• HUGE madeleine bistro update for this weekend!

    August 6th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, madeleine bistro

    hey everyone: listen up! this is a HUGE madeleine bistro update for this weekend that you are gonna wanna know about. hot off the press we’ve got NEW hours, a NEW menu, and a NEW poll for you to fill out…but sorry, no new location yet, as we hinted at earlier.

    desconstructed s'mores: chocolate ganache, graham crackers, marshmallow fluff. $12

    here’s what’s up with madeleine this weekend!

    1.) NO BRUNCH THIS WEEKEND. sorry folks, but madeleine is renovating and improving their current brunch menu and need a few weeks off to get it ready to go. they will still be open for dinner though, so don’t miss out on that.

    2.) NEW MENUS for this weekend! not only is there a brand new dessert on board (pictured above), but the tasting menu sounds incredible. the new dessert is chef dave’s version of “deconstructed s’mores,” basically chocolate ganache, graham crackers, and vegan marshmallow fluff. i’ve tasted it, and i can say it’s one of the best vegan desserts i’ve ever had. EVER. the tasting menu this week sounds just as epic: a 5 course meal of bisque, “re-imagined” beet tartare, arborio-crusted mushrooms, cheese cannolis, and fig perdu. read all about the new menu here. you won’t wanna miss it.

    3.) lastly, VOTE FOR MADELEINE BISTRO in the vegnews veggie awards! they were nominated for best restaurant (page 1), and for best chef (page 6). honestly, they deserve it. and we deserve to see LA represented FINALLY in the veggie awards. DO IT. also, please vote for quarrygirl in the best blog category! thx. xo.

    that’s all i got for now. bummer that madeleine is closed for brunch this weekend, but i guess that means i better make it there for dinner. s’mores, anyone?!?!

    madeleine bistro
    18621 Ventura Blvd.
    Tarzana, CA
    (818) 758-6971

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  • Why. Why would I read this when it’s almost 2 am and I’m already starving.

    Also- even though everything QG says is obviously the gospel truth (that came out sarcastic sounding- but I mean it in all seriousness), I can vouch for the fact that that s’more dessert is all kinds of delicious. As are the cashew cheeses in savory cannolis. Do NOT miss this one.

  • that smore thing is seriously the best thing ever.

  • That looks scrumptious!!

    By the way, does anyone know if MB is still moving to Eagle Rock or opening another location there?

    That’s my favourite vegan rumor lately, I live in Pasadena and would be so happy if this place shifted closer to my city 😀

  • Did some one just step on dog shit!!! because that thing just look like that.

  • So this means Madeleine, for the foreseeable future, will only be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights? Jeez. These guys are the worst business people. I love, love, love their food… but their prices have become outrageous ($6 for a side of fries? Native Foods is half as much and twice as tasty), their service has gone downhill, and now they’re barely open (probably because on weeknights they were totally dead – hmmm, maybe something to do with high prices and bad service?). Hope they get their act together, because I used to love going there.

  • As I mentioned in the other post about them moving, it’s impossible to know this place is even there!! You can barely see it, tiny little sign, and it’s really dark. So many vegan establishment in LA have ZERO business sense. The food is incredible so the price doesn’t bother me too much.
    We’ve had decent service as well, but I can’t tell you how many vegans in LA have no idea this place even exists. I know i’ve told at least 10 people, and my wife has told countless others.
    And, our vegan friends who do finally find out and go have trouble finding the place.

  • I just got back from having brunch with my friends at Madeleine Bistro. What a disappointment!!!! I used to love, love, love Madeleine’s. Went there for birthdays, post wedding party, brunches, lunches, etc. Today we ordered chocolate chip pancakes, french toast, waffles, coffee, juice, etc. but all of our dishes were way under cooked, too mushy and worst of all the chocolate chip pancakes were BITTER! We asked for syrup to go with our food 5 times and finally came at the end and didn’t get milk and sugar with our coffee, WTF! I’m sorry but I won’t go back. I used to recommend Madeleline’s but not anymore. For $13 waffles, you’d think it be somewhat delicious! Oh man, I was soooo looking forward to having brunch there but now I’m not a fan.

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