• clara’s cakes now available at doomie’s!

    December 21st, 2010quarrygirldoomie's, LA restaurants, vegan bakers

    vegan tiramisu cupcake NOW AT DOOMIE'S!

    holy crap, guys! i thought doomie’s couldn’t get any better! the entirely vegetarian comfort food joint opened in hollywood not even two weeks ago, and since then they have been supplying LA with the best vegan burgers known to man, cruelty-free country fried steak with gravy, onion rings, chili “cheese” fries, deep-fried oreos, and more. as if all that awesomeness wasn’t enough, now doomie’s is selling clara’s cakes, stuff you need to try ASAP…

    not only are clara’s cakes delicious, but they are handcrafted by a 13-year-old vegan baker/activist who i respect more than 95% of the adults i’ve met in my life.

    cupcake flavors available now are tiramisu, chocolate mint, and spice. go get ’em!

    doomie’s home cookin’
    1253 n. vine st. #9
    hollywood CA 90038


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