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    November 14th, 2010quarrygirlvegan bakers

    there are a lot of vegan cupcakes available in los angeles, but i can say from what i’ve tried that clara’s cakes are some of the best. the blogosphere has been buzzin’ about clara’s cakes for a while, so i was super excited when i got a chance to try them yesterday. i’m happy to report that they exceeded my expectations, and i’m already plotting my next cupcake indulgence.

    vegan tiramisu cupcake

    clara’s cakes is an all vegan cupcake company run by 13-year-old baker clara polito. that’s right, clara is only 13 and she makes some of the best cupcakes i’ve ever tasted. so far i’ve only tried the tiramisu flavor, and it was intense. as described on clara’s website, “If this cupcake could be a person it’d be a chic, sophisticated, Italian woman. Magnifico vanilla base with espresso filling and cream cheese. Delicato cream cheese frosting topped with cocoa powder and a single semi-sweet chocolate chip.”

    the moment i tasted the rich cheesy frosting, i knew this was going to be a good cupcake…but when i got to the cream cheese espresso filling center, it blew my eff-ing mind! (keeping the language in this post clean, for the kids!) seriously, this thing was incredible. the cake was all soft and moist, and the frosting was luscious and creamy. to be honest, i usually get pretty bored with cupcakes once the frosting is gone. i have been known to only eat the frosting and discard the cake. not with clara’s cakes though, these tiramisu babies had frosting in the MIDDLE to keep me happy all the way through. the center of the cupcake was the best part, all gooey and coffee-flavored.

    after trying the tiramisu, i’m dying to get a taste of clara’s other flavors. her menu is pretty creative, with stuff like bubblegum frosting, and vegan cupcake flavors including thin mint, orange dreamsicle and neapolitan. you can order cupcakes online from clara’s website, and i highly suggest you do so ASAP. there is also going to be a bake sale next month at locali to help raise money for clara’s school trip to nyc, so mark your calendars! let’s show this young vegan baker some support…i promise you won’t be disappointed.

    clara politio of clara's cakes

    clara’s cakes website
    follow clara on twitter

    PS: i also got to meet clara herself yesterday, and she is rad. read her musings about animal rights, vegan food, and cool music at her blog, clara in veganland.

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  • Clara’s cupcakes rule. I love that she is an animal activist at only 13! I’ve only tried her gluten free cupcakes, because everything else had sold out by the time I got to the bake sale, but the frosting was AMAZING. I’m gonna have to try and stop by locali bake sale (and pick up some tofurky pizzas while I’m at it).

    That vegan tiramisu cupcake looks so frickin’ good.

  • Those cupcakes look incredible! I’m going to order some over the holidays for my guests. Is it too good to be true that a 13-year old could “get” both animal rights and vegan baking?

    Clara – you’re an inspiration!

  • I had already rsvp’d for her bakesale simply cuz it’s vegan! But now this review has me anxious to try this cupcake! Thanks!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    My kingdom for a vegan cupcake (Hehe)

    Seriously though, they look extremely splendid and delicious!!

  • Clara’s cupcakes are fabulous and she is also an incredibly thoughtful young woman. Check out my interview with Clara – http://www.elephantjournal.com/2010/08/is-a-13-year-old-more-ethical-than-you/

  • I see Clara’s cupcakes at a lot of events – they are so moist and so good. I haven’t had tiramisu but I can vouch for the cherry chocolate.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    That vegan frosting looks especially magnificent. I must try these very soon.

  • Wow she is only 13? What an insightful blog for a 13 year old.

  • This is wonderful. I will definitely come to the Locali bake sale and support Clara. Not to mention eat some yummie food!

  • Clara is one of my favorite people on this planet! I’m so glad you finally met her and tried her cupcakes. The tiramisu is my favorite of her flavors. 🙂 Thanks for linking to my post and for giving her this well-deserved publicity!

  • Thanks for the info! I can’t wait to try them. I will have to budget for next month and save some $$ for a trip to her bake sale. I can’t wait!!

  • Would someone please tell me when her bake sale is at Locali? I’m not on Facebook so I’m clueless. THANKS!!


    Sunday, December 12 · 11:00am – 3:00pm
    5825 Franklin Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA

    seeya there.

  • My wife and I have known Clara since she was born. She is a good kid with great potential…and she makes some damn tasty cup cakes! Glad she made a QG showing!

    Look for the 6’5″ skinhead guy at Locali…I’ll be eating the Reuben and a cupcake!

  • Thanks for the info!!

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