from them and the food, as always, was delicious. Don’t know if Gate of India will be open on Christmas, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it is. I LOVE their food!

  • I also love Happy Family III! There are a couple mock meat items that maybe have whey or something but there are tons of delicious 100% vegan items on their all-you-can-eat menu.

  • Yeah, the vast majority is stuff like seitan, taro root, fried mushrooms, etc. I’ve never really asked them what their milk/egg policy is. We like to call the fried bread “Questionable Bread” but it’s ridiculous. How do they make it like string cheese?? And the green beans… Jesus Christ, talk about last-meal material.

  • Does anyone know of any vegan or vegan-friendly restaurants open in Santa Monica or Venice on Christmas Day?

  • Cinnamon makes amazing tamales by the dozen, too. Great for bringing to potlucks or informal gatherings.

  • What about Flore Vegan Cuisine? Their food is amazing! Do you know if they will open on X-mas day?


  • Curious why you say Xmas and not Christmas. I wish you didn’t have so much fowl language on your site (f word all the time) so my small vegan children (under 10) could read your site and pick out where to eat.

  • @Eddie

    Children under 10 should not be on the Internet unsupervised. I’d hate to think they might stumble upon a vegan blog that’s all about animal welfare and be forever harmed by the odd fuck, shit or (your heaven forbid, worst of all) XMAS.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    “Fowl” as in birds? I don’t believe poultry is discussed overly much on her site.

    [Okay yea the rain is bringing out clumsy and pathetic attempts at mild and low-level snark. I will be quiet now. Hehe.]

  • Curious why you say LOL instead of Laughing Out Loud…

  • ah HEM. i prefer animal rights to animal welfare. 😉 but otherwise, spot on!

  • what about new year’s? any special dining options for that?

  • HA! 😀

  • yes! tony’s darts away and rahel’s ethiopian are both having NYE celebrations.

  • fyi, the FYH artichoke xmas tree is ADORABLE.

  • Shojin is confirmed to be open till 10 on NYE.

  • YES!!! i took them to a gathering and they were the first thing gone! they put them in this nice big catering type tray (not tossed in a plastic bag how i’ve seen some resaurants do) and they stay really warm. and then they give you two big containers of that amazing salsa with it. yummmm. as a kid we always had tamales on xmas. i think now i need to resume that tradition!

  • I just found out that Native Foods already ran out of the Christmas tote bag meals! I am feeling no small amount of devastation. Thanks QG for providing all these other options!

  • Just got email that Flore will be closed on both xmas eve and xmas 🙁

  • Garden Wok is AMAZING! i wish it was closer to me, cuz its fannntastic. Completely veggie, a lot of vegan… SO good.

  • Thanks so much QG! I have a crew of some of my favorite omnis heading to Doomies with me for xmas eve before an arclight film. I can’t imagine a better xmas eve.

  • I used to go to the veggie chinese places in the SG valley (happy family et al), but I haven’t in a while because I’m dubious of the veganness of the mock meats and since I cannot speak any Chinese dialect, I can’t confirm/deny the ingredients.

    Do we have a native speaker willing to investigate?

  • Cobblermania, a vegan cobbler stand, on the NE corner of Venice and LaBrea (1510 So. LaBrea) will be open from noon to 7 pm on X-mas Eve. They will be selling individual cobblers ($7)in the following flavors: peach, blueberry-peach, apple, blackberry, blackberry-apple, strawberry-mango, strawberry-rhubarb, and sweet potato. They are all delicious and sweetened with agave nectar. Make sure you get the cobbler(s) you crave by calling Shae @ (323) 316-4793. Happy Holidaze, cobblermaniacs!

  • Doomie's Home Cookin'

    Btw, the picture featured shows what we are offering today.
    In fancy food talk its:
    Garlic Rosemary Mashed Potatoes
    Brown Gravy with Sage
    Sugar and Spice Yams
    Glazed Carrots with Fennel Seed
    Crimini Mushroom Two Tone Stuffing
    Clove Ham Medalions

    In Doomie’s talk it’s:
    Mash taters n gravy
    Stuffin with stuff in
    Ham-ish meat square
    Sweet and salty carrots
    Yummy orange stuff

    Either way, come check it out and we hope you’ll enjoy it!

    Happy Holidays

  • Thanks so much for providing this list! We had to plan for a few different diets and it was hugely useful. We got a Native Foods tote and a FYH one – former was fantastic, latter was quite good for what turned up in the bag, but there were no mashed potatoes, lemon sauce or pie, which sucked because those items were the reason I decided to drive 22 miles to get theirs over other restaurants. TOTALLY my fault for assuming when they didn’t ask any questions that we’d get the same items mentioned here, just mentioning so someone else doesn’t make the same mistake in years to come.

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